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expand_pbs3by Alan Kidd

IT’S MEMORIAL DAY. A day when, here in America, we are to remember those who have fallen, who have died in wars “protecting us and our freedoms.” On the surface, this all seems fine and well. But I’m a guy who likes to think. This morning while still in bed doing some painful exercises for a back injury I sustained many years ago, my mind began to wander and it went into that mode where one can stop feeling the pain and actually starts becoming creative instead.

My mind went back to growing up in rural southern Minnesota; yep, poor dumb farmers. I remember as a kid the one thing my father could always talk about was The War [WWII] as otherwise he was not always the most talkative person. If I asked him about something about the war, he always had an answer and I noticed he had a fondness for reading, or watching on TV, anything doing with WWII. This was common with that generation. With what I now know about that war and all of them, I can say that, sadly, the war defined their lives, their existence post war. He was fortunate to come back alive but in essence, the War stole his very being nonetheless, whatever personality he had before the War, it was replaced with a post-war Mr. Kidd. He, and his whole generation, were told they had fought the good fight, that they had saved the world from those Eeeeevil nazis, and were sent home to resume a normal life. Little did they know of the Jewish influence behind that war and the one before it.

When my father’s division rolled into one of the camps and there were dead bodies piled up all over, his commanding officers had told him that the Germans had done this. Back then, one had no reason to doubt what the brass said so he naturally just believed it and went on down the road as I say. Now, we know there were no mass gassings, no mass cremations — how could there be as my father saw a bunch of bodies piled up — no soap or lampshade factories processing Jewish skin. These tales, and many, many more, were all lies. The bodies my father saw were most likely dead bodies that we now know were a result of typhus spreading throughout the camps and they [the prisoners] were starved to death because WE, the Americans and the British bombed the hell out of the train supply lines going to these work camps that supplied them with food. Quite frankly, I’m surprised the Jews haven’t sued the American and British governments for causing their starvation in the labor camps due to our bombing of the supply lines. And maybe they have but I just missed it. But they really can’t go too far with that as that would then destroy their narrative of the Holocaust which is what they use to justify the zionist entity in Palestine some call Israel and it might risk having to pay money back to the Germans which they have already shaken down in an intimidation and guilt racket which is still actually working to this day as the Germans are [have been] providing nuclear powered subs to the Jews — I think the Israelis have a total of 5 German-made submarines — the horror for real.

So, from my father’s perspective, all the carnage of WWII was justified to stop “the nazis.” He never knew the truth as did those who died in WWI, they never knew the truth of why they were dying. I have a friend from the Korean War [I’m sorry, Conflict] era who will never know the real reason he was sent off to get maimed [shot multiple times and bayoneted] and left for dead only to have someone come by and notice a twitch and realized this guy is alive. Amazingly enough, he actually had a decent life even with the messed up leg which finally had to be amputated 60 years later but he managed to keep it going that long. He lived fast and hard in appreciating the fact he was still alive after that ordeal. He drove a Harley, loved guns, had his house paid for and always had cash if he needed something — never dependent on anybody. As well as anyone can adjust after what he went through, he did. But now as he reaches the end, the health issues will be complicated with those injuries that he suffered during the war, another war for Jewish interests.

Then we had the Vietnam era and we have guys that came back really messed up. We have guys like Phil Tourney, who survived the Jewish attack on board of the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 who have had to struggle with those emotions and their injuries the last, almost, fifty years. Not only was the Vietnam War another war for Jewish interests but in Phil’s case on board the Liberty, he was actually attacked by….wait for it….., not the Eskimos, not the Blacks, not ‘dem MOOOzlums, no, but by the Jews ladies and gentlemen; the Jews. The Israelis.

I’m running out of time so fast forward to daddy Bush and Gulf War I. Through diplomatic channels, we actually gave Saddam Hussein the green light to invade Kuwait and when he did thinking everything was, shall we say kosher, the world press suddenly was aghast that he was, again wait for it….behaving like another Hitler! We were told Iraqi soldiers were taking babies out of incubators, Saddam had his rape room on and on and on and we needed to go kill the boogeyman. The real reason of course for the war is that he no longer wanted to be a puppet of America as he had been on the CIA’s payroll since the 60’s. He was suddenly acting Nationalistically and wanted Iraq’s oil to benefit the Iraqi people but that of course is not what we were told here in the states and certainly was not what the Jews wanted.

Then came 9/11. Bush 2.0 then had to go bomb and invade Afghanistan and go finish off Saddam again in Iraq 2.0 even though he had nothing to do with 9/11, which again, was orchestrated by Jewish interests. Obama, the great hope and change president, continued and expanded what no White man could do, keep bombing the hell out of dark-skinned people all in the name of “freedom and democracy.” But again, the real reason is for the expansion of greater Israel and of course for money; I mean what’s worth doing is worth doing for money, right? I mean why fight a war if you can’t make an honest buck off it, right? Yes, this is a little sarcasm rolled into a rhetorical question but one informed by the reality on the ground and our experience in the Middle East the last 15 years.

So, on this Memorial Day, I won’t be laying any wreaths at any cemeteries. I’m not going to insult or beat up on those who do except to say that they are missing the mark and to assert that I am still at war, I’m going after bigger game, I’m going after those who perpetrate all these wars in the first place. Think you are a man? Think you are brave? Well, lets see what you’ve got buckwheat. Why don’t you go after those that lied your nation into all these wars. Why don’t you go after those in the media who conned you into believing it was 19 of ‘dem ragheads’, who hijacked the planes with boxcutters and drove them into the towers and brought them down, when in fact it was Israel that perpetrated that event, again, the Jews. No, I’m not saying to go out and kill any or all Jews you know and see. We’d be out of plumbing, electrical and lumber wholesalers. What I am saying is we need to identify who the real culprits are who are causing the destruction of our country. The destruction through all the wars, the open borders, cultural debasement all resulting in the degradation of what I used to know as America. Identify the culprits, identify them the way they themselves self-identify by calling them Jews. A softer version is to use the phrase “Organized Jewish Interests” so as to leave an “out” for any Jew you might come across who, when intellectually pinned up against the wall, can then decide whether or not he wants to be a part of organized Jewish bad behavior, a part of Jewry. Individually, we can’t blame anyone for being born who or what they are, but they can be held responsible for that behavior they engage in based on who or what they willingly self-identify as. And after that, they simply need to be removed from positions of power. No, I’m not saying kill them. If they are elected officials, they need to be voted out of office. If they are appointed, we need to see to it others take their place who will not be orchestrating wars, leaving borders open and promoting the cultural agenda of the Jews which now, after the gay marriage thing from last year’s June 26 Obergefell Supreme Court decision, is going to be the decriminalization of pedophilia. In short, Organized Jewry and it’s interests need to be removed from power.

Trump is a possible good start in that direction with his America First foreign policy. If we’re lucky, we might avoid WWIII — and even more dead veterans that go with it — that Hillary, and the republican neoconservative Jews going back to her, are trying to do. America is never going to be the same. Germany was destroyed completely TWICE and it yet came back to be the economic super power that it is. However, it was largely a homogeneous country racially and culturally. America is not. Here in Texas I deal with a lot of people from a lot of different backgrounds: Black, White, Asian, Hispanics, Native American, predominantly Christian in a number of flavors but a few Muslims too, and when the sh** hits the fan, I don’t see the people standing up and rebuilding ourselves into what we used to be. Regionally, yes. There will be pockets of talented people with their sh** together who can do things and hopefully a few Gentiles with money who will be dedicated to rebuilding the country. To the extent one can believe any politician, when Trump talks about building our roads, highways and bridges again and taking care of those on social security, this is in essence what he is talking about — what I am talking about but without having to go through World War 3.0 to start doing it. Now, at Trump’s level, he cannot use the “J” word. But we can — when appropriate.

So on this Memorial Day, lay wreaths at grave sites if you want and if it makes you feel good. But if you really want to put an end to the wars causing all these dead in the first place, stop whacking away at the branches and start chopping at the root of war and that is Organized Jewish Interests, aka “the Jews.”

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Bruce Arney
Bruce Arney
31 May, 2016 3:06 am

The very least we can do to honor the 5000 dead American soldiers, who died to make Iraq safe for the Jews, is spread the word about how they died, in vain, for a foreign tribe which views every one of them as cattle to be herded over the cliffs of death and destruction.

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
2 February, 2020 3:26 pm

He was suddenly acting Nationalistically and wanted Iraq’s oil to benefit the Iraqi people but that of course is not what we were told here in the states and certainly was not what the Jews wanted. A needed correction here. Jews did not effect the murder of Saddam Hussein and Iraq over oil issues. He was murdered because of the threat he presented to Israel with his big guns, pointed at Tel Aviv. These guns were designed by British weapons engineer Gerald Bull. Bull was murdered by the Mossad for selling advanced gun technology, based on German wartime, big-gun technology, to non-Jews. In typical Jewish mafia fashion, killing the leader was not enough, vengeance had to be served by Sodom-izing his family, his people, as well and what better way… Read more »