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by Dr. William L. Pierce THE TOPIC I announced for tonight is a little misleading. I said I intended to talk about “A Program for a New America,” but a more accurate title would be “Why We Haven’t Yet Announced a Program for a New America.” That is apparently a subject which is on the minds of a great many people.…
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A Cosmotheist lecture given by Dr. William Pierce on October 24, 1976 at the office of the National Alliance in Arlington, Virginia by Dr. William L. Pierce I DON’T THINK I need to convince anyone here that what we are trying to do is very difficult. It is obvious from our own experience of the last…
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A British perspective on organizing for our folk by Max Musson SOME PEOPLE may feel that it is an act of consummate vanity and conceit that I am writing in all seriousness of our rise to power, for our Movement of National Salvation is as yet still a very small organisation and the acquisition of political…
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