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I consider the abridged version of the essay below an extraordinary contribution to the ongoing crisis over immigration, wages, and the massively entrenched structural inequality caused by the Jewish World Order of global finance capitalism. The Old Leftist case Ms. Nagle aptly summons against
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Below is an abridged version of a landmark essay which argues for White ethno-racial nationalism on the grounds that it is biologically adaptive in terms of enhancing not just our group-evolutionary interests, but also our individual evolutionary interests as well. This is key because if we are to
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by Dissident Millennial BELOW I HAVE transcribed portions of a recent Matthew Drake podcast featuring a debate between Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents Publishing and an internet personality who calls himself “Valid Thought”. The topic of the debate is whether or not America should…
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  What Really is a Globalist?
Globalists aren’t God’s chosen people. They just think they are. by Emmanuel Spraguer Now that the [Inter]National Review and countless other fake news outlets have smeared President Trump for using the term “globalist” and have attempted to deceive
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In a truly bizarre statement — perhaps revelatory of Establishment plans — Obama implies that Brexit has not yet “gone through.” OTTAWA, Ontario — President Barack Obama and the leaders of Mexico and Canada expressed fear and anger on Wednesday against the “isolationist”…
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