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Homeschooling Texts for Teaching History

by David Sims

IF YOU home-school your children, you will need to have history textbooks published before the era of Political Correctness. And keep in mind that all history texts are distorted by politics most greatly in regard to events that were but recently transpired when the text was brought to print.

History textbooks published in the era of Political Correctness (any time after 1940) aren’t reliable sources of historical information on any historical period whatsoever.

History textbooks published prior to 1940 are affected by the then-current political biases in inverse proportion to the remoteness of the subject matter.

There are no history textbooks that reliably present the period from 1940 to the present. For correct information on these most recent decades, you must turn to the Internet and sift through multiple sources.

Fortunately, there are guide posts, or litmus tests, that can be applied to check any historical text that you find on the World Wide Web.

1. If a Web history text presents a lurid account of a Nazi Holocaust of the Jews in gas chambers, then it is unreliable. Throw it away.

2. If a Web history text presents the Federal Reserve System as a good thing, a boon to the US economy, then it is unreliable. If it discusses the Federal Reserve System in twisty language that seems as if it ought to mean something, but you can’t quite figure out what it is, then you’re being baffled with double-talk, and, again, the text is unreliable. Throw it away.

3. If a Web history text seems to pooh-pooh the idea of Jewish conspiracies, as if no such thing could possibly ever happen, then it is unreliable. Throw it away.

4. If a Web history text portrays the White race as having displayed evil behavior in some unique way that other races haven’t been as guilty of, or as having had a propensity for some form of evil behavior that is greatly in excess of same for other races, then it is unreliable. Throw it away.

5. If a Web history text fails to maintain an objectively parallel treatment of the White race and other races, such that the White race is simply one of the races in a contest to which others are also parties — i.e., if that text implicitly assumes that the White race has any special moral obligation to be more just, more fair, more charitable, more helpful, more tolerant, more brotherly-loving, etc., than other races are, then it is unreliable. Throw it away.

As for antique books suitable for teaching more remote periods of history, I have found an excellent little history book, originally aimed at students in grades 6, 7, and 8:

Introductory American History; Bourne and Benton; ©1912 by D.C. Heath & Company

The book is mostly a history of the White race of Europe, from the ancient empires of Greece and Rome, through the Middle Ages and the Age of Exploration, which led to the founding of the American colonies in the New World. Its stated purpose is to set forth the background, the historical context, from which the Americans sprang.

It is definitely pre-Political Correctness. Savage races are recognized as such, and their ignorance and their lower level of culture, relative to Whites, is acknowledged. This book was published at just the time when the automobile first entered mass production: Most people who could afford them still used horses, but that would soon change. The steam engine was a widely admired technology that powered ships. Airplanes had not yet become a part of everyday life. The telegraph had been around a while, and the telephone was a recent advancement in communications, which most people had not yet had a chance to use.

In such a time was Bourne and Benton’s Introductory American History written; a small textbook of 264 pages. If you can find one on eBay, buy it for homeschooling your kids. Look for other textbooks written at least 100 years ago, so that our families can be educated rightly, without the errors and stupidity of racial egalitarianism, feminism, and other forms of Political Correctness.

Two other books I will mention are:

American History; Thomas M. Marshall; ©1930 by the MacMillan Company

A Unit History of the United States; Hamm, Bourne, and Benton; ©1932 by the authors; published by D.C. Heath & Co.

I’ve noticed that the quality of the narrative, its accuracy and freedom from propaganda, is directly proportional to the depth into the past upon which the narrative treats. The farther removed in time the document is from its subject matter, the less biased is the text.

While neither of these books is anywhere nearly as loaded down with nonsense as is any history book published during recent years when considerations of Political Correctness weigh more than considerations of truth do, neither is either of them perfect.

For example, in both of the latter books the Federal Reserve System is presented as a good thing, a wise thing, a boon to the American economy, and there is not one word about its being hatched in villainy and in secret, with the purpose of subjecting the American people to serfdom brought about by usury. Perhaps it wasn’t as clear in the 1930s as it has since become that the Federal Reserve System is, more or less, a gargantuan loan-sharking scam, with a traitorous US government supplying the muscle to keep the serfs in line.

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Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
12 October, 2017 5:11 am

I can’t resist noting that the image above features a set of works by Karl May, whose adventure novels were greatly admired by Adolf Hitler.

Will Williams
Will Williams
13 October, 2017 8:51 am

Every racially awake White home-school household should have a copy of Dr. Pierce’s positive history of the White race. Home-schoolers who follow a Christian curriculum will not like this book, but they should have it anyway to contrast with PC texts. — Who We Are by William Pierce Available here: https://natall.com/product-category/books/ Originally published as a series in his newspaper and magazine, Who We Are is the final published work by Dr. William Pierce, founder of the National Alliance. Starting with the evolutionary origin of the White race, this book explores the classical Greek and Roman civilizations, the White peoples of the Mediterranean basin, the rise of the Germanic powers, the Vikings, Christianity, and National Socialist Germany — leading to a profound examination of World War 2 and the racial crisis… Read more »

15 October, 2017 10:14 am

Napoleon said history is a set of lies agreed upon.

Will Williams
Will Williams
Reply to  cc
15 October, 2017 12:16 pm

He also said “History is written by the winners.”

Since Twentieth Century and recent history has been written by the winners — Jews — for the most part, and not by Aryans, and because Aryans’ ancient history is being rewritten by that same tribe — all the more reason for Whites to look at our own history, warts and all, through the eyes of a responsible man of his race like Dr. William Pierce, and teach their children that history — instead of from the likes of judeophile house historian William Shirer, or from Jew historians like Raul Hilberg or Howard Zinn or Herbert Aptheker.

Like Ben Klassen used to say, Never again through the Serpent’s eyes!

15 October, 2017 6:01 pm

No doubt history is written by the winners.

THE ESCAPE OF MOSES ROSE (Down the memory hole)

Fifth grade history books in Texas did a paragraph on Moses Rose. When Travis drew a line at the Alamo, Rose was the only one to cross it. It was a running joke in Texas. With a name like that, it was obvious that Rose was a 24 carat Jew.