Israeli Legal System Shields Accused Child Sex Abuser

6a00d83451b71f69e201bb084f2b1f970d-400wiJewish school officials helped Malka Leifer flee Australia for Israel, where “panic attacks” supposedly prevent her extradition; many Jews believe fellow Jews should never be turned over to Gentile authorities, no matter what the crime.

MALKA LEIFER, wanted in Australia for 74 counts of indecent acts and abuse at the haredi Adass school in Melbourne, is still safe in Israel avoiding extradition because of her alleged frequent “psychotic episodes” that are better described by the professionals who examined her as severe panic attacks.

Leifer has been safe in Israel since fleeing Australia in 2008. Extradition proceedings against her were opened more than one year ago. Israel has a very poor track record with regard to extradition of wanted criminals who have good political connections in Israel — as Leifer does.

Leifer now lives in the haredi city of Bnei Brak, where she is under house arrest.

Just before each scheduled court hearings, Leifer has repeatedly claimed to have a new psychotic episode, causing every one of those hearings to be canceled, the Times of Israel reported.

The Jerusalem District state psychiatrist confirms Leifer’s panic attacks in court before the hearings are genuine and reportedly found those court hearings put her under extreme pressure.

Child advocate Dr. Yitzhak Kadman, head of the Israel National Council for the Child, wants the judge to go to Leifer’s house and hold the extradition hearing there.

The court refuses to do so.

“According to professionals’ medical opinions, a hearing cannot be held in the presence of Malka Leifer, and attempts to hold a hearing in her home are also impossible. No [tranquilizing] pill can help [calm her down] before a court hearing,” a court spokesman said.

Leifer’s many alleged victims were all young teen girls at the time the abuse took place. At least two of them, who are sisters, are in Australia waiting to testify against Leifer.

Advocate-victim Manny Waks told Israel Radio a sister of those two victims recently passed away in London after being harassed, bullied and threatened by the haredi community over the pending extradition and Australian trial.

It is very unlikely most Western countries would, apparently indefinitely, stop an extradition proceeding of an accused child molester over panic attacks, no matter how severe.

Kadman called Israel’s failure to extradite Leifer “intolerable.”

“I don’t think Israel should become an asylum for sex offenders and this is certainly not the way to receive [Jewish] immigration,” Kadman said.

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Source: Failed Messiah

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3 July, 2021 6:10 am

She committed a crime. She molested jewish children. That’s not legal in Israel.