14 Years Later: The Case of Emily Clemons

Emily Clemons and Rocky Almestica, one of her two Black slayers

Who’s to blame for the brutal slaying of Emily Clemons — and for her abuse while alive?

THE CASE of Emily Clemons is worth revisiting for the lessons it reaches. Emily was a 16-year-old White girl in Tampa, Florida who was a firm believer in “racial equality” and “diversity.” Emily lived her brief life in a propaganda-pumped fantasy world where everyone was equal.

Looking back on numerous events — some I was fortunate to witness, and others I was very unfortunate to witness — I have noticed that reality, or what some call fate, tends to truly despise fantasies and those who live in them.

Unknowingly, Emily occupied a position in the world that was extremely dangerous. While living in a world of fantasy, she did the worst thing possible — she snuggled up and got nice and close to reality. A very dangerous part of reality. Emily did not recognize that reality for what it was. She thought it “loved” her, but it looked upon her with a merciless, unyielding, burning hatred. For Emily, reality would come in the form of Rocky Almestica.

Believing in “racial equality” and “diversity,” 16-year-old Emily decided it was a good idea to “date” Black males and hence, her new Black “boyfriend” — one Rocky Almestica. This was a choice Emily would live just long enough to deeply regret.

One day in June of 2004, Emily went to visit her Black “boyfriend” at his apartment. When she arrived, she was confronted by Rocky Almestica and a Black female, Laisha Landrum. At some point the two Blacks decided to beat Emily to death. Unfortunately for Emily, neither of the Blacks were efficient in this, so they had to fumble their way through a period of trial and error.

Rocky and Laisha rummaged through the apartment looking for an object that was both hard enough and heavy enough to bash the 16-year-old White girl’s head in. At first they tried beating her with various objects from the kitchen such as pots and pans. Then they actually tried beating her with a boom box. Finally, they found something that would do what they wanted — and while Emily was on the floor bleeding in agony from previous beatings, one of the Blacks stood over her and pounded her face and skull with a hammer.

After they had beat Emily to a pulp — to a point where she looked dead — they wrapped her up in a blanket and tossed her in a dumpster. What they didn’t realize was that Emily was still alive. Some time after being in the dumpster, Emily woke up. She couldn’t move much because of the severe injuries all over her body, and extreme head trauma. She couldn’t cry out, either — probably because of the blood, teeth, and pieces of bone in her throat. Emily somehow managed to twitch an arm or leg and tap on the side of the dumpster. A person living nearby heard the tapping and looked inside the dumpster. Emily was rushed to the hospital, where she died from her head injuries — which concluded the life story of Emily Clemons.

Shortly after that, Rocky Almestica and Laisha Landrum were arrested for murder. Emily Clemons’ story is one that has been repeated by other White girls and women many times before, many times since, and will be repeated many more times in the future. As long as the status quo is maintained, and those who currently rule our nation remain in power, this senseless waste of life will keep happening over and over again.

Rocky Almestica was convicted of second degree murder; prosecutors didn’t bother to charge him with first degree murder. His accomplice, Laisha Landrum, was charged with first degree murder — but she was acquitted on that charge and convicted of second degree murder. Landrum’s life sentence was recently thrown out by the Florida Supreme Court on the grounds that she was a “juvenile” when she murdered Emily. The murderers’ “unjust sentences” also offended the nostrils of the US Supreme Court, who threw out both of the killers’ life terms. These are “juveniles,” you see — never mind the fact that Blacks are fully adult at an earlier age than Whites. Just throw out those sentences.

The reason I tell you this story isn’t to demonstrate the suicidal stupidity of “racial equality” and “diversity” — it’s because of some of the reactions I have heard when it came back into the news. I have heard some very harsh judgments passed on Emily Clemons. Some say it was her own fault, her own self-destructive behavior, that was to blame for her death — and to an extent that is right. Others point out that Emily didn’t freely make that choice, but did so only after years of aggressive indoctrination and propaganda. So it was Jewish media oligarchs who waged decade after decade of culture war, and campaigns of racial hatred and racial suicide, who are to blame — and to an extent this is true.

In all of this finger-pointing and hurling of blame, there is one group of people who have been left conspicuously unmentioned — racially conscious Whites. I started thinking: Maybe it wasn’t Emily who failed her race, but it was Emily’s race that failed her. Maybe the people who should have been fighting — and stopping — the indoctrination programs and propaganda campaigns weren’t doing all that they should.

I know there are literally hundreds of thousands of people who read this site every month. There are not, however, hundreds of thousands of people supporting this site. This means there are many thousands who know the story of Emily Clemons and other even more innocent victims, know why these things have happened, know that this tragedy repeats itself every day, and they know what they have to do to stop it — yet they are content to sit by and do nothing.

It is these people, the racially conscious yet inactive Whites, who absolutely must find a way to overcome their fear and apathy. It is these people who we need to step forward and take responsibility for changing the world we live in.

I have heard some pretty crazy excuses for not being active or supporting activism — most of them involve fear. Okay, I can tell you — from experience — that becoming an activist is not the end of the world. Personally, if I had a choice of being anywhere I wanted and doing whatever I wanted, I would choose to be where I’m at now doing what I do. There’s really nothing quite like being at the front, in the middle of things, actually taking part in the events most people only read about.

If you do decide to start becoming active or supporting activism, you won’t be standing out by yourself — you’ll be standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the smartest, toughest, bravest, and most capable people you’ll ever meet anywhere.

We all know the story of Emily Clemons will repeat itself. We all know why it will repeat itself, and all of you out there can count on me to tell you about it — and you can also count on me to give you your appropriate share of the blame. I’ll do that because I want you to know that it is you that matters — it is you that will make the difference. I want you to stop standing in the shadows and giving silent cheers — and start standing with us.

* * *

Source: based on an article by D. V. Daugherty

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9 September, 2018 10:10 pm

I have NO sympathy for this deranged mudshark filth…..
Yes, it was jew indoctrinated but it’s in our best interest that this filth is dead prior to it squirting out mulatto protoplasm….

Reply to  DDDDDuane
10 September, 2018 9:55 am

I think that I would feel some sympathy if her actions weren’t so overt. In other words, I don’t think that she would have changed until at least after a couple of live births. It’s curious that the black female was the one who likely first stood up to defend nature’s harsh law. That he may have technically been a “Dominican” would make no difference; this was black biology in action… the “blood craze.” Still, if we’re honest about ourselves, this upside-down society likely has made virtually all of us believe or do something utterly nonsensical and/or embarrassing when we were teens or young adults. For me, this wouldn’t have been in the area of “race” due to where I am from and what I witnessed growing up; but in… Read more »

Reply to  Joseph
10 September, 2018 10:44 am

Right…the male monkey is a “Dominican”…..
And you’re even surprised that the sheboon was the main killer of the blonde mudshark….
I’ve been jew and monkey wise since I was 5 years old….The natural reaction of White children (and even many dogs) to the hideous face of a negro is to recoil in horror.

10 September, 2018 11:14 am

The sad-sack author has his hat on backward. Hard case White female race mixers wage war on nature. To deliberately place yourself in an unnatural environment puts you at the mercy of natural selection.

The recklessness of the course upon which Emily Clemons adventured led to her death. She bought her ticket and went for a ride.

Uncle Cracker
Uncle Cracker
10 September, 2018 2:19 pm

Well, she made her choise and i don´t feel sorry for her.
Whites like her, they deserve it.

12 September, 2018 11:13 pm

The right feeling to have after reading this artile is the feeling of righteous rage and desire of revenge, it is self-defeating to blame the victim specially without living under her skin and knowing her circumstances. The whole jewish issue is analogous to a virus/parasite. Some will die just by chance, others by neglect, some will be too poor to afford medicines, some will be naturally resistant, and so on. The weak, the stupid, the lazy, the unlucky, etc. tend to die first. In the end we will adapt and survive, natural selection is indeed working through group conflict, i just hope we end up better than when we started, and have learned enough that we can decide what must be done here on earth, if we are going to… Read more »

13 September, 2018 9:05 am

Sorry Titus,
“righteous rage and desire of revenge”…is only appropriate for INNOCENT victims….
This young mudshark whore went to the ugly monkey’s lair to be with it ALONE …Yes the mudshark whore was jew programmed (The weak, the stupid, the lazy,) but the “The weak, the stupid, the lazy” should be removed from our gene pool anyway….
As far as her two non-human killers go, they should be looked at like we look at cockroaches.

13 September, 2018 11:16 pm

The Wigger Generation has been running wide open since the early ’90s. How many recovering wigger girls live in fear their history of Negro bestiality will be uncovered?

Survival of the fittest and natural selection is the same thing.

Reply to  cc
15 September, 2018 9:14 am

CC, you would think that they would be secretive about their
“history of negro bestiality”….In my experience a two whores actually BLURTED IT OUT the first time I took them out…..
Remember, the electronic rabbi taught them 24/7 that rutting with a monkey (or something else brown) is very cool……
Unless they already have overt anti “minority” views I would get rid of them pretty fast….. All it takes is a few tactful “rayciss” comments and watching their reaction….They are easy to figure out…