Laying the Foundations for Success

FoundationA British perspective on organizing for our folk

by Max Musson

SOME PEOPLE may feel that it is an act of consummate vanity and conceit that I am writing in all seriousness of our rise to power, for our Movement of National Salvation is as yet still a very small organisation and the acquisition of political power must seem for many a fanciful dream. Indeed when I am criticised by others outside of our organisation, usually leaders of the micro-parties and other micro-organisations that seek to rival us, I am accused of being a dreamer with aspirations that will be impossible to fulfil.

In an earlier article in my ‘Great White Hope’ series, I described the six prerequisites that will be necessary for a nationalist victory and my critics scoffed at this list, suggesting that the acquisition of these prerequisites would be impossible. None of them however have argued with the fundamental truth that without these prerequisites success will be impossible, and as such, in the clear knowledge that their organisations are not even striving to achieve these vital prerequisites, they have demonstrated to us that their organisations offer no realistic hope of ever succeeding.

A nationalist organisation may be represented by the most handsome, noble, intelligent, dynamic, dedicated and charismatic of people, but if it has not acquired my six prerequisites, our enemies will eventually wear it down through a process of attrition and it will fail in its bid for power.

Community Leaders

No organisation can succeed without leaders and those who talk of ‘leaderless resistance’ should be asked to point to any army that has ever succeeded in defeating its enemy without first forming a command structure. Some guerrilla armies have for limited tactical purposes employed semi-autonomous cells, whose task has been to infiltrate and cause chaos in enemy held territory, but such semi-autonomous cells have always ultimately been guided by a single command as there will always need to be a disciplined military force under the direction of a single command if the territory concerned is to be conquered and controlled.

LeadershipOur aim therefore is to establish across the whole of the British Isles, including both the UK and Eire, as many as 1,000 community leaders, whose task will be to create and lead our consciously White communities — our nationalist enclaves.

These community leaders do not as yet exist complete with all of the skills and competencies they will need to be successful, but we have a number of good candidates already and we are confident that we will find more people that we can coach and provide with the training necessary for them to succeed.

The role of the community leaders will be critical to the success of our mission and it will be a multi-faceted role requiring them to work full-time for the movement. They will need to project manage the establishment of a designated nationalist enclave and in doing so, they will act as advocates and perform many acts of kindness for the people around them, winning their support for our project and recruiting them into our organisation.

Our community leaders will be remunerated for their work and so for the first time a British nationalist organisation will not be reliant upon the good will of well meaning amateurs working out of the goodness of their hearts in their spare time. I make this statement not through any wish to denigrate the valiant work that has been accomplished by many dedicated amateurs in the past, for I was once one of them, but simply to press home my assertion that full-time activists will be so much more productive and efficient. The building of our movement and our organisation will for once be both the primary responsibility of our local leaders and the means by which they earn their living. For the first time in the history of British nationalism, their financial interests and their community and political interests will be aligned.

The recruitment, training and employment of full-time activists will obviously require much money and for this reason, our organisation operates a fundraising programme, which is outlined below.

Consciously White Communities

Some people make the mistake of regarding the many rural communities of the British Isles that are still overwhelmingly White as the equivalent of ‘enclaves’, but this is not so. Many parts of our ancestral homelands are still as yet untainted by multiracialism, but they remain as such by mere default, because no non-Whites have as yet chosen to settle there, not because the communities concerned exercise any conscious effort to remain White.

Indeed, in many of the still White areas of Britain, multiculturalism has already been introduced, through schooling, in the form of the social studies elements of the National Curriculum, in order to pave the way for the eventual arrival of non-White immigrants.

Children in rural areas are taught of the need to welcome the arrival of minority groups and school trips to mosques and synagogues and Hindu temples are arranged to familiarise the impressionable young White children with the ways and customs of the immigrants. Furthermore, White children are taught of the evil deeds of their ancestors and are made to feel ashamed of our heritage, through a disproportionate and completely one-sided presentation of the histories of slavery and of the alleged war crimes of World War II.

Consciously White communities are composed of militant White people who actively oppose the intrusion within their midst of non-White immigrants.

CommunityBy creating high concentrations of nationalistically minded White people in specific locations, we can come to dominate the culture and community life of those areas, and in order to achieve this our activists will need to get themselves elected to the boards of governors of the local schools, to the committees of residents’ associations, to village hall committees and to local parish councils. They will need to volunteer to become community constables and to become active in a thousand different ways so that no events take place within their communities that are not conducive to or which threaten its continuance as a homogenous White community.

When village Post Offices become vacant due to retirement or otherwise, our people will club together to buy the businesses and make sure they stay in the hands of local White people. Similarly, when pubs or local grocers shops or restaurants become vacant or are threatened with closure we need to be in a position to acquire them also.

If we are to quickly establish consciously White communities, then we cannot rely upon individuals acquiring the wherewithal to move to the designated areas entirely under their own steam. Some will be able to do this, but they will predominantly be retired people with few friends or relatives that they might have to leave behind in the places where they used to live.

White enclaves created without a wider co-ordinated effort and without considerable financial and logistical assistance from a supporting organisation will grow very slowly and will lack the vibrancy that comes from having lots of young families with lots of children and their working age parents.

The very best that can be envisaged for a community that tries to get established without such co-ordinated effort and assistance, is that it will become a kind of ‘Amish community’ that will exist as an anachronism as far as the wider world is concerned and which will suffer the same ‘bleeding’ of its brightest and boldest and most adventurous young as they grow older and realise that there is a seemingly far more ‘exciting’ and ‘interesting’ world to be enjoyed beyond the confines of their community.

Such communities will become ‘living museums’, preserved in ‘aspic’ — ‘bolt-holes’ in which frightened and or embittered people will merely hide from the world around them.

Our communities however, will act as reservoirs of untainted White people — preserving our British heritage and our European culture, but their mere creation and continuance will not be an end in itself. Moreover, our consciously White communities will be strongholds from which we aim to expand and in time reconquer the whole of these islands of ours and to that end we need our communities to grow rapidly and to become thriving centres of industrial as well as agricultural production, and thriving centres of out-reach to our White brothers and sisters who will still be enduring the crumbling social fabric of the multicultural societies around us.

To grow quickly, our communities will need regular injections of development capital in the form of financial grants to enable our entrepreneurially minded members to create business and therefore employment vacancies that others can come to fill. They will need development capital with which to buy land upon which to build affordable housing, so that new members have somewhere to live.

Fundamentally, we cannot expect large numbers of people to simply ‘up-sticks’ and move many miles to a community where there may be no work for them and where the cost of housing may be prohibitive or where vacant housing may be non-existent. Furthermore, we must provide some scope for people to bring loved ones with them, so that they are not forced to choose between their ideology and their wider family interests.

The creation of thriving White enclaves will obviously require much money and for this reason, as already stated, our organisation operates a fundraising programme, which is outlined below.

A Network of ‘Friends’

Within the areas occupied by our enclaves there will periodically occur local government elections and while there will be the temptation once our presence is strong, to stand openly nationalist candidates representing nationalist parties, the policy we will pursue will be one of ‘entryism’.

In traditional Labour areas there are large numbers of White Labour voters within whom the habit of voting Labour is so entrenched that they cannot seem to break it. I have often encountered such people during doorstep canvassing at election times and have been confounded when they tell me that they are opposed to mass immigration, EU membership etc., but still intend to vote Labour, because their fathers did and their grandfathers before them. They conflate loyalty to their forebears political beliefs with loyalty to a political party, even though that political party clearly no longer upholds the beliefs of those forebears.

NetworkingWe should therefore employ the judo technique of using our enemies inertia against them, and through entryism we can as our numbers grow, influence the selection of candidates so that our members are selected as the local Labour candidates. In this way, our people can vote for ‘our’ Labour candidates and all of the brain-dead, ‘Labour till I die’ voters will also vote for them and we will get our people elected, virtually unopposed. Once elected, our people will nominally represent the Labour Party, but they will of course place the needs of our people first and will use their influence to protect and where possible promote our enclaves also.

In traditional Tory areas we will similarly practice entryism to the Conservative Party and in this way, we will build up within local government, hundreds of ‘friends’ and may even find ourselves in a situation in which our ‘Labour’ and ‘Conservative’ politicians get selected to represent the establishment parties in ‘safe’ parliamentary seats.

This is a strategy that we have already trialed and which has proven to be successful. Furthermore, through our fundraising programme, we can raise personal development grants that can be used to accelerate the careers of our members and supporters in their careers; within the civil service, local government, and the police; within the news and entertainment media, TV, radio, the arts, etc.; within the world of academia and the sciences; and within the world of business and commerce.

Often the difference between a person being rejected or being offered a lucrative and potentially influential career opportunity is surprisingly small. Those with a support community promoting them and providing much needed financial support at critical times, prosper disproportionately and if we can provide that support for people who are ideologically at one with us, it is easy to see how we can for relatively little outlay gain tremendous socio-political influence

A Nationalist Media

For us to succeed in reconquering our country, we will need the support of a nationalist media and to some extent this support will come subtly and covertly from the many ‘friends’ who will have been ‘planted’ as ‘sleepers’ or ‘moles’ within the commercial mass media, but we will need more than this and we must establish a massive Internet presence through a wide range of interconnected and mutually supportive websites.

Any reasonably intelligent person can create a blog or rudimentary website, but it takes much time and hard work to make a website sufficiently interesting such that it will attract a large audience.

For a website to feature interesting articles every day requires the work of at least two full time writers and this again costs money.

We will also need to plan ways in which we can gain further influence within existing commercial mass media companies and I believe it will not be beyond our capabilities to gain the critical influence we need providing we have enough money at our disposal and this is another reason why our fundraising programme is so vitally important.

Street Activists

For us to succeed, we will need to acquire a sizeable body of militant street activists prepared to demonstrate in the streets, and prepared to square up to any violent leftist/Islamic mobs they may encounter in so doing, and while it is possible quite easily, to create a chaotic street gang who as often as not appear as a drunken mob on the streets, it is another matter entirely to create a disciplined body of militant activists capable of executing high impact demonstrations with military precision and the efficiency of a ‘well-oiled machine’.

These street activists will initially conduct daring, elaborate and highly entertaining flash-mob demonstrations aimed at capturing the attention and winning the support of the disenchanted youth of our nation. As time passes however their role will change somewhat and they will increasingly be required to provide public demonstrations of our power and influence.

In the final analysis it will be their role to act as a vanguard leading our people in mass demonstrations of civil disobedience that we will inevitably need to mount, during the final critical period of the transfer of power, when the dying establishment finally lose their grip upon the British people and we take over.

The Funding Programme

Each of the above prerequisites will require significant levels of advance funding if they are to be secured and this is why this final prerequisite, the establishment of a funding programme is so important.

Without funding, we cannot provide paid employment and will be forced to rely on unpaid amateurs working in their spare time, as all of the failed nationalist organisations of the past did.

Without funding, our White enclaves will be tiny affairs that will grow torturously slowly and so slowly in fact that they will be too small to be of any use before it is too late.

Without funding it will be impossible to acquire a worthwhile network of ‘friends’ in high places and it will be impossible for us to acquire a nationalist media of any significant size.

Without funding we will be unable to organise more than a rabble on the streets at best and we will find ourselves in the same state of powerlessness that all previous nationalist organisations in this country have reached.

Whether we like it or not, in the society in which we live, ‘money is power’ and if we want to exercise power, then we must ‘feed’ our organisation with money.

Previous nationalist organisations have not been able to command membership dues at a level such that they could have realistically been expected to achieve their aims, because the leaders of those organisations have never really believed that our cause was worthy of realistic membership contributions, and as a consequence their ‘proposition’ lacked credibility.

T.E. Lawrence
T.E. Lawrence

Previous leaders have never believed the British public would be prepared to contribute more than £30 per annum and the current crop of nationalist micro-parties seem to compete with each other to offer membership subscriptions at the lowest possible level, in the hope that by doing so they will attract the largest possible membership.

In reality however, all they succeed in doing is to condemn themselves to operate their organisations on a shoestring, and to deny themselves credibility in the eyes of potential supporters. No one can seriously believe that a nationalist organisation operating on a shoestring will ever have the wherewithal necessary to defeat our enemies — the most powerful vested interest groups in the world.

No-one would book a luxury holiday in a hotel that offers rooms for a tariff of just £1 per night, because everyone knows that luxury hotel accommodation cannot be provided that cheaply. However, if one advertises luxury hotel accommodation for £100 per night, then one’s proposition will have credibility and one will take bookings.

It is therefore easier to recruit new members when one expects them to make contributions at a realistic level than it is to recruit new members by attempting to entice them with derisorily small membership dues.

At Western Spring we advocate membership contributions at the maximum level our members can comfortably afford. We don’t expect people to donate so much that their standard of living is adversely affected, but most people can afford £30 per month, some can afford significantly more than this and of those who cannot afford £30 per month, we simply ask that they try to get as close to that figure as their budget will reasonably allow.

Our experience is that we can achieve £30 per month as an average across our membership and our aim is to build our contributing membership to 300,000 within ten years. This will give us as an organisation an annual income of £100m per annum, enough for us to acquire the necessary prerequisites and make a credible bid for power.

In fact with £100m per year to spend, my belief is not that we will have enough money to simply win, but that we will have so much money that we cannot fail!

T.E. Lawrence, the great Lawrence of Arabia, a nationalist who many believe was murdered for his opposition to Zionism, wrote in his ‘Seven Pillars of Wisdom’, “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.”

The most important purpose of this series of articles is therefore to provide a vision of how we can equip ourselves with the vital prerequisites that our success will require.

When we as a people and as a movement realise that success is possible and we can visualise that success, then our motivation and our optimism for the future will flood back.

There is another old saying: ‘What the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve’ — put quite simply, if we believe that success is possible, that belief in itself is sufficient to make success a possibility.

Join us my brothers and sisters — let our dream become your dream — act upon that dream and victory will be within our grasp!

* * *

Source: Western Spring

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15 January, 2021 12:39 pm

A noble goal, however, there is no match for a TE Lawrence today, nor indeed of a WL Pierce.