South Africa’s President says Robert Mugabe was a “Hero” and “Gigantic Intellectual”

SOUTH AFRICAN PRESIDENT and leader of the ANC, Cyril Ramaphosa, has hailed the recently-deceased White-hating former president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, as a “hero” and a “gigantic intellectual”” — and announced that the ANC would always be firm allies of Mugabe’s party.

In what is being widely interpreted as yet another sign that South Africa intends to follow Zimbabwe’s path of seizing White property in an attempt to disguise Black African inability to create or maintain a First World society, Ramaphosa also said that Mugabe was “an African patriot, [who] believed right of self-determination of African people.”

Speaking at an official memorial service for the Zimbabwean leader — who died on September 6, 2019 — held in the Afrikaner-founded city of Pietermartizburg, Ramaphosa said that Mugabe was “more than a representative figure of the struggle. He was more than a representative figure of resilience for the people of Zimbabwe. He was a towering figure in the struggle against colonialism exploitation.”

“He was prepared to risk the fortunes and infrastructure of their own country so we in SA could be free. He was prepared to give free passage to Umkhonto we Sizwe soldiers to come through Zimbabwe and launch operations in Zimbabwe knowing well he would risk reprisals from the apartheid government.”

“Did he flinch or hesitate? Not Mugabe, he was prepared to support us to the end. He was an African patriot, believed right of self-determination of African people.”

He said Mugabe’s anti-imperialist stance was precisely what made him a revolutionary.

“He said the fate of Africa must never be determined anywhere besides the African soil. He remained steadfast and had an unflinching commitment for what he stood for.”

Ramaphosa also said the ANC and Zimbabwean ruling party Zanu-PF would always be allies. He called for international sanctions against the country to be removed.

“As ANC we will always be on the side of Zanu-PF and Zimbabwe. It is for these reasons we are publicly saying sanctions on Zimbabwe must be lifted now without fail.”

Ramaphosa said Mugabe was a firm pan-Africanist. “This trait of recognizing his African identity was chiseled into his being in SA where he attended Fort Hare University. The university had a lasting impact on Mugabe. It gave him an identity as an African. We will forever remember him as a gigantic intellectual.” [Ramaphosa calling you an intellectual is like Jeffrey Epstein calling you “morally upstanding.” — Ed.]

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Source: New Observer

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13 October, 2019 5:25 pm

Mugabe, the “gigantic intellectual” was handed one of the best operated countries in Africa with great potential and left it demolished, thanks to western media’s ‘useful idiots’.

Ralph Randel predicted this exactly in the 1960s in a chapter of his book, The Angry Australian.

19 October, 2019 9:04 am

He was a “Hero” and “Gigantic Intellectual”….On the APE scale….