South Africa: Orania Schools Bursting at the Seams

THE AFRIKANER SETTLEMENT of Orania in South Africa — a project which has mapped out a survival strategy for Europeans in regions overrun by the Third World — is going from strength to strength and this year has seen its school population rise to unprecedented numbers.

A Facebook post made by the Oraniabeweging (Orania Movement) proudly boasts of the record enrolment at the beginning of the 2018 school year, with one of the town’s two schools having to hurriedly build extra classrooms to accommodate the new pupils.

According to the Facebook post, the Orania Christelik Volkseie Onderwys (Christian Own People Education, CVO) opened “with the largest number of pupils in its history” this year.

“For the first time, the school has more than 240 pupils. The school now employs more than 30 people, and four new staff members have had to be employed.”

The school has, the report continued, experienced strong growth particularly in the junior primary phase — the youngest pupils — and many of the classes have for the first time reached such numbers that they have had be to divided into two.

During December 2017 and in the first two weeks of January 2018, the school has had to build a number of new classrooms on the school grounds, while the junior primary part of the school has had to be upgraded at a cost of more than R500,000.

Click on the images below for a gallery of the CVO School Orania’s opening day [link to images].

Another post by the Orania Movement announced that the second school in to the town, the Volkskool Orania (People’s School Orania), the oldest educational institution in the settlement, and which specializes in computer-based educational methods, also opened with record attendance.

The over 120 Volkskool Orania pupils based in Orania are joined by hundreds more around South Africa taking advantage of the long-distance online educational program offered by the school.

Pupils at the Volkskool Orania at that institution’s 2018 opening ceremony. They are separate from CVO Orania, using a computer based learning program, as opposed to the CVO school which uses traditional learning methodologies.
Parents of pupils at the Volkskool Orania receive a briefing from staff.

Volkskool Orania staff at a planning meeting for the 2018 academic year. From that organization’s Facebook page.
An Orania shopping center in the town.

The success of Orania carries many lessons for pro-European activists around the globe who seek the preservation and survival of their people. …

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Source: based on an article in New Observer

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  1. Travon Martinabcs
    20 January, 2018 at 8:33 am — Reply

    Can all-white charter schools be created in the US? They can if they have accelerated learning programs and no special ed. (to deflect the usual classroom disrupters and their violence-prone “parents”), and if they stress European origins, including languages, folk-songs, mythologies, pre-Christian religions, etc. (to disinterest jews and Asian invasive species). To learn that their genetics are the greatest gift from mom and dad, and to waste it by mixing with other racial groups and jews is an irreversible sin against nature’s evolutionary handiwork that has yielded modern civilization, invention, medicine, and exploration. To have pen-pals at similar schools in the US and around the world, such as those in SA. To learn to rationally question what their church leaders tell them. To play intramural sports only with other white students; they may have to forego this until sufficient schools are established to form a league; our kids would not be exposed to any sweaty adult negroids chimping around the basketball hoops, as ubiquitously seen in public schools now.

    • James Clayton
      24 January, 2018 at 4:49 pm — Reply

      This is what “Earl Turner” called the period of “government-enforced racial mixing,” affirmative action, what have you, and you might be able to base private school admission upon IQ tests but it would admissions would likely have to include something– say log drum signalling when one’s people are restless– to avoid the charge of discrimination.

  2. James Clayton
    20 January, 2018 at 11:43 am — Reply

    The communist perspective: South Africa after 10 years of freedom – Lesson Plan …
    South Africa is celebrating its first decade as a free society as it experiences its third election in which the entire population is enfranchised. This lesson will …
    The White nationalist perspective: The Lesson of South Africa – Dr. William Luther Pierce – Nov. 7, 1998, available as part of the American Dissident Voices re-engineered collection of compact disks from the National Alliance here,
    You can watch the first few minutes of The Lesson of South Africa (Part 1) here,

  3. Guest
    24 January, 2018 at 6:59 am — Reply

    The South African government will boycott any corporation that donates to white schools.

    • Disgusted
      24 January, 2018 at 4:37 pm — Reply

      Have they said-so?

      My guess is South Africa isn’t purchasing much these days. The Jewsmedia fomented boycotts against nations and corporations that did business with the former White government when there was a little business being transacted and that, I suspect, was primarily to cut-off supply of important goods and services.

      It seems to me that the best way to benefit White schools is not so much donating to them but boycotting the Black government; it broke the White will to continue maintaining and managing what they’d built. Total collapse, Earl Turner commented, was a stage that had to be gone through.

  4. James Clayton
    24 January, 2018 at 4:52 pm — Reply

    Earl Turner spoke of the previous 50-year period of government-enforced race-mixing. You might try basing admissions on IQ but you’d probably have to include jungle drumming to be inclusive.

    • Travon Martincrabapple
      25 January, 2018 at 2:25 am — Reply

      In urban USA, Asians would flood schools that have IQ-based admission, to separate their kids from negroid idiocy, provided that a superior education were offered. Such reflects NYC’s system of specialized high schools. To dissuade Asians, white charter schools must include traditional European cultural activities in art/crafts, music, drama, and literature. To dissuade the less genetically-gifted, physical education must not only include basic skills in league sports, but also hiking, rock-scrambling, diving, snowboarding, target shooting, archery, horsemanship, and outdoor survival training. The question is budgeting; community involvement and business underwriting are a must! And if there were a few Japanese kids smart and skilled enough to pass and savvy enough not to be put off by the European cultural focus, so be it. Many of our kids have sat in classrooms next to far worse. Jews, negroids and other Asians would be strongly discouraged from applying, if only to protect their little dears from isolation and verbal abuse they’d receive from those who belonged. A concern is whether Roman Catholic whites would have their kids participate, and have the means to do so.

  5. 25 January, 2018 at 5:36 pm — Reply

    JAMES CLAYTON: The White nationalist perspective: The Lesson of South Africa – Dr. William Luther Pierce – Nov. 7, 1998…

    The lesson of South Africa that the Boer people have probably still not accepted, and that will be their eventual demise if not heeded, is laid out here for them in this excerpt from Dr. Pierce nearly 20 years ago: jettison the Dutch Reformed Church! Wouldn’t a race-based Cosmotheist creed for those good folks in Oriana be better for them than the DRC?

    Perhaps the most instructive aspect of the South African tragedy is the betrayal of the people by those in whom they had placed their trust: principally their church leaders and their business/military/political establishment. Let’s talk about the church first.

    For the Anglo element in South Africa, the church — that would be primarily the Episcopal Church — wasn’t of fundamental importance. Most of the English-speaking population didn’t take their church very seriously, and everyone already understood that the Episcopal Church establishment was thoroughly rotten, was completely sold out. But for the Boer element, the Dutch-speaking element of the population, it was different. They really believed in their church: that’s the Dutch Reformed Church. There was what might be called a compact, a covenant, between the Dutch Reformed Church and the Boer people, and the Boers took their religion very seriously. Like most other Protestant sects, it was based heavily on the Old Testament. The Boers saw many parallels between the Old Testament pseudo-history of the Jews and their own history. They saw themselves as a Chosen People in the Promised Land and the Dutch Reformed Church as their protector and guide. And the Church to a certain degree did fill that role. The Church gave the Boers a scriptural basis for their lives, for their institutions — including the institution of apartheid — at least, up until the early 1980s.

    I, of course, always have been very leery of churches in general, and I could see, as an outsider, some things in the teachings of the Dutch Reformed Church in particular which worried me: their tendency to identify with the Jews, for example. But whenever I would try to talk about my worries with South African visitors, I would be told that their church was absolutely solid. They had complete faith in their church. And of course, I didn’t want to attack their faith, so I would drop the subject.

    Well of course, when the crucial time came the Dutch Reformed Church did betray the Boers. Their church sold them out. Their church held them back from putting up any real resistance to the theft of their country. Why was that?

    I don’t believe that the Dutch Reformed Church in its earlier days was anything but what it pretended to be, and that was a Boer institution. I don’t believe there was any long-running conspiracy in the Church to betray the Boers. But as the Boers prospered, so did the Church. The Church’s leaders became prominent men, wealthy men. Many of the Boers’ political leaders were ordained ministers in the Dutch Reformed Church. They were comfortable men, soft around the waist. They ate well and dressed well and lived well. And when the time came to make a hard choice: a choice between their people or their own comfortable positions . . . well, they made the kind of choice that comfortable people tend to make.

    The situation in South Africa at the beginning of this decade was one in which White South Africans were still quite well off, despite the efforts of the New World Order crowd everywhere else to starve them into submission with a trade embargo. The country was big enough and rich enough and with a strong enough farming and industrial base so that it was able to take care of its own needs fairly well. There was no danger at all of the African National Congress or any other Black terrorist group causing any really major problems. Dealing with Black terrorists was hardly more than an ongoing training exercise for the South African military and counter-terrorist forces. What the White South Africans should have done at that time was simply expel all Blacks, terrorists or not, from South Africa — or otherwise get rid of them — reorganize themselves as an all-White country, and tell the New World Order crowd in the United States to go to hell.

    They didn’t do that, for several reasons. One reason was that South Africans had let themselves become dependent on Black labor. Urban Whites couldn’t imagine life without their Black gardeners and cooks and housemaids and their Black garbage collectors and so on. They weren’t willing to do their own dirty work. On top of that, White businessmen weren’t willing to give up their cheap Black laborers and pay White wages to White workers instead. In many cases it would have meant shutting down mines or factories, at least temporarily.

    And the Dutch Reformed Church had sapped the moral strength of the Boers to the point that they just couldn’t bring themselves to do what needed to be done. For at least 11 years before 1993 the Church had been back-pedaling on its racial doctrine. The Church would have made the Boers feel guilty if they had taken the hard measures against the Blacks that were called for to ensure the future of their own people. It was easy for the Blacks to contemplate massacring the Whites — the African National Congress had the slogan “one settler, one bullet” — but the Whites could no longer contemplate massacring the Blacks without feeling guilty.

    The Jews, of course, were pumping their own spiritual poison into the White population through the mass media, urging them in a thousand subtle ways to surrender rather than fight. But it was betrayal by the Boer establishment — the Boer politicians and Church leaders and big businessmen — which sealed the fate of South Africa. The comfortable people wanted to stay comfortable. They didn’t want to remain cut off from the rest of the world. They didn’t want to have to tighten their belts and give up their profits and face a prolonged lean period as the New World Order tightened its sanctions on South Africa even more.

    Many of them believed the lies of the Jews that things actually would get better in South Africa if the Blacks ruled and the sanctions were lifted. And so they lied to their own people and told them that if they would just go along with DeKlerk’s plan of moderating apartheid, of reforming apartheid, then White rule would be maintained in South Africa. The Boer establishment — including the Boers’ church — put its own short-term interests above the welfare, even the survival, of the Boer people. Greed prevailed over racial loyalty and racial responsibility.

    In this regard it’s interesting to note what the Dutch Reformed Church has been up to since 1993. If the Church’s leaders expected South Africa’s new Black rulers to be grateful to them for pushing their Boer constituents toward surrender, they badly miscalculated. So the Church has continued to try to accommodate itself to its new situation and somehow hold onto whatever it can. Actually, even before 1993 the Church had reversed its former doctrine and had told Boers that apartheid was a sin. The Boers at least had the gumption in 1994 to shoot the preacher, to shoot the former leader of their church, who was responsible for that change, but shooting just one traitor wasn’t enough, and the Church kept back-pedaling anyway. Last month, the Dutch Reformed Church tried to merge with a Black and mixed-race church in South Africa and open its membership to all races…

    More here:

  6. jack ryan
    7 September, 2018 at 12:52 pm — Reply

    The White Afrikaners have one important thing going for them.

    Their own language.

    If you give away your religion and your language to the entire non-White 3rd world, like we White English/Anglo Christians have done – then all the non-Whites in Pakistan, Nigeria, etc. can present themselves into our countries and societies.

    If you are considering some form of White separate schools in the USA/Australia – consider making some overwhelmingly White language like Russian or Polish part of the plan.

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      8 September, 2018 at 12:20 am — Reply

      Unfortunately “Afrikaans”, the language of the Boers in South Africa, is also spoken by the so-called “Cape Colored”, who are a mixture of Whites with Bushmen and Hottentots, Malays and East Indians. There are now 4,8 million Cape Coloreds in South Africa against 4,5 million Whites.

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