A Closer Look at the Three White Men Who Are the Latest Victims of Federal Injustice in Charlottesville

by Robert Rundo

A HANDFUL OF M80s get hurled onto your side of the demonstration. An older woman waving an American flag crashes into you as she jumps back in panic as one explodes by her feet. The cops with all their latest safety pads and shields begin to clear out, letting the two sides face off. Everyone’s adrenaline is through the roof, with a quick jerk of your head you narrowly miss the glass bottle that goes flying past your face. Your comrade looks to you unsure what to do, as tension grips everybody. The mass of black clad figures on the opposite side only seem to multiply in numbers. A cry of pain rings out from the direction of a middle-aged man sporting a ”Vets for Trump” vest. The crowd of antifa swarm him raining down kicks and punches on the fallen man. The cops are already standing back from a safe distance as ordered. Blood spurts from the fallen man’s nose but the beating continues. Are you just supposed to watch? No, it’s go time, you and your comrades rush over. A skateboard clips you in the arm, the black clad assailant raises it to swing again quickly you land two clean punches sending him sprawled out. Streams of mace go off in all directions making each breath burn, but you fight on. Soon the raging mob of antifa takes off scattering in all directions leaving a trail of flags and banners behind.

That was a glimpse from what took place at Berkeley in April 2017, but also shows the mayhem that takes place at all these types of political rallies. What separated this particular event from the countless others was, for the first time antifa didn’t get free rein on assaulting people. Instead, a handful of guys didn’t succumb to the left’s tactics of silence by force, but met the threat head on, sending them running away. That wasn’t the only thing that made this event different. With help of fictitious news to cover up for the armed antifa combatants, all media attention and resources were used to pin all the blame on seven nationalists. The result, a coordinated effort between the media and FBI to bring these men up on charges that haven’t been used in sixty years. Three of those brave men are sitting in federal prison today under the charges “conspiracy to riot”. Although we all know this has very little do with actual “rioting” since they didn’t even attempt to go after antifa that showed up at all the events with weapons looking to assault rally attendees. Even when they got caught on camera planning to lure attendees away from a Ben Shapiro event to stab them, the media and their enforcers, the FBI, sat back quietly with a nod of approval. The purpose of this piece is not to go into the absurdities of this case, however, but to tell a little bit who these political prisoners are. They had families, jobs, girlfriends and a belief in something greater than themselves.

Tom Gillen was your definition of a blue collar man, born into a struggling working-class family in southern California. As soon as he finished school, Tom was working with his family on tough labor jobs. Upon entering the workforce, he was made quickly aware that his days earning a decent living were numbered, as cheap labor streams across the border every day, driving down wages. Knowing that sitting back accepting a fate into poverty wasn’t an option, he began getting involved in politics. Tom made it a point during his busy work schedule to attended political events or come to work out with the boys. Then, he would go to his welding classes to learn a skilled trade to earn a better living. Tom was on his way to getting married and just landed a welder’s job at a oil refinery before being hurled off to prison.

Michael Miselis, in contrast to Tom, was a PhD candidate and had a promising career at America’s biggest defense contractor, Northup Grumman, doing both in his twenties while most are out partying. I remember Mike having a strong interest in all of European history and a deep respect for those who lived it, and you could feel his passion about it when he spoke of our ancestors’ struggles and achievements. I think he always realized that it was their hardships and sacrifices that allowed him to be here today. It was that understanding that motivated Mike, bringing him out of his comfortable life of a well-paying job to put it all on the line. He saw the blatant attacks on White history, the tearing down of statues, the constant demonization of his ancestors. It was too much for him to just sit back for. I would have to say Mike was one of the most solid guys I ever met, always thinking of ways to help out. When we went to represent America at a Nationalist MMA event in Europe, Mike took it on his own to learn basic first aid and stitch work to be the corner man for us. He also quickly embraced the active lifestyle of RAM. When I first met him, he was a heavy set guy knocking back beers every weekend, having the same talks that we all know. Recognizing that change starts with the individual, Mike quickly dedicated himself to self-improvement; slimming down and replacing his idle time with boxing and weightlifting, he became a true example of the ideal nationalist . He was an intellectual and a warrior. There was a clip from Charlottesville where an antifa guy charges a crowd of attendees with a pole raised over his head to strike. A few guys took a step back, but Mike stood his ground, blocked the strike with his forearm then proceeded to grab for the pole. That action was the kind of guy he was.

Ben Daley second from right, Michael Miselis last on the far right

Ben Daley became one of my closest comrades. From the first time we met there was a mutual respect and a sense we had both been through the wringer. Ben grew up as your typical middle class White kid on the west coast. Like most “good” White parents, they never instilled any of the values of identity into him. Instead, they went with the “tried and true” method of teaching “we’re all the same and everyone’s an individual” for him to be as “open-minded” as possible and for other groups to be seen to be as blameless as possible. But this “logic” misses one essential human element: We need an identity. It might be one of the most important things in one’s life. People spend years lost, trying to find or build their identity — not realizing they are born with one that has been passed down for thousands of years. But when you are not taught this, you are forced to find one. As an impressionable youth, he fell victim — looking to mainstream culture to find himself. What is a 15-year-old supposed to think when he turns on the TV to a popular channel and some rapper draped in gold is surrounded by girls and promoting the two false gods of “our” culture, drugs and money? With no one to explain that this is put on purposely to lead us astray, Ben went down the path of the lost for a time.

Fortunately for Ben (which doesn’t happen for a lot of White youth as you can tell by the opioid epidemic that rages across the U.S.), he was able to realize that this lifestyle was poison and on his own went “straight edge.” [No alcohol, drugs, degeneracy, or excess.] He began attending AA meetings and couldn’t believe how many youths just like him filled the chairs. With a newly clear mind, he began looking into the architects of this alien culture that was pushed on him. That’s when he became red pilled. But instead of sitting idle, Ben felt it his duty to help those who also fell victim to this design. With no handouts and still in his teens, Ben started a tree trimming business. While his competition hired cheap Mexicans from Home Depot parking lots, Ben went and hired White kids from his AA meetings providing them with a job and a way off the street. Things went well for him until he had a life-altering experience. A former employee of Ben’s relapsed, got high on a cocktail of drugs — and, paranoid that his girlfriend liked Ben, he stabbed him. That day could have been Ben’s last as he was stabbed six times, puncturing one of his lungs, but he was able to beat the attacker off. Although this was an unfortunate event in his life, it didn’t change his attitude. He still went out of his way to look out for those in need. When I was targeted by Wall Street media outlets, I was fired from my construction job. Ben called me the next day and I began working with him; he even tried to match how much I was making before. When we would hold practices he would buy guys boxing gloves for those who didn’t have any, and if someone was strapped for cash he would pay for their lunch when we went out. This was a man who truly cared for his People and did everything he could to uplift our Race. Now, for defense of his Folk, he sits in a prison cell.

These three men are examples of how this struggle is not about class but about our People as a whole. Their sacrifice and what they stood for should stand as examples to us. They were strong when many others would have turned away. Now it is our turn to stand strong by their sides and not let them go forgotten. [Every reader should take a few moments out of his or her life and write to these blameless, noble men. They should know they are not alone. — Ed.]

* * *

Source: Our Fight via The Purity Spiral

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27 July, 2019 6:06 am

Very good article. The decay of the white world has been startling with other whites promoting it. Scum like Michael Moore becomes incredibly wealthy by being anti white. So many others in jewlywood as well. Either outright or subtle. This is why in some ways these water attacks against police by subhuman savages is good to see. Let it all come down. The Atlanta video was amazing as hordes of these beasts chased the officer right to his car with water….and what else? A sane society would shoot them. But the worthless demons are protected. Decades of subsidizing baby mamas and baby daddies coming home to roost now as they crap out literal demons. But ” muh churches” gonna just pray about it. Better yet, gee, how about yet another… Read more »

29 July, 2019 12:16 pm

….Its been nearly a year since my wife and I have unplugged the MSM satellite and dropped tv altogether . Our only source to the world is a glance at newspaper headlines on the store shelves or the internet . ALL of MSM tv is brainwashing propaganda . Watching black men and white women hand in hand or worse in all commercials and ads seeing little girls of all colors barely wearing enough clothing , well you probably get the picture , absolutely sickening . Jew influence buying and owning all MSM tv , newspapers and magazines , Hollywood movies on and on the jew never lets up . Its this ancient tribe even though none of the parasites have no dna connection to the Bible Hebrew its been stolen… Read more »

31 July, 2019 9:53 am

Mexico’s infrastructure is third world, yet they send their workers to the States to build ours. NAFTA put their corn growers out of business. Who runs that country?