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Trigger warning: picture of White supremacists above JUDGING BY Wikipedia popularity, who are the most important historical figures of all time? According to one algorithm, it’s 18th-century scientist Carl Linnaeus, followed by Jesus, followed by Aristotle, Napoleon, and Hitler. According…
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by David Sims WIKIPEDIA IS a useful and generally accurate source of information on mathematics and physics. But it has a distinctly Zionist bias with regard to history and politics, and a leftist bias with regard to race. The following attempted edit of mine failed to even post on Wikipedia’s…
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by Irmin Vinson YOU SPEND much of your day in the great outdoors, and you have observed that the sky generally looks blue. Yet in newspapers and on television the sky is always red. You notice the discrepancy between what you know and what you are told, and since, in this episode of The Twilight Zone, you…
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Despite his pandering to Israel on numerous occasions, Wikipedia’s Wales is right to oppose US government surveillance. THE WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION, the organization that operates the wildly popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia, says user privacy has been violated and that it’s…
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