The Eternal Importance of Art

Art, Beauty, and Inspiration

ARTISTRY AND BEAUTY have a profound impact on human beings, and quite often it has been beautiful, creative expression that has launched social revolution. It takes great inspiration to see clearly the vision of a New Era, and to carry out the march to the dawn of such an era.

Artistry begets beauty, which in turn gives birth to inspiration. From inspiration we get motivation; and from motivation we get action.

Action born of the line of artistry most often results in a higher form of artistic expression. That is the purpose of the original art: Art is meant to inspire – not inspire mere conversation, but to inspire action.

Adolf Hitler was an artist – an artist in everything that he did in life. Even his political and governmental actions were carried out in artistic fashion. He was a man inspired by the beauty produced by those who came before him, and his inspiration resulted in the creation of art all his own; which has ever since been admired by and inspired millions.

The energy that flows through the greatest of men is that of creative energy.

Indeed, civilization itself was Adolf Hitler’s canvas; upon which he attempted to paint out his grand-masterpiece.

Some express their art through drawing or painting, through sculpting of wood or stone, through written words, through musical instruments, or through singing or speaking. Adolf Hitler expressed his art through human civilization itself. He assembled culture into beautiful works of art.

* * *

Source: Nature and Race Archive

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Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
15 November, 2019 2:45 pm

“Artistry begets beauty, which in turn gives birth to inspiration. From inspiration we get motivation; and from motivation we get action.”

This happened, up to point, with “The Lord of the Rings” books and movies. White people were enthralled, and harkened back to their Germanic roots. But it seems to have fizzled out.

The book, “The Young Hitler I Knew” says that Hitler himself was set on fire by the music and plays of Wagner.

The next Martel, the next Sobieski, the next Hitler is out there, somewhere . . . it is only a matter of time.

Reply to  Arvin N. Prebost
20 November, 2019 10:35 pm

It is you Arvin! Every day step in the correct direction.

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
Reply to  Truthweed
21 November, 2019 9:51 am

We should all be open to any possibility, but I have not had the overwhelming spiritual experience that Hitler and others, like Joan of Arc, had.

It seems to involve an unshakable knowing that one has been selected by divine powers.

Old Norseman
Old Norseman
20 November, 2019 3:51 am

Sadly our public schools are doing away with the arts in favor of more sports. My daughter was teaching in a small school district in Western South Dakota that decided to drop both the art and music programs while their football team won exactly ZERO games the last three years. Now she is teaching in a K-4 school to mostly well to do children of white families. Art teaches children to expresses themselves and gives them the chance to make something instilling that seed of self worth.

Reply to  Old Norseman
20 November, 2019 10:21 pm

Greetings again Old Norseman, you are time-rich. Become the art/music hero of South Dakota.

Travon Martinberg
Travon Martinberg
Reply to  Old Norseman
21 November, 2019 6:24 pm

Diversity is enforced by today’s HS varsity sports programs like no other school venue. Art and Music encourage individuality. An artist with the gifts of Mozart is more highly rewarded for being a second-string linebacker who’ll never be in the NFL, but a cubicle slave who’ll never write great music when his bosses need him running financial models. But at least he got to dress and undress with sweaty college-age negroids.