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The Jew Who Fled Rio

scherThis news story from 2005 needs to be kept alive; certain parties very much want to bury it.

by David Sims and Jeff Hook

THE Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that notorious child pornographer Arie Scher has been flagged as the replacement for Amir Laty, the former Israeli consul to Australia who was expelled amid extreme secrecy from Australia about a month ago. (ILLUSTRATION: A photograph of Arie Scher and accomplice George Schteinberg found by Brazilian police. The photo shows the two men standing, hugging each other. Each has an arm reaching down toward the front of Professor Schteinberg’s swim suit. While Schteinberg holds his waistband down, exposing his private parts, Scher reaches over to grasp Schteinberg’s penis. Australia, meet the new ambassador.)

The government has refused to explain why Laty, who was only 18 months into his posting, was forced to leave under the threat of deportation. It is believed, and has been widely reported, that Laty’s expulsion was related to espionage, as well as personal “indiscretions.”

When the Department of Foreign Affairs was asked for an explanation on why Laty was banished, they suggested asking ASIO, Australia’s domestic spy agency. That the agency was involved confirmed speculation the expulsion was related to national security. Eventually, official sources told the Herald espionage was part of the reason Laty was kicked out. Reports subsequently emerged that Laty might have tried to penetrate “highly sensitive Australian intelligence.”

In addition, reports of Laty’s indiscretions or “out of hours activities,” as one official put it, have also emerged. A number of women have complained of his unwanted attentions and persistent phone calls. The women had thought at the time his behavior might have just come down to cultural difference — but they were unnerved nevertheless. Then a report emerged yesterday that Laty had a relationship in Canberra with a woman who worked for the Defense Department.

Arie Scher’s choice as Laty’s replacement has already sparked outrage. According to dozens of reports, including one in the Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv, Scher abandoned his posting at the Israeli embassy in Brazil five years ago after being implicated in child pornography and before police were able to question him.

Professor Schteinberg hides from photographers as he’s being taken away by police.

Scher, who was the Israeli vice-consul in Rio, and at one point the consul-general, was charged with running an illegal child pornography and prostitution business. The investigation began when an underage girl testified that she was filmed and photographed by Hebrew language teacher George Schteinberg having sex with Israeli tourists.

According to the girl, Scher participated in the sex parties. She said the consul also liked the company of boys and that he had a sexual relationship with Schteinberg. Police say this was confirmed by a photograph in which the two men appear naked together.

In a search of Schteinberg’s residence, photographs of children posed on a car with diplomatic plates were discovered, as well as “massive quantities” of pornography in the form of DVD’s and VCR tapes. Police then traced the car in the pictures back to the Israeli Embassy in Rio. The Brazilian Web site JC Online reported that after learning of the existance of the photographs, Israel’s consul-general rushed to the police station to view them. In a story titled, “Consul of Israel Criticizes Police and Press,” they write:

“Yesterday at Police headquarters in Copacabana the consul-general of Israel, Eitan Surkis, saw for the first time the photographs apprehended as evidence in the case against Israeli vice-consul Arie Scher and Hebrew language professor George Schteinberg. In some photos, the two appear naked, hugging. In others, they are surrounded by naked minors.

Israel's ambassador to Brazil, Eitan Surkis, meets with reporters.
Israel’s ambassador to Brazil, Eitan Surkis, meets with reporters.

“Surkis met with commission agent Icaro Silva, who is in charge of the investigation. Upon leaving police headquarters, the consul-general refused comment on the photos. Instead he criticized police for not sending a copy of the charges to the consulate, nor to the Department of State of Israel.

“‘We have not received official notification of the charges from Brazilian authorities regarding this case,’ said Surkis. Detective Silva replied that he had no obligation to provide such information. ‘They did not ask for any information,’ he added. The consul-general also criticized the Brazilian press for divulging what he called ‘incorrect information.'”

A search of Scher’s apartment confirmed that photographs found at Schteinberg’s residence had been taken in the vice-consul’s luxury penthouse. “We confirmed that the pornographic pictures were taken next to the consul’s pool and on his deck,” said Roberto Costa, a chief investigator for the civil police. “We are going to charge him with exploiting minors and prostituting them.”

After Brazilian authorities notified the Israeli embassy of plans to revoke Scher’s diplomatic immunity, he fled. According to the Brazilian federal police, Scher departed at 12:57 in the morning for Israel by way of Buenos Aries, Argentina. The Brazilian daily Oglobo reported that Brazilian judge Siro Darlan ruled that Scher must be returned to Brazil. Brazilian authorities said they have no doubt that Scher was involved in illegal activities, and stated that he will be jailed if he is returned. According to Oglobo, Jewish Congregation of Brazil president Rabbi Nilton Bonder decried Scher’s departure from Brazil, and said that Schteinberg and Scher should not be considered representatives of the Jewish community there.

Agent Icaro Silva of the Brazilian Police Commission (Copacabana) said that Scher is considered a fugitive wanted for creating child pornography. His escape resulted in a request to Interpol that Scher be arrested if he ever leaves Israel and that the Brazilian government be notified of any developments in this case.

Two little girls hang out at a Christian food bank, not far from Israel’s embassy.

Prior to Scher’s flight, Mr. Schteinberg confirmed that he had assisted in taking nude photographs in the consul’s apartment, and that he had sexual relations with a girl, age 11, who was discovered to be living with him at the time of his arrest. Agent Silva said the pre-teen had been living with Schteinberg for almost a year, “as had been arranged by Scher.” However, the sex of the child remains unclear because another Brazilian newspaper Hora do Povo described the 11-year-old as a “street boy who has been placed in the custody of the department of child protection.”

Silva told reporters that nine complete pornographic Web sites were found on the hard drive of Schteinberg’s computer, and all were in Hebrew, the language that Schteinberg taught. “We want to determine the names of the other girls who appear in those photos,” said the commission agent. He added that the Web sites confirm that Schteinberg was running an Internet service that brought Israeli tourists to Brazil to have sex with the children.

Silva also connected Scher to another notorious child pornographer, a retired professor by the name of Ablio Nogueira de Faria, age 78, who was in jail for producing child pornography. A document titled “An Investigation of Arie Scher,” written by an unnamed American, was found in the retiree’s home which contained descriptions of criminal acts by Scher. “We want to know if some connection between the cases exists, therefore Nogueira will be interrogated again,” Silva told reporters.

Scher and Schteinberg relax in Scher's penthouse.
Scher and Schteinberg relax in Scher’s penthouse.

Israel and Brazil do not have an extradition treaty but the Brazilian Government asked the Israeli Government to return Scher. Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Relations delivered a formal request to Israel’s Foreign Ministry stating that Rio de Janeiro’s 31st criminal precinct had a criminal case pending against the Jew.

The request was sent to Brazil’s embassy in Tel Aviv on October 2001 and later forwarded to the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Ma’ariv reported that Israel refused to extradite Scher and instead conducted its own investigation. They found that Scher had merely “behaved inappropriately for a diplomat.” And banned him from foreign diplomatic missions for five years.

A spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, Mark Regev, confirmed the disciplinary hearing upon Scher’s return from Brazil five years ago. “He was a young and single man at the time. Now he is married and he’s six years older and there is no reason why he shouldn’t make an excellent diplomatic appointment in Australia,” Regev told the Herald on Friday.

Scher likes adult females too, apparently.
Scher likes adult females too, apparently.

Other Israeli sources told the Sydney Morning Herald that because of the public nature of the allegations, the Scher inquiry was quietly held at the highest level of the country’s Civil Service Commission. They determined that “while some of his behavior was unbecoming, there was nothing close to criminal.”

“He made a mistake when he was younger but there is no reason why he should not go on to have a very strong career as a diplomat,” Regev said.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry assured the Herald that Scher’s appointment was “just pending” and he had not left for Australia. “The decision to send him to Australia stands but because of concerns that were raised, the case is being looked at at the highest levels of the ministry,” Regev said.


Aryeh “Arie” Scher was born in Tel Aviv and spent much of his childhood in Netanya, Israel. His father was a Jew from Austria; his mother was a Jewess from Italy. He entered the United States, apparently legally, and lived for a while in San Diego, where he taught Hebrew and worked as an administrator for a vacation resort.

In between his visits to California, Scher spent four years in the Israeli Army’s “Nachal” corps, a quasi-religious military brigade primarily tasked with harassing and expropriating the Palestinian people. After leaving the IDF, Scher went to Australia for a while, where he networked with Jewish student organizations. Afterward, he returned to Israel to study at the University of Tel Aviv, majoring in Public Administration with a minor in Political Science.

After graduating, Scher spent two years in China as an assistant consular diplomat. His apprenticeship completed, Scher was assigned to the Israeli Embassy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Scher is fond of suntanning on beaches, often naked. Scher is believed to be homosexual, in addition to being a pedophile.

Georges Schteinberg came to Brazil to teach Hebrew at the prestigious A. Liessin university in Rio de Janeiro. At least, that’s what he told his gullible goy friends. He was the accomplice of Arie Scher (see above), assisting the diplomat in the procurement of children for prostitution and handling the Internet end of the child prostitution business. Schteinberg “sampled the wares.”

Both Scher and Schteinberg are Jews who had been considered decent and responsible men before a police investigation uncovered their filthy exploitation of children. Now you might have an idea of where Internet child pornography really comes from — Jews make it, Jews upload it, and Jews profit by selling it. Furthermore, Jews use the pornography that they, themselves, created to justify their efforts at censoring the Internet (so that they can subsequently use those censorship laws to get rid of Web sites like this one).

And yet, really, this Jewish habit of foully exploiting the innocent should have been anticipated from the beginning, since many Jews believe (as a religious conviction) that they have a license to do anything they wish with gentiles, including raping their children. The lesson of this story is that the Jews are very, very good at making a false appearance of righteousness and respectability while being, in reality, a danger to the non-Jews among whom they live. Arie Scher got off with a “slap on the wrist” after finding refuge in Israel. That is why Israel exists, and it is why some Jews never live there until after they have been caught committing crimes elsewhere.

Case in point: The refusal of the Israeli Supreme Court to extradite Samuel Sheinbein to the United States for trial for murder. In order to avoid being tried for his crimes in the United States, Sheinbein’s relatives evidently arranged for him to flee to Israel, where fugitive Jews often go. The prosecutor in the Maryland county where Sheinbein committed his crime demanded Sheinbein’s extradition from Israel to the United States, but the Israeli Supreme Court refused to allow it. Here’s what I found written about that decision (read carefully).

“It isn’t a question of his guilt or innocence. Neither is it a matter of avoiding justice. At issue is the sanctity of the concept of Israel as refuge.”

The second and third sentences in that quotation are in direct conflict, after the usual manner of Jewish doublethink. The “high Jews” aren’t really concerned about justice. They don’t care whether Sheinbein committed the crime, and they don’t much care about the question of justifiability in the event that Sheinbein did kill his victim. What matters to them is “the sanctity of the concept of Israel as a refuge,” a place were Jews can go when their own actions provoke the gentiles against them, a place where they can evade retribution of any kind, legal or not, deserved or not. So it is a matter of avoiding justice, but not just for Sheinbein alone. It’s a matter of keeping Israel a place where any ratty Jew can avoid justice.


* * *

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