Blood and Soil

by Bane

IN A NATION that doesn’t have a basis in the common values of blood and soil, it falls to the inhabitants of that nation to devise their own flawed basis by which citizenship can be bestowed on the outsiders looking in. One of the most commonly peddled assumptions is that military service is a decent enough metric of character to weed out the chaff, and allow in those “good” foreigners who will enrich their new host nation in both character and spirit.

This is a dangerous attitude to have on the host nation’s part, primarily because it seems like a proper standard at face value. Surely, these outsiders who so selflessly stood atop our walls while we slept should be permitted to share in our civic virtue in exchange for their brave and oh-so-noble sacrifice. Otherwise, we would be a nation of ingrates! Honorable and faithful service should beget a reward, especially when those brave foreigners risked life and limb simply to partake in our great proposition nation!

Now, let’s assume that each and every Jack, Joe, and José really does have our nation’s best interests at heart, and earnestly seeks to become one of the beleaguered taxpayers who keep our dying Byzantine power structure teetering on its throne. Even taking their honest intentions into play, what we see is a new strata of the population that places its loyalty to the powers-that-be for bestowing upon them that coveted gift of citizenship. Their loyalty doesn’t lie with their countrymen; why would it? John Doe next door didn’t bring José Doe into the fold, some faceless bureaucrat behind a desk in a soulless concrete building did.

José Doe doesn’t owe John Doe anything. By extension, José Doe doesn’t care about John Doe or the things John Doe cares about. While our intrepid immigrant was standing post in corporate wars, John Doe was working doubles at the dirt factory to make ends meet — which, I might add, is a side effect of this influx of unneeded people. The civic body begins to groan under this new weight of Janissary voters, voters who have no loyalty to their fellow countrymen. The rifts deepen.

This takes me to my second point. All of politics is an extension of violence. Civilization — not just Western civilization — was made possible by the replacement of naked force with political intrigue. You don’t need to put a bullet in the back of people’s heads over simple disagreements: You can find a political solution ninety nine percent of the time. By passing off this onus of responsibility to representatives who promise to govern in the common interest of their constituency, you can have what we call “civilization”. We can put down our knives and guns, and instead solve our problems at the voting booth.

Let’s go back to that concept of immigrant loyalty to the elected party, that quid pro quo exchange of service for citizenship. The new “Americans” are less likely to look at the issues objectively. They’re more likely to look at the issues tribally. Uncle Sam did right by me at the immigration office, so I’ll do right for him at the voting booth. And that’s under the very best circumstances. America is drowning in people who come from nations where politics is done with a wink and a nod; Nations in which vicious dictatorship is acceptable, simply because dictatorship is better than the alternative: chaos. Such people can become a very loyal voting bloc indeed.

Finally, we come to the end state. A nation cannot exist with two ethnic groups who are diametrically opposed to the other’s point of view, at least not without an iron-fisted tyrant. So if the nation’s government is too unwilling (or inept) to execute that degree of control upon the governed, the people will handle the issue on their own, with means that are more basic in their implementation: Means which are, by and large, incompatible with “civilization.” Take Yugoslavia, for instance: It existed as a single nation up until the guns of the tyrants were no longer pointed at the heads of the people. Once the tyrants fell, it was only a matter of time until the various ethnic groups began agitating for “true” representation of their people.

Bearing in mind that balkanization of the citizenry of your nation will inevitably lead to violence, why would it make any sense to bestow citizenship by military merit? By the time the shooting finally starts, it doesn’t matter what the sides will be. There will only be two: Those who know how to shoot and kill, and those who do not. The host government will have trained the formerly loyal immigrant mercenaries who are now shooting them in ditches. The natives can only hope that they can play catch-up quickly enough to avoid the mass graves and genocides which always follow, for ties of blood bind more strongly than ties of citizenship.

This is the stumbling block. A “proposition nation” based on “ideals” sounds lovely. But there’s a reason it’s never existed in a successful form across all of man’s history. The hind brain, the animal mind, the tribal mind doesn’t care about “self-evident truths” or egalitarian pabulum. It understands kith and kin. It understands “Us” and “Them”. The people who would look for a way to ignore those simple truths do so at their peril, and more wickedly in my opinion, their children’s peril. This is why the civic nationalists are rightly called cuckolds. To take the birthright of their own children and deliver it to the invaders and their progeny is literal, not metaphorical, cuckoldry.

It’s ironic that civic nationalists decry the use of a welfare system they accuse of creating a parasitic underclass, even as they stumble over each other to use immigration to create the same entity. Say what you will about the cuckoo bird, Nature’s cuckold-maker, but at least the host unknowingly raises its parasitic progeny. The modern civic nationalist lovingly dotes on its cuckoo’s egg, content in the knowledge that he demonstrates his moral bona fides to an insidious group of political overlords who hate him from the bottom of their hearts. In the civic nationalist’s defense, however, he didn’t crawl from the womb a debased and rootless coward. On the contrary, he is the crowning jewel of the hostile Jewish elite.

Yes, this cringing weakling is the grand achievement of the Semitic long march through institutions. It takes no work or sculpting to dump Blacks into well-to-do White neighborhoods. It’s no giant feat to rip down the walls holding up the societal roof of a people’s ancestral home and then proclaim paradise in the ruins. The real achievement by the sons of Zion was convincing the “homeowners” that the Jews knew better. And so here we are, where even a milquetoast declaration of “Western chauvinism” by the Proud Boys is the fourth coming of the Reich! The fault doesn’t lie with civic nationalists entirely, however. When “All men are created equal” is repeated from childhood to adulthood, the lesson becomes learned by rote, even if the lesson is wrong.

When you have a nation based on “an idea”, you don’t have a nation at all. All you have is that idea. And contrary to popular belief, ideas are not bulletproof. Ideas are simply irrelevant unless you have bullets backing them up. There is only one basis in which a nation can exist: A unity of blood and soil. Even the non-Whites know this when they sneer at American Whites to “go back to Europe”. That is our ancestry. We carried it with us, for better or worse, across an ocean to a new world. And if a nation is born from blood and soil, to create a new one requires blood. The soil’s already there, after all. The question now is whether the blood we spilled for centuries colonizing this land is enough to sustain that equation, or if we’re due a payment on that debt. Even the left knows the answer to that question. Look at Antifa if you doubt it.

* * *

Source: The Purity Spiral

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12 October, 2017 8:10 am

“…The question now is whether the blood we spilled for centuries colonizing this land is enough to sustain that equation, or if we’re due a payment on that debt.”

I’d have to go with the latter, since the former is evidently NOT the case.

Awesome article.

Over It
Over It
12 October, 2017 2:10 pm

Citizenship through military service, anchor baby strategy, the refugee resettlement scam and similar methods for non-Whites will never endear them to us, our nation or history. Why? Because they’re not us, this isn’t their land, and their ancestors didn’t fight and die for it. America isn’t in their veins. As the author demonstrated, these people come from socialist/communist dictatorships, which is their “normal”. For that reason alone, along with not wanting to bite the government hand that feeds them, they will always in nearly their entirety side with and support big government, never realizing how it damages their and our existence. They just don’t get it. Freedom and the ideals of what true civilization requires just aren’t in them. Even those born here are raised by generations that were not… Read more »

Reply to  Over It
13 October, 2017 4:39 am

Good analysis, over it.

America was founded and settled by a unique people, the White folks who had a strong work-ethic, strong moral-compass, and overriding need to attain LIBERTY at any cost. A very unique people they were, and we still are to some degree.

So the kin and descendants of that unique people — the entire White race — must be REPLACED in all previously majority-White locales, with very NON-unique people. Lazy people, comparatively amoral people, people who are “at home in their chains”.

christopher drach
christopher drach
13 October, 2017 6:49 pm

Excellent article.