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Let’s Crush Some Delusions

American Dissident Voices broadcast of July 15, 2017

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by Kevin Alfred Strom

ONCE someone asked me what my purpose in life was. I answered, somewhat flippantly, that it was my lifetime duty to show White people that almost everything they have been taught for their entire lives is the opposite of true and the opposite of moral — especially those things that they were told were sacred and holy. Perhaps that was a slight exaggeration. But it is true that we Whites are being attacked by an enemy whose main weapons are deceit and trickery. We have absorbed so many deliberately implanted delusions that we lie crippled on a battlefield where we could be easily victorious. Let’s crush some of those delusions today.

Delusion A: Racial mixing is the inevitable trend of the future and of Nature.

The massive, trillion-dollar, decades-long propaganda campaign in favor of racial mixing (that tries to convince us that it’s “immoral” to value the survival of one’s own race) has had an effect, true. It’s reduced the percentage of, for example, Whites who marry within their own race to around 90 per cent., down from 99 per cent. That’s a very bad thing, I admit.

But there’s no guarantee that this trend will continue: 1) It’s highly artificial, forced upon us through increasingly-distrusted mass media and other faceless institutions controlled by the increasingly-distrusted Jews; and 2) wake-up calls like Ferguson and Baltimore show us how phony and onionskin-thin the veneer of “racial harmony” really is.

Most importantly, though, it goes against Nature’s long-term trend. Look at this chart of the genetic distance between different human groups, based on the work of Cavalli-Sforza:

The interesting thing about what Cavalli-Sforza et al. found out (despite themselves, considering their PC political views), is that race is real, that the White race is one, and that the major races cluster genetically just about exactly the way our souls and instincts have been telling us they do all along.

As you can see from the graph, the European peoples are almost alone in a corner by themselves, close to some closely related Caucasian ethnicities, with the North Asians and South Asians and Africans in distinct and separate clusters in widely separated parts of the graph.

Also interesting about the graph of relative genetic distance is the fact the center, what one would consider the nominally “average” part of the graph, is nearly empty, while the periphery or edge area of the graph is relatively full — making the genetic distance graph look something like a graph of the expanding Universe. The picture painted is not one of panmixia, but of races evolving away from each other, away from the average or center, becoming more diverse in the true sense of the word, more different as time goes on. This, too, is in accord with both common-sense observation and the laws of evolution, which posit racial divergence and separation as stages through which every life form has passed innumerable times as it evolves, stages that necessarily precede speciation. Therefore racial separation is one of the very engines of Life itself. Neither evolution — nor any kind of life — could exist without it.

This ever-increasing separation is the true trend, the long-term trend. I believe it will inevitably prevail. And there’s nothing “wrong” or “immoral” — or even undesirable — about it. This long-term trend is very unlikely to be derailed by some Jewish liars who own TV networks.

Delusion B: Race isn’t real in human beings; it’s a social construction.

Race is real, all the verbiage of the multiracialists notwithstanding. It is their verbiage which is a “social construction.”

No one denies that race is real among lions and lemurs, gazelles — and even grasses. It is only among humans that race is denied. That’s beyond preposterous, and it will not hold.

Race cannot be a social construct because the existence of race preceded the existence of human society — or any society, for that matter. It pre-existed consciousness.

There is a tiny grain of truth, though, contained within the obvious lie that “race is a social construct,” and that is that races are self-defining entities. By recognizing the visual, chemical, behavioral, and other signs of genetic similarity or dissimilarity, living things set their own boundaries as to what is “my kind” and “not my kind.” And that is how evolution progresses. All living beings (even non-conscious living beings) set such boundaries — and it is not only not “evil” to do so — it is necessary to do so.

Delusion C: We’re all mixed; we all come from Africa; no one is pure.

A reader named Aubrey wrote to chastise me on my “racism,” telling me: “There’s no such thing as ‘pure White’ — unless you’re from some heretofore unknown branch of humanity that didn’t evolve in Africa, you’ve got some color in you somewhere down the line. We all do. That’s why racism is stupid, because if you go back far enough, the colors blend for everyone.”

In a sense, he was right — but he didn’t understand the full meaning of his own words. Race-formation — and evolution itself — is a kind of branching process, with all living things having common roots if you go back far enough.

If you go back just a few dozen generations, Leonardo da Vinci and Leonardo di Caprio have a common ancestor. And if you go back a sufficient number of millennia, so do Leonardo da Vinci and Koko the Chimp. For that matter, throw in some hundreds of millions of years, so do you and your guinea pig — and the lettuce the guinea pig is munching on.

Racial differences, which are just as real as the molecular differences between elements, are not a matter of “purity” based on an unchanging past. They are, instead, based on natural variations that increase over time — based on living beings becoming more and more different as time goes on; more “pure,” if you will, the farther you go into the future. Racial purity is something that’s increasing, something that gets closer and closer every day, something that partakes of the future, not the past.

I want you to take another look at that genetic distance chart from Cavalli-Sforza. Look at the genetic distances between races — and be aware that those distances were once zero, and think well on that fact.

Evolution is a branching process in which the distinctiveness of the branches increases as time goes on. “Racial purity” is real, but it isn’t what our grandfathers thought it was (though they were right that it’s important) — it’s something that we are evolving toward, becoming more different as time goes on. Racial mixing is therefore anti-evolutionary — anti-life.

All evolution — and I do mean all, from that of planarian worms to Tycho Brahe to the yellow wheat waving in the wind — results from small local variations eventually developing into races and subspecies, which themselves eventually branch off to form new species.

Life itself could not have developed without this process. So this process — which necessarily entails racial separation — is good, even sacred.

Without racial variation, and racial separation, evolution is impossible. The assertion that “race does not exist” requires us therefore to believe that evolution has somehow magically and permanently stopped, just for human beings — a claim quite on a par with belief in goblins or the Rapture, and Charles Fourier’s delusion that if his social ideas were adopted, the oceans would turn to lemonade.

Delusion D: Since there is more variation within a race than between races, race isn’t real and is of no biological significance.

The idea that “race doesn’t exist” because there is more variation within a race than, on average, between races is just verbal trickery with no scientific significance whatever.

Consider this: There is more variation within the category “trees” — think a bonsai seedling compared to a giant redwood — than there is, on average, between trees and tumbleweed. But, I assure you, trees and tumbleweed can definitely be told apart — and they are most certainly not the same thing.

Despite the largely necessary and beneficial genetic diversity within our race, human beings do not evolve as isolated individuals but as groups — as races. It is the average differences between these races that have significance as to the kind of societies each will build, and what those societies will be capable of. Remarkable outliers — something that every race has — that numerically dwarf those average differences actually don’t matter much. Mogadishu is the way it is despite the probable presence of a microscopic number of 120-IQ Somalis. They simply don’t matter. And just because there are some White cretins living in the vicinity of Cape Canaveral doesn’t affect the ability of NASA to launch advanced satellites. It is the average differences between the races which built them that make Mogadishu so much different from Cape Canaveral — even though the construction of both, it must be admitted, depends on the upper end of their respective bell curves.

Delusion E: We’re all mixed with Neanderthals, so racial mixing is good.

Evidence indicates that ancient Eurasians — before anything like our race existed — did hybridize with Neanderthals; and that ancient Africans hybridized with Homo erectus. This hybridization indicates that Africans and Eurasians were quite different from each other already, before the hybridization—but not too different from the ones they hybridized with.

Neanderthals and early Eurasians may not have considered themselves separate races any more than Welshman and Finns do now. Likewise, ancient proto-Blacks and Erectus may have been similar enough to the point that they saw more kinship than difference. We just don’t know for certain yet, and both research and debates are still ongoing.

Most important is the fact that Europeans and Asians today have far, far less genetic diversity than Africans. This means that we went through an extremely severe, catastrophic, near-extinction event that Blacks did not go through. This event evidently drastically increased the intelligence and evolutionary grade of the population. That’s what’s significant.

Delusion F: Only blonde/blue northwest Europeans are the true Whites; only Mediterraneans are the true Whites; etc., etc.

This delusion has so many variations that I don’t have time to list them all: variations that reject Slavs; variations that reject anyone except Germanics and Slavs; variations that accept all western Europeans, north and south, but reject eastern Europeans — it never ends.

The racial division we should regard as most significant for our identity is not blond/blue vs. everyone else — or Mediterraneans vs. everyone else — or any of the other variations I cited. The significant racial division is what the common sense and instincts of most of us tell us it is — and what practical reality demands that we recognize: It is White Europeans vs. everyone else. The European race is essentially one, and is seen, correctly, as such by our enemies. The subracial obsession is not good for our survival. I have three children: two are blond/blue, the other is brunet/brown. All three are members of the same race and, like all siblings, and share nearly all of their genes with each other. They are as closely related to each other as anyone except a twin can possibly be. It would be quite an experience to show separate photographs of them to one of these subracially obsessed people and have him or her tell me which ones belonged to our race and which didn’t. They belong to the same race. It would be lunacy to believe otherwise.

The simple fact is this: There is a recognizable race that has arisen in Europe, and it is what it is. Could every nationality that is a part of it use a healthy dose of eugenics? Of course. Are there good reasons for keeping our local variations and cultures? Of course. Should any of this stop us from uniting as one to secure our racial survival? Of course not.

The only thing that matters is the survival of the White race. Some members of one White ethnicity moving to another White country has only a slightly higher level of importance as some cousins moving in. Becoming Black or Arab genetically, on the other hand, is a matter of genocide and is of cosmic importance for the future of Life in the Universe.

The White race of the future will, in my view, consist of the descendants of those Whites who have what it takes to defeat the enemy. Nothing else matters.

Delusion G: Islam is the problem, race is a distraction.

We need to focus on race, not religion: Islam is just a tool of Semitic tribes who want to kill us and take everything we have — as is Judaism.

Ban the religion and many of them will just abandon it so they can stay, and the rest, in a few decades, will find a new means of fighting and invading us. Or they’ll give it a new name — or create a distinctive new White-hating sect of Christianity.

Ban Islam and there still are millions of non-Whites surging across our borders and hundreds of millions more who want to do so, and Islam has nothing to do with it.

We face a racial crisis. The reason we must exclude these people is because they are not White. That must be what we say as we awaken our kinsmen. Anything else is suicide.

Delusion H: Trump will fix race relations in this country and Blacks and Mestizos and the rest will become “good Americans.”

“Fix race relations”? No, they can’t be fixed. And the question itself is so ignorant it beggars the imagination — why would we want “race relations” “fixed”? That assumes we want to continue living in a multiracial society, which is exactly what we can’t do if we intend to survive. If the last fifty years have taught us anything, it’s that two (or more) vastly different races should never try to live in the same society and under the same government — their values, attitudes, mores, and cultures are too different. Both sides feel aggrieved, and both are right. Let each people rule itself. Let each race have its own society. Only genocidal murderers of entire peoples would oppose such a thing.

I could devote an entire series of programs on the almost unbelievable ignorance of those who think that flag-waving Trumpery and conservatism are a solution to anything — and I probably will.

Beautiful souls, beautiful faces, healthy bodies, brilliant minds — whatever promotes the ascendance of these among our people is good. The money-gorged bloodworms who now misrule us — and who own Trump — have given us the opposite.

Join the National Alliance. Work with us to bring the beautiful truth and a beautiful future to our people. Let’s keep on crushing the delusions that keep our folk in slavery.

* * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance. The National Alliance is working to educate White men and women around the world as to the nature of the reality we must face — and organizing our people to ensure our survival and advancement. To help us, send donations to National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA or visit To order books and CDs from National Alliance books, visit and for free fliers to spread the truth in your community, visit Once again, our postal address is Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you of the words of Richard Berkeley Cotten: Freedom is not free; free men are not equal; and equal men are not free.

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  1. Jurij
    15 July, 2017 at 10:15 am — Reply

    Thank you, Kevin
    Just pure literal/analytic work of art! How much time do you need to produce such article?

    • 15 August, 2017 at 9:24 am — Reply

      Thanks — anywhere from one to three days, with plenty of interruptions!

  2. cc
    15 July, 2017 at 11:05 am — Reply

    In Arthur Kemp’s book, he high-lighted that the ancient White Meds had built magnificent civilizations including indoor plumbing by the time Aryans began drifting into the continent. Aryans intermarried with the White Meds securing their genes before race mixing covered Southern Europe. It is believed that the Alpine European is a result of the Aryan/White Med intermarriage.

    • Travon MartinMeds
      16 January, 2018 at 2:14 am — Reply

      To the negroid pimp, the Indian immigrant with the fraudulent IT resume, the DACA student promised free UCLA tuition, the Hollywood kike funding the SPLC with $millions, such historical perspectives are meaningless. Mediterranean whites who [some claim — Ed.] are the product of ancient “race mixing” are lumped in with all other whites for purposes of identifying them as privileged and sharing historical guilt, by public institutions and governments, who include jews and arabs as white for purposes of belittling the white race (by including groups who contributed nothing to Western civilization, diluting accomplishment that otherwise hint at racial superiority), thereby undermining such bodies of all credibility on racial issues, from the start.

  3. 15 July, 2017 at 4:59 pm — Reply

    I agree that the main goal is White survival; Whites vs. everyone else. It’s not about religion or anything else, but race. So I find it absurd and even destructive for people to be arguing about the various subdivisions of the White race or the “right” spiritual belief system, music or culture that we need to adopt when NONE of those things matter right now. It’s as if we’re watching our house burn down and arguing among ourselves about how we want to remodel the interior. We must save the house first, save a future for ourselves, before any of the details can even be considered. That’s why I can’t stand so much of the Christian bashing on White nationalist sites. It’s divisive and unproductive. If anything, let’s simply turn away from Christianity and put our energy instead into mobilizing our existing forces. Just leave the details alone for now.

    At the same time, there are countless studies now that completely disprove the “Out of Africa” theory, which never had any anthropological or genetic data behind it anyway. It was just another deception of the race-mixing agenda. The vast majority of Whites aren’t “all mixed anyway” somewhere back in history, and the elites know that. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be selling race-mixing so hard to us. Whites did not evolve from blacks. As I’ve said before, I believe ultimate truth will reveal that the races were created and evolved independently of each other.

    • 18 July, 2017 at 10:59 am — Reply

      CVP: …[T]he main goal is White survival; Whites vs. everyone else. It’s not about religion or anything else, but race…That’s why I can’t stand so much of the Christian bashing on White nationalist sites. It’s divisive and unproductive. If anything, let’s simply turn away from Christianity and put our energy instead into mobilizing our existing forces.

      Sir, is not a “White nationalist site.” is the online magazine for the National Alliance, the organization founded by Dr. William Pierce, who “turned away” from Christianity because it is an otherworldly, anti-Nature, Semitic belief system based on superstition, fear, guilt, and shame, and totally unsuitable for Aryan man. Dr. Pierce gave us a new, natural belief system based in reality, instead of in Jewish spookcraft, with the main goal being White survival and advancement.

      To paraphrase Mr. Nietzsche, before a new belief system can supplant the old, the ground must first be cleared of the old. The Alliance leads the biological racists, not the Christian patriots who work against us. The latter must come our way, not we theirs. Period.

      Most of us were raised as Christians, at least nominally, but like the Big Jew Book advises: when one becomes an adult he must put away childish things. Belief that Jesus and his imaginary daddy in the sky will save our race is as childish as belief in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. If White Christians do not like being deprogrammed from their death cult, then they can keep on believing what they will. No offense intended to those “believers” in universal brotherhood of the Christian Church, but the NA will be built by and around those attracted to Dr. Pierce’s strictly race-centered world view.

  4. zarathustra
    15 August, 2017 at 9:01 am — Reply

    So that means sardinians are non white because they are closer to middle easterners than aryans according to this graph! I have met quite a few sardinians who could pass for light skinned arabs.

    • 15 August, 2017 at 9:20 am — Reply

      Not so fast on the Sardinians. Other studies have shown that they are among the least admixed of all Europeans, with a bloodline of great antiquity. Yet they stand apart to some degree from other Euro nations genetically. The most likely explanation is that their island nation preserves more Old European (pre-Indo-European invasion) genes than others. Their average appearance, evident racial quality, and assimilability with other Whites is very high in my opinion. They remind me a great deal of the indigenous people living in the western fringes of the British Isles.

      All European nations could use a healthy dose of eugenics, true — but I am very much on the side of pan-European unity and confederation. Some of the articles we republish have a regrettable strain of subracialism in them; consider yourself notified that I don’t agree with that strain, nor is that strain National Alliance policy, though the articles have other good qualities that make them worth reading. I tend to shut down all “x nation is Whiter than y nation” discussions in our comment section; very destructive.

      • Zarathustra
        22 August, 2017 at 10:35 am — Reply

        I put some questions on the Cosmo theism pages? If you could kindly answer them that would be great!

  5. Anthony Collins
    20 August, 2017 at 2:40 am — Reply

    “The assertion that ‘race does not exist’ requires us therefore to believe that evolution has somehow magically and permanently stopped, just for human beings — a claim quite on a par with belief in goblins or the Rapture, and Charles Fourier’s delusion that if his social ideas were adopted, the oceans would turn to lemonade.”

    Fourier also envisaged the creation of chimerical creatures, such as the anti-lion, “a superb and docile quadruped . . . that would allow a rider, who leaves Calais or Brussels in the morning, to lunch in Paris, dine in Lyon, and sup in Marseille,” the anti-whale, “that [would] tow vessels through calm waters,” the anti-shark, “that [would] help track down fish,” the anti-hippopotamus, “that [would] tug our boats up river,” and on and on. Like so many would-be “social reformers,” Fourier’s views were those of a crackpot. His views were ridiculous and utterly contrary to reality, but hardly more so than the visions of human equality, universal brotherhood, and world peace peddled by Jews and accepted by weak-minded goyim, such as the Christians who lick up the Drivel on the Mount and the SJWs bent upon destroying “White privilege.”

    The world does not need creatures such as anti-lions, anti-whales, and anti-sharks; what it does need are anti-Semites who can well and truly “mend the world” (tikkun olam) by tearing down the Jewish power structure.

  6. odin
    29 August, 2017 at 11:41 am — Reply

    near easterners/semites point a little bit towards African territory. Does that mean they are octoroons and quadroons? About half way between Africans and Europeans you have berbers and about half way between berbers and Europeans you have near easterners. That must be where they get the brown skin and thick lips from because all the ancient civilisations of the middle east were originally white

  7. Harry Savannah
    20 September, 2017 at 11:23 pm — Reply

    “Evolution” faith is just that – faith. Mr. Strom, you see through well enough many lies and mind-control structures in a Jewish controlled information flow but your own powerful biases remain nevertheless. Certainly you will not listen to those narratives that contradict your cherished faith but I offer two brief “looks” that counter it even so –

    Here is the second:

    I recommend you view the complete video but in hopes that you will take 5 minutes I’ve linked the abbreviated. Judge for yourself whether or not this man is both intelligent and objeftive.

    • 21 September, 2017 at 12:59 am — Reply

      The most glaring flaw in those videos is that their makers fail to see this: It’s not at all necessary to show that we, at our present level of knowledge, know how every step in life’s ascent took place in order to validate the concept of evolution. We know without reasonable doubt that there was a time when this planet was devoid of life. We also know that there was a time when living things had forms far different from those we see today. Therefore living things have 1) arisen from a non-living state; and 2) changed, vastly, over time. That’s evolution. We also know beyond any reasonable doubt that ancient scribblings that rave about “golden hemorrhoids” and how Jews are “holy” are utter nonsense to which no attention should be paid.

      The hidden, but even more important, flaw in the videos is that their main agenda is to validate the scribblings as “truth” and beat down any “heresy” that questions them.

      That’s not to say that a superior intelligence far beyond our understanding could not be involved in the structuring of life and even of the Universe. But I seriously doubt that such a superior intelligence would have anything to do with the Jews’ book which, by a series of vile acts, accidents, and errors, has stunted the mind of European Man.

  8. Hyperborean
    1 January, 2019 at 2:10 pm — Reply

    It’s also important to note that subracialism can be used as a potential tool by zog as a poison for divide and rule between white western folks (in particular white men). E.g. look at the amount of slander and persecution national action receives and even being associated with them can land a seven year jail sentence-simply because its racially conscious and pan European. There are pan Nordic, pan indo aryan and pan slav movements however they don’t seem to receive the the same level of persecution as movement s like national action and national vanguard. see this article As this graph by a man with over 70 years experience in population genetics (Cavalli Sforza RIP) that’s Caucasian and by that I mean white people so no mixed race mestizos, semites or north africans is essentially one.

    It is also important to note that the fuhrer was in no way nordicist as he built infrastructure and true support (not as he did in the more diplomatic sense with the aliens 0f japan) to fellow European countries e.g. France, Italy and slavs see for referencing

    there is a re reading of hitler second book but that is read in a very crude manner which I believe adds to its dubiosity-as the best sources are usually the most professionally read. But I suppose the more cruder material exists in academia and as is evident by tv-the easier it is for zog to dumb people into the abyss.

    There are obviously exception for instance in parts of finland and Norway there are some people with lapp (Asian) admixture the same way some southern Europeans have Moorish (north African) admixture nevertheless these often don’t accumulate for more than about ten percent of the population and for the most the same way one can find a small portion of non-whites (in places like the levant and ‘latin’ America) who have nominally aryan features however usually the behavioural patterns, tendency towards criminality and drugs plus irrational/alien religious practices usually come to surface within a few days of knowing these fake caucasoids.

    In conclusion-European pride-world wide!

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