On Jews, Globalism and Elites

What Really is a Globalist?
Globalists aren’t God’s chosen people. They just think they are.

by Emmanuel Spraguer

Now that the [Inter]National Review and countless other fake news outlets have smeared President Trump for using the term “globalist” and have attempted to deceive you about the term’s meaning, I thought it a suitable moment to weigh in on the subject.


A “globalist” is not a Jew. This is not to say there is not some correlation between being a rootless, cabalistic, nomadic tribal elitist and being a globalist, because surely there is, but this does not make globalism synonymous with Jewry. Jews were drawn in staggering numbers to that other internationalist ideology (communism) as well, but “Bolshevik” is not an anti-semitic slur/term, even if some might interpret it that way, and even if, as with “globalist”, ethnic animus may sometimes factor into the decision to use the term. However, even if we were to concede that there is something conditionally or marginally or connotatively anti-semitic about the term “globalist”, or that it alludes to characteristics especially common to Jews (like discomfort with outward displays of patriotism or inordinate wealth), those characteristics are not at all unique to Jews, and there’s the rub.

Nonetheless, it is quite odd how blatantly, indeed facially racist terms and concepts like “white privilege” and “white fragility” are considered deeply anti-racist, whereas subtle and far more opaque terms like “globalist” are considered deeply racist. Attacking whites on explicitly racial terms is fair game in the modern West, whereas attacking Jews on neutral ideological terms is beyond the pale. Hmm…odd that.

So, without further ado, what is a globalist? Well, a globalist is a person who is profoundly hostile to democracy, regional traditions, and the rights, freedoms, and interests of sovereign peoples. These are the people who cry about Russia spending $100,000 on Facebook ads, even as the Israelis and the Saudis spend tens of millions bribing Congress and undermining American democracy every election season.

Indeed, these same folks personally spend billions every election season trying to distort our democracy, by derailing political campaigns, censoring ideas, etc. What’s more, if the last few election cycles in Europe and America have taught Westerners anything, it should be that “democracy” to globalists means voting as they command you to vote. If you don’t, you’re a “democracy-hating fascist authoritarian”. Some logic on these types. It’s as if they don’t understand what “democracy” means. The problem, of course, is that they do. Thus, the best explanation for the despicable, ceaseless propaganda they employ with regard to populist candidates and Eastern European governments, is that much as how these globalist types will do or say anything to get ahead in the business world, they will likewise do or say anything to get ahead in the political world. These are not decent people. These are not people who take any sort of morality, except for a sort of bizarre, Cultural Marxist pseudo-morality, seriously.

When globalists see treasures like Viking artifacts melted down to make water pipes, it doesn’t bother them. When they see statues of Columbus toppled over, it doesn’t offend them. When they see the Koln Cathedral become a porn studio of the unwilling, it isn’t disgraceful to them, because globalists don’t view themselves as meaningfully connected to the populations they so clumsily rule over. They don’t see their histories and identities as intertwined with the mass of men and women shuffling and begging beneath them. They are an extractive, parasitic, oligarchic group of disconnected elites. They don’t understand ordinary people and they don’t care to.

We look around us and see our people being violated, our lands being invaded, our history being denigrated, our rights being abrogated, our holy sites being desecrated, and we feel the tragedy of it all personally. We can not look away when we see what is being done to our race and civilization. We are appalled to see ordinary Germans imprisoned for words, young Swedish women gang-raped by Muhammadans, a raft of wrongs and atrocities all made to seem quotidian, perfectly normal and utterly tolerable, by the sociopathic bourgeois people-farmers who force-feed us our information. To the globalists, you see, nothing is holy, for a nation is but a market to exploit, its people but commodities to buy and sell and trade and throw away. Our tragedies are not their tragedies, our losses are not their losses.

Globalists can only see political questions and problems in the abstract. They possess the same in-group/out-group political, ethnic and class prejudices as the small-minded bigots they rule over so illegitimately, but they are too tribal, too proud, too purblind to acknowledge them. They don’t account for what is personal to them, largely because what is personal to them is too deeply embedded in them to be honestly identified and accounted for. Thus, their supposed intellectual objectivity is in truth a farce, yet they cling to the illusion because it enables them to feel superior to the rabble. They haven’t overcome their prejudices, they’ve simply compartmentalized them and hidden them from sight, but it works for them.

The policies globalists push are sort of all abstractions, in that they don’t ever really experience their costs. Their emphasis on GDP growth, for example, is far less of a game and an abstraction to those of us eking out a living, but globalists don’t even attempt to understand what that emphasis means for the poor, middle-aged Ohio man who has just been laid-off and can no longer afford to put his kid through college because muh free trade. That is what happens when international trade policies don’t align with domestic wage policies, whole industries get priced out of both the global and domestic market, and workers suffer. Not that globalists would care about that Ohio man, they wouldn’t. Their capital investments are not people after all.

Likewise, globalists wouldn’t deign to entertain the fact that economic policies are not simply good or bad, that different economic strata can and do experience the same economic policies in vastly different ways, because they don’t care about those affected adversely. A populist, in contrast, is a person with a profound empathy for the struggles of ordinary people. Some globalists, like Erick Erickson (a tubby elitist slob, but not a Jew) and Kevin Williamson (less tubby, and also not a Jew), actually think the opiate crisis is a great way to dispose of the economic chaff (yes, literally). Lazy, entitled Middle Americans are just holding our economy back, think the Ericksons and Williamsons of the world. In a certain sense, the National Review crowd’s view of white middle-class people is not so much different from how the left-wing diversity mongers view us. They both want us leveled and then paved over, albeit for different reasons. Populists are often the only thing standing in the way of such diabolical plans, and as you well know, our globalist masters get very angry when decent people stand between them and their way.

Thus “globalist” could also be defined as someone whose commitments are not to the people he/she lords over, due to deeply rooted ideological barriers or ethnic barriers or whatever else. When a gardener in Montana gets a drastic pay cut because now he must compete with a bevy of slave labor from south of the border, it doesn’t matter to globalists. Because they don’t see themselves as Americans first. They don’t share an identity or a consciousness with the ordinary folk who suffer from their policies. In this way, globalists are not really Americans at all. Thanksgiving is just a celebration of genocide to such types. America itself is not a nation with distinct traditions and a firm place in history and time. To them, being an American is just a piece of paper (like the Constitution was to globalist asshole George W. Bush). Their commitment is to universalist values and the free exchange of goods and services, not to the American nation, her sovereignty or her interests. They are, like Eugene V. Debs before them, “citizens of the world”, which is to say they are not citizens at all. Their hearts reside no place in particular, and soil differs only by its market value. They are, in a sense, traitors. Unlike traditional traitors, their loyalties are not to some foreign sovereign, but to no sovereign at all. Ultimately, however, this is a distinction without much of a difference.

There are plenty of Jews who possess a genuine regard for the difficulties and sufferings of ordinary people. Such Jews, especially when they advocate for the interests of ordinary people and are willing to buck neoliberal and neocon economic orthodoxy, are not “globalists”, if we are speaking precisely. Thus, many non-Jews are committed globalists, and many Jews are not globalists at all, which pretty definitively defeats the argument that “globalist” is merely an anti-semitic code-word for a rich, powerful Jew.

Good public servants take the interests of ordinary people seriously, even if the ordinary people are overwhelmingly white. They try to craft public policies which further those interests, even though ordinary people might not have the money or the means to reach them directly. Globalists aren’t shitty public servants simply because they are Jews. They are shitty public servants because they are not servants at all, because they have the social contract bass-ackwards. Governments exist to serve the people. Nationalists understand this, globalists do not. Globalists believe governments exist to serve them, the rich, while the rest of us get fleeced. So long as globalists control the levers of power, our governments will continue to serve them, not us. There is nothing anti-semitic about that. It’s just the cold, hard truth, no matter how much money globalists spend to convince you otherwise.

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20 March, 2018 9:08 am

The people taking care of your kids and sick/elderly people are working 60 hours per week to make ends meet. What could go wrong?

tex tickles
tex tickles
6 April, 2019 10:07 am

meanwhile 38 billion to israel for weapons of mass destruction..theres the reason for no wall..israel as usual..since 1948 its israel first but dont have the cash for the wall…slaves to zionists