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William Pierce on Lawyers and the SPLC

SPLC_truth_via_satireby Dr. William L. Pierce

INTRODUCTION and Afterword by William White Williams: The following transcription is from an American Dissident Voices broadcast originally published in the late 1990s. Little has changed today from Dr. Pierce’s description of professional barrator Morris Dees and his SPLC except that now the SPLC has a $250,000,000 tax-exempt war chest with which to fight “hate groups” and bankrupt them, instead of only $70,000,000.

I SHOULD BEGIN today by telling you that I know from personal experience that there are some decent men who are lawyers. In fact, some of my best friends are lawyers. I also know that the legal profession as a whole has become so corrupt that it is a threat to our race and our civilization. The judicial system in America has become one of the most destructive weapons in the hands of our enemies….

A similar misuse of the courts… is that engaged in most notoriously by a lawyer named Morris Dees and the so-called Southern Poverty Law Center. Morris Dees uses the courts as a prop to assist him in raising money from a large mailing list of feminists, Jews, leftists, and other supporters of the Clinton agenda. He looks for a group which is unpopular with his supporters — a group of anti-abortionists, for example, or a religious group with a doctrine his Jewish supporters consider anti-Semitic — then he looks for a plaintiff he can use as a straw man for filing a lawsuit against the target group. Then he sends out fund appeals to his list of feminists, Jews, and leftists, in which he says: “I am suing such-and-such a group, and I intend to bankrupt them and put them out of business, but I need your help. This lawsuit is very expensive. Send me your largest possible donation today, and I will shut this group down for you.”

And he has built up a bank account of more than $70 million in this fashion during the past few years, because he always brings in far more money with his fund appeals than he actually spends on litigation against the target groups.

Using the courts in this fashion is called barratry, and lawyers who engaged in barratry used to be disbarred — but not [any more]. [Today,] Morris Dees is a darling of the legal establishment. He is invited to speak to groups of lawyers. He is given awards by bar associations. Other lawyers admire him for his success at barratry. They envy him for the amount of money he has made at it. And Dees, unlike the group of abortionists who won the lawsuit in Portland recently and unlike most of the gun-control advocates filing lawsuits against gun manufacturers, doesn’t even pretend to be anything but a barrator. He brags publicly about it. When he sued me, on a legal theory so far-fetched you wouldn’t believe it, because I had purchased some real estate from a church that was one of his targets, he bragged to the newspapers and to his list of supporters: “I’m going to shut Pierce down.”

Well, he didn’t shut me down, but he got his lawsuit against me tried in a court where the judge was a Clinton appointee, and it ended up costing me nearly $150,000, while Dees raked in nearly $10 million in donations from his supporters. At the moment he is suing another unpopular church in Idaho and soliciting donations from his list of leftists, feminists, and Jews to support the suit. And other lawyers will not condemn him. They just envy him.

Morris Dees, more than any other lawyer, epitomizes what is wrong with our legal system in America today. He helps us to understand why there has been a general feeling among our people, from the time of Plato to the present — a feeling expressed over and over by our writers down through the millennia — that there is something fundamentally unclean about men whose profession it is to make the worse cause seem the better, to use Plato’s words, or to prove that white is black and black is white, according as they are paid, to use Swift’s words. The noble Romans considered such a profession to be un-Roman, and today we consider it to be un-Aryan. Our legal system has become a system of lawyers, run entirely by lawyers, solely for the enrichment of lawyers. It is a malignant system which threatens the freedom of us all and which does not have the will to cure itself. It is because of this that the cure will have to come from outside the legal system and will have to be a very painful cure indeed. Someday, in a new society, we will have to build a new legal system. Let us not make the same mistakes we made — and that the Romans made before us. Let us build a system with adequate safeguards: a system to serve the race, not the lawyers.

We need courageous lawyers on our side. National Alliance members should do all they can to recruit any lawyer they consider to have the right stuff. — WWW

* * *

Source: National Alliance BULLETIN, February 2015

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Will Williams
Will Williams
15 May, 2016 2:27 pm

SPLC has much more money now with which to “fight hate,” than was estimated a little over a year ago. Our civic-minded Jewish watchdogs have had some adverse court decisions recently and now depend more on compliant mass media helping them to “fight hate” (read: any person or group advocating for the White majority) than they do the courts.

On its tax form for the fiscal year ending Oct. 31, 2014, the SPLC reported about $54 million in total revenue: more than $44 million in contributions and grants, and nearly $9 million in investment income. The group’s endowment fund was worth more than $302 million in October 2015 and it reported roughly $338 million in total assets..Source:

Will Williams
Will Williams
9 May, 2018 10:37 am

Bookmark this page! … note.shtml

A Note from the Editor – Watching
the ‘Watchers’ – the SPLC Unmasked

By Wayne Lutton, Ph.D.
Volume 28, Number 3 (Spring 2018)
Issue theme: “The SPLC File – An Exclusive Report on the Southern Poverty Law Center”

The mainstream media frequently cite the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as an unbiased, authoritative source of information about “hate” groups. As this special issue of The Social Contract reveals, it is, in fact, a hard-left activist organization that seeks to silence individuals and organizations that challenge its political and social agenda. And while it tries to discredit its opponents, it manages to raise millions of dollars in donations for the benefit of its highly paid executives…

Will Williams
Will Williams
20 August, 2018 7:21 pm

At least the bastards spelled my name right. They misspelled Mathews’.

It ain’t over ’til it’s over.