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Phiona Mutesi, Black Chess Genius, Gets the Jewish Spotlight


by David Sims

BLACKS GET elevated to stardom over the smallest sign of modest talent. There’s a young Ugandan female who is being touted as a world-class chess champion, though she is no such thing. She’s merely a better chess player than most Blacks are.

Phiona Mutesi has won chess competitions, mostly against other Blacks. But Blacks are very much humanity’s intellectual “little leagues.”

No Black country has ever won a medal in the international Chess Olympiads. Through it’s entire history, back into the 1920s, all of the gold, silver, and bronze medals for chess have been awarded mostly to White players and, once in a while, to an Asian.

The Hollywood Jews are even going to make another propaganda movie about the “great African chess player.”

Paul Cowen, one of the commenters to the article in The Guardian, wrote:

“I’m utterly perplexed by the hype. She’s ranked 79,957th in the world, with a ranking equal to an average-to-weak club player (and her rating is dropping, from 1686 to 1660 over the last two years) she’s never going to make woman GM and I’m a bit mystified about how she earned the candidate woman master title. She’s certainly never played a competitive game against Kasparov. I suppose it is a propaganda drive by the International Chess Federation to boost chess in Africa… I suppose it’s churlish of me to point it out.”

Now there’s the truth. She’s good for a Black. She isn’t anywhere nearly as formidable a chess player as any White chess champion, and many mediocre White players can probably beat her most of the time.

I know that essays like this one sound petty. And, in a sense, they are petty. Phiona Mutesi doesn’t deserve to be disparaged for playing chess as best she can. But neither does she deserve the elevation that the controlled media are giving her. I don’t criticize her personally because she has not been making the excessive claims about her skill. Others have been erecting pedestals that she isn’t fit to stand on, though, and I have been knocking these over, and I will continue doing it.

We’ve seen this kind of thing many times before. Remember the so-called African genius, Philip Emeagwali, who tried and failed to get a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, so he sued the University for racism and lost?

Or how about Chris Nsamba, who tried to hoax the world (with the help of the Jewish media) that he had developed Ugandan rocketry to the point where he could put a satellite into orbit around the Earth? The satellite was an aluminum rice-cooker that he converted into a cage for a mouse, and then stuck some flexible solar paneling on top of it and called it a “space satellite.” He even said that it had “anti-time missiles,” whatever those are, for self-defense.

Or about the two African girls who were said to have invented a way to convert urine into lots of free electricity, when in fact all they did was put an unnecessary and inefficient chemical process (involving urea in solution) between a solar panel and an electrical motor.

You’d think that the world would wise up to the endless African intellectual posturings, and recognize them for what they are: hoax after lies after fraud after hoax. A regular parade of falseness. We really ought to respond with appropriately scornful laughs when next the Jewish media tries this trick.

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Joey Virgo
Joey Virgo
27 August, 2016 5:01 pm

I think this article is far from petty. It’s performing a public service. Since there’s no truth in advertising anymore, or in the news (for the most part), it’s helpful to know a con when one arrives. Besides, National Vanguard already published this month an article about how much (Jewish/Marxist) propaganda we Americans get in a day.

Thank you, David Sims, for this public service.

I also liked learning about the other hoaxes about black genius you exampled in this article.

28 August, 2016 5:50 pm

Let us deal with the facts. The average IQ of sub-Saharan African is 75. This fact does not exclude the possibility of a black with an IQ of say 120. The probability of a black with an IQ of 120 is small but still possible. Phiona Mutesi may fall into this category, but compared with the white population she is nothing exceptional – pretty much average. And therein lies the rub! The average nigger is still a dullard.

9 October, 2021 10:59 pm

Having her as an opponent in her country, you probably need to put most of your concentration efforts video recording the match for proof, making sure the referees are clean, preparing in advance your escape and physical security against upset crowds who’ll go after the racist White Devil who dared rip her off of her “title”. So the game starts way before actually getting to the board. But what am I saying, Jew-sponsored organizers won’t ever let a White that so much as know the rules of Chess set foot there.