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The Great Equalizer

nuclear_salvation01EDITOR’S NOTE: I do not accept the impossibility theorem advanced here because I believe that the current power structure is far from permanent. But it is wise, in this world of deceit, to be aware of where lie the real levers of power.

by Raymond Martin

God made men. Sam Colt made them equal.”

THERE IS ALMOST no chance of successfully founding a White nationalist political entity within the United States. There is no way Jews or the US government would allow it, and there aren’t enough like-minded people to accomplish it anyway. People who believe such a thing is possible are out of touch with what most Whites actually think because of how bad things have gotten.

I would love to be wrong. But it just seems flat out impossible. 

The way I see it, what really matters in today’s world is nuclear weapons. They are now the real “equalizer.” I’m surprised one doesn’t see more discussion of this, though William Pierce was clearly well aware of their importance.

What I mean is this: For a White state to survive, it would have to either already have nukes (i.e., prior to becoming White-ruled) or quickly acquire them. This is the real lesson of the Iraq War.

What if the leader of Hungary, for example, were to suddenly become a White nationalist and transform Hungary into a White state? The new nation would be on borrowed time before the Jews destroyed it.

By contrast, if France suddenly became a White state (this is impossible; it is merely a thought experiment), it would be a very different situation because France has nukes.

Nuclear weapons are not only the ultimate power (as everyone knows), they are also in many ways the only real power today, by which I mean that nuclear weapons are the only effective deterrent against global Jewish power.

This is the real reason they don’t want Iran to get nukes. Because if Iran does, then it cannot be invaded and destroyed. 

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  1. Bruce Arney
    23 February, 2016 at 2:48 am — Reply

    Both nuclear bombs and political movements must contain enough critical mass to become viable. If enough white folks are awakened from their trance-like state, long enough to realize a nuclear exchange between Russia and America will mean the death of their children, they may muster the will to physically remove these weapons from the power mad neo-cons currently controlling them.

  2. harvey
    23 February, 2016 at 2:27 pm — Reply

    I like this thought experiment around impossibility because it brings a little reason to the often overwhelming affective impression that judea is not only malevolent and implacable; but in truth, subject to nature, even if they insist on degenerate and uniformly denounced extremes. Jura Leni well documents the integrated judeo-masonic sociopathy that informs the catastrophic violation of white nations and cultures. If the force of nuclear national independence were leveraged against masonic treason and judea more broadly, the possibility of an intra-national consortium of white race nations could at least have a breath of chance at cultural well being.

    23 February, 2016 at 10:06 pm — Reply

    I too was a believer of doom and gloom for the white race, but in old age I am becoming a tad more optimistic – well not too old, but a lot more optimistic. Those who feel we are doomed have indeed forgotten our long history – and here I am referring to the long history of the Indo-European people – Aryans. As quickly as we go down in one place we seem to pop back up in another – better, bolder and a little wiser, not too wise, but wise enough nonetheless. Though we are a tolerant people our level of tolerance has its limits and I believe that limit has been reached in Europe.

    I do not see revolution happening in America yet – the white people of America are too full of Jewish bullshit and it would take a major catastrophe to wake them up, but we can always hope for the collapse of the dollar. Once the refrigerator is no longer full of food, and the ATM card is of no use many people will start to wonder why.

    Nuclear weapons are equalizers indeed, but two were dropped on Japan and look at Japan today. Yes I know the atom bombs we have today have a lot more boom than fat man or little boy, but to under estimate the ability of white people to bounce back from a disaster even a nuclear one is folly. The earth is a big place and there are only a finite number of nuclear bombs.

    There is of course another equalizer. Let us not forget that Russia still possesses one of the largest nuclear arsenals on earth. Those who control this arsenal still remember what the Jews did to their country for nearly seven decades. Who else knows about Russia’s atom bombs – well Israel of course and the USA! Any attempt by the US or Israel to deploy atomic weapons would be met with swift and decisive action from Russia. It would mark the end of Israel as we know it and the US would collapse economically and socially within days. The people in the US could not cope with such a war and one of the outcomes would be a major race war. America as a nation would cease to exist. And the Jews know it!

    I would like to say more but it would require a book. Suffice it to say that a nuclear war would be the next best thing to an asteroid impact and almost as good as an economic collapse. I see a bright future for the white race, not the whole white race but enough of it to lay the foundation for a great white future. Before this happens there will be blood and there will be war – perhaps even a nuclear war. The sooner the better!

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