Philadelphia: Jewish DA Krasner Facilitates Black Crime

Meanwhile, Jewish-owned GQ magazine (Advance Publications, owned and run by the Newhouse family) praises Krasner and names crime-ridden Hellhole “City of the Year.”

Larry Krasner
District attorney

Larry Krasner was a teenage grease monkey. “One of the things I figured out back in 1978 was that when you tune a car, it gets better gas mileage, it gets quieter, it accelerates more quickly. There are just some kinds of systems, if you can get them to run better, they run better in many different ways.” Now, as Philadelphia’s district attorney, Krasner is taking his wrench to the criminal-justice system.

In just a year on the job, he’s instituted a sweeping set of reforms — reducing sentences, getting rid of cash bail for a host of nonviolent crimes, and not even prosecuting some offenses, like marijuana

Philadelphia’s jail population has decreased by more than 20 percent — and crime is down, too. In the process, Philly has become a model of what a progressive, humane, and effective big-city law-enforcement operation looks like.

Krasner is an avowed liberal who spent 30 years as a criminal defense attorney and who isn’t afraid to express his disdain for law-and-order types — “a notorious racist, a guy who, frankly, in my view, gets misty when he thinks about lynching,” he said of Attorney General Jeff Sessions — and his election last year was a watershed.

“Philadelphia is fertile ground right now for criminal-justice reform for a lot of reasons — and one reason is, frankly, the past, of going the wrong direction for so long,” he says. “That had really alienated voters and had alienated the general population of the city, and made them very distrustful of the court system and to some extent of the district attorney’s office and of the police department, so I think some of that bad history is exactly why it has a good future.”

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner and friends

Chaser. [Philly homicides highest in over decade, Philadelphia Tribune, 12-18-18]:

Philadelphia has seen more homicides this year than in any other in over a decade, as a particularly violent summer morphed into a deadly fall.

Police data show that there have been 333 homicides in the city as of Sunday, an 11 percent increase over the same period last year.

Even with two weeks left in 2018, this year’s total is higher than any year’s since 2007, which ended up with 391 homicides.

New York and Los Angeles, with populations much larger than Philadelphia’s 1.5 million, have had fewer homicides this year. As of Dec. 9, New York City had seen 273 homicides; as of Dec. 8, Los Angeles had 243.

In September, Mayor Jim Kenney ordered his staff to come up with strategies to tackle the crisis like a public health emergency.

Overwhelmingly, the victims tend to be young, Black men in neighborhoods struggling with poverty, city data show. Philadelphia is the poorest big city in the country.

In a city where near daily shootings are sometimes met with apathy, the spasms of violence this year were so remarkable that they captured the public’s attention.

Among the most high-profile cases was the death of a high school track star who was about to start Penn State and was shot and killed when he confronted two teens trying to break into his family’s house in August. In another, four people were shot in the head in the basement of a home in November. On Friday, a new mom was shot and killed inside her house while her 5-day-old daughter slept in a crib steps away.

The police department declined to comment Monday.

Vanessa Garrett Harley, who heads up the city’s criminal justice and public safety agency, is leading the group tasked with developing a plan to tackle the violence.

They’re starting with an audit of community-based violence prevention programs around the city, figuring out which programs are working and which aren’t.

They’ve also held meetings in communities struggling with gun violence to get input from residents on the front lines, she said.

Their action plan should be ready next month, she said.

“Just to hear an older woman say she’s scared to come off her porch, it sickens me,” said Shondell Revell, a city employee who is helping develop the strategic plan.

“How do we give her that assurance that the city is there for her and we’re dealing with the issues that are happening?”

Somehow, this is all White people’s fault.

To note a correlation between the soft-on-Black-crime DA and the murder rate rising in 43 percent Black Philadelphia automatically qualifies you as a racist trying to perpetuate stereotypes…

* * *

Source: Stuff Black People Don’t Like

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31 December, 2018 4:17 am

The down and out white areas of Philadelphia also struggle with poverty and substance abuse but there is zero gun crime or sexual assault. Credit generations of the Baltimore Catechism, and we all know who defunded parochial schools.

Will W Williams
Will W Williams
16 August, 2019 11:00 am

America Needs “Minority” Control, Not Gun Control!!

9 February, 2021 10:40 pm

Predictable: Krasner’s official incompetence (and Philadelphia PA’s courts as well) leads to the death of an innocent White man. Read this 14-tweet thread: Protect Our Police PAC on Twitter: “1/14 Let’s *actually* set the record straight. How about we get a real timeline of what Larry’s office did and didn’t do? tl;dr: @DA_LarryKrasner/@philadao never appealed the decisions that led to Davis L. Josephus’ release and the tragic murder of Milan Loncar.” / Twitter . Again, NV is the place for this discussion, because it’s not just about one liberal jew’s mishandling of a dangerous predator, it’s about a society that has to be ever vigilant that some fiend will be unleashed because of the still- misguided belief that racial differences in impulse control and empathy don’t exist.