National Socialists Are Marching to Power


by Kyle Hunt

WHILE MANY commentators are convinced that we are witnessing the complete destruction of Europe and the end of the White race around the world, I take a more optimistic position. Of course, our enemies are attacking us left, right, and center, and we must be realistic as to the situation we face, but I see opportunity where others see certain doom.

We must know our enemies – how they might attack, their past tendencies, what weapons they have at their disposal, and how many they are, so as to be able to effectively counter them. Whatever is thrown at us, we must use to further our own cause. Like a jiu jitsu master, we shall use the force of our attacker against him. The anti-White elite has control of military might, trillions of stolen dollars, hordes of rapacious invaders, hate speech laws, and all sorts of other plans in the works, but that just means it will hurt really badly when he tries to deal a knockout blow and is thrown face first into the ground.

Resistance makes us stronger. This is why lifting weights builds muscles. The more our enemies use words like bigot, Nazi, supremacist, racist, etc. on us, the more we become inoculated to them. While many in our struggle actually embrace these terms now, the general public is starting to learn they have much less to fear from the “racist” than the rapist.

The more we are “shut down”, ostracized, and opposed by the mainstream, the more clever and experienced we become. We are open-system thinkers who refuse to be stuck in the boxes that have been created for us. Cubes are for the retarded Muslims of Mecca and the insane Jews who rock back and forth, not for the proud men of the West.

The internet has been an open system that has allowed for the creation of organized networks of committed comrades across the continents, which is why our enemies want to “shut it down”, but at this point, such an action could work in our favor. We will get around censorship, build our own networks, and take to the streets. In fact, the internet may even be holding us back from doing more at this point. Whatever our enemies choose to do, we must quickly adapt our plans, outmaneuver, outflank, and frustrate them at every turn. We must make them regret every action they take.

At the same time, we must not always just react to the enemy, but have him react to us. It seems much of what we are seeing in terms of overt anti-White propaganda and policy is in response to the effectiveness of pro-White activism in recent years. The Jews openly unleashed a non-White invasion on the White world, but does this show that they have everything completely locked up or is it a sign of their desperation? Could it be that this is a last-ditch effort on their part to douse the rising flames of nationalism? Far from slowing us down, this could hasten our rise. The fire can not be put out. All water that is poured on will quickly turn to steam for our engine. We will draw all soaked, disenfranchised Whites to our big bonfires. Others throughout the world, seeing this brilliant example, will follow suit.

It is already happening. Our movement is not centered around one location or one person, but around a big idea. The flames are spread out across the world, often hidden within the minds of Men, but soon these small fires will join to form one giant blaze, which will light our way to a glorious future.

Our opponents have been getting their way for too long. They marched through the institutions, gained power through stealth, operated in the shadows, with plans spanning hundreds of years. And now, when they are seeking to shore up all loose ends and openly take full control, the reigns of power will be ripped from their greedy hands. The goals they worked toward for so very long will be taken from them, seemingly in an instant, by people openly marching with their torches for all to see.

It has happened before…


It WILL happen again!

* * *

Source: Renegade Tribune

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20 October, 2015 7:13 pm

It’s a big true that the assault against the White race is a house of cards. It is certainly dangerous, but more than anybody, the Jews understand it could fall apart at any given time.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
20 October, 2015 7:19 pm

As I see it, the hordes of brain-dead
“turn-the-other-cheek” Christians are
the main obstacle we face over here.

21 October, 2015 12:53 am

Spot on, Walt!! The “christers” have poisoned our collective Racial Psyche for much too long! There are quite a few characteristics of the NS Movement which I personally do not like…but I think the thinkers of the Allgemeine SS, and Heinrich HIMMLER himself, were indeed spot on, when they clearly qualified christianity as “the Bolshevism of Ancient Times”… As HIMMLER said so rightly: “I know the history of christianity in Ancient Rome very well, and I can assure you that at that time, the christians were the worst kind of Jews, the worst kind of Bolsheviks you can possibly imagine”!….

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
21 October, 2015 1:30 pm

“It has happened before . . . it WILL happen again!”