Wikipedia: The Most Influential Historical Figures Are Overwhelmingly White

Trigger warning: picture of White supremacists above

JUDGING BY Wikipedia popularity, who are the most important historical figures of all time? According to one algorithm, it’s 18th-century scientist Carl Linnaeus, followed by Jesus, followed by Aristotle, Napoleon, and Hitler. According to a modified version of the algorithm, it’s Hitler in the number one spot, followed by Michael Jackson. We wonder a lot about that second algorithm.

In fact, the full lists of influential figures compared among 24 different language editions of Wikipedia differ substantially, but one thing they had in common: The top figures, averaged across all lists, were largely post-17th-century White men.

The research team, led by Young-Ho Eom of the University of Toulouse, used two popular page-ranking algorithms to determine the most important or famous historical figures on Wikipedia in different languages.

Eom says that the goal of the research, available on the pre-print server arXiv, wasn’t necessarily to highlight winners of the Wikipedia influence wars, but to measure similarities and differences across cultures. Still, he was surprised to find out that the top rankings on the lists, regardless of origin, often looked the same.

“All Wikipedia editions have strong locality,” Eom explains. “In Korean or Chinese Wikipedia, most of [the historical figures] are actually Korean or Chinese, but the very top of them, they have a very similar structure. Most of them are not from outside of Europe.” (emphasis ours) This despite the fact that Jewish supremacist and Politically Correct leftist editors hover over Wikipedia constantly, “reverting” any edits or additions that might tend to overturn the idea of “human equality” or lend credence to the idea that White survival is a good thing. (They even maliciously and mendaciously edit biographies of racial-nationalist figures to cast them in a bad light, and it is well nigh impossible to correct such falsehoods.)

The algorithms themselves also generated significant differences. The first algorithm the researchers used was PageRank, a tool developed by Google to rank search engine results based on the number of links to a web page. The second algorithm they used, called 2DRank, looked at linking as more of a two-way street: It measured outgoing links, or how many external sources the Wikipedia pages cited as well. The different methods were enough to switch second place from Jesus to Michael Jackson.

The racial aspects of these results will not surprise the readers of Charles Murray’s masterpiece, Human Accomplishment, in which it is demonstrated with eminently objective methods that fully 97 per cent. of great accomplishments in the arts and sciences in all recorded human history were achieved by Whites — and the same percentage of great figures were White Europeans. In fact, the numbers are actually higher than that: Murray counted the ancient White world in a separate category, and with those discoveries and figures added, the White fraction of greatness approaches 99 per cent.

These figures are from Charles Murray’s Human Accomplishment, a far more rigorous study than the Wikipedia analysis.

This is what the Jews want to destroy.

* * *

Source: Fast Company, and edited and with additional material by National Vanguard correspondents and editors

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Mencken's Ghost
Mencken's Ghost
27 July, 2020 8:45 am

Mozart was clearly black. Wikipedia is racist for depicting him as a white man.

Reply to  Mencken's Ghost
31 July, 2020 10:20 am

And Bach was really Blach. I hear ya.

27 July, 2020 9:13 am

I read the original article about an hour ago and noted to myself that social scientist Charles Murray made the same determination about 10 years ago in his “Human Accomplishment”. I was going to comment on this but the original article doesn’t allow comments as is often the case today.

27 July, 2020 11:47 am

White supremacy isn’t a matter of being (i.e. to be a white supremacist) or a matter of faith even, but rather just a matter of fact that needs to be asserted :D

31 July, 2020 12:57 am

The second from the left in the above image of ancient busts seems overwhelmingly Jewish. Who is it?

3 August, 2020 2:43 pm

The supremacy of the Aryan stems from his Nordic heritage of being a seafaring people. Whereas the Asians and Africans had a continent of Earth surrounded by Ocean, we had spans of water surrounded by Earth. We had the brass to venture beyond the coastline and utilized it to our advantage. It is because our ancestors did not just raise armies and plow fields, but also leveled forests to erect ships, build navies, and train men religiously devoted to one another to survive the salt and storms of the sea, that we have the technological prowess and inherent nobility left behind by our kinsmen.