The Ways of Existence

dna-800x449Whites need to understand a little about the ways of existence if we are to survive

by H. Millard

A RECENT article discussed how scientists swapped genes from humans to yeast to show how much humans have in common with yeast.

This is the sort of article, if properly understood from our pro-White perspective, that tells much about the ways of existence and why we Whites need to remain White and not miscegenate ourselves out of existence.

Why do humans have much in common with yeast? Simple. All life, (with the exception of some viruses that use RNA) that we know about on Earth, originated with that first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so-called non-living minerals to the so-called living minerals that we define as life.

In understanding the way evolution works, one has to realize that very tiny changes in the DNA code can have major differences in the type of organism that results.

When people tell you that all human races are the same, they are badly mistaken. They fail to understand the reality of evolution and the ways of existence.

Nature tinkers with DNA constantly in every form of life (with RNA in some viruses) and makes changes to organisms to “try” to fill every niche with life where some form of energy can be found to support life and where that life can not only survive but prosper and thrive.

And, in thinking about this we might envision living organisms as sort of being like robots carrying within them/us this thing we call “life.” Life itself. A slight digression is in order here. It is sometimes imagined that it is the DNA code that is the “entity” within living organisms, but this is a little downstream from reality and when we do find life on other planets we may find that they do not have DNA to carry their life codes. So we must understand that it is life — life itself — the life force, if you will, that is that which animates us; and DNA is its first means to do this — while the organisms created from DNA are its second means and how it spreads itself in our everyday reality. Life wants to be everywhere, and it doesn’t much care how it does this or which organisms carry it. It is up to us as awakened Whites to see that we are the organisms that carry life and that we are the winners of the struggle for survival and existence.

Even after it engineers a form of life that is fit for a particular niche, Nature doesn’t stop tinkering but tries to find even better adaptations for that niche. Thus, there is a competition, a struggle, for survival inherent in life itself where each form of life in existence and each gene and genotype competes for the best position with others that want to replace it. This is automatic and is never ending and is absolutely required by evolution to keep life itself from going extinct.

This is why we can’t “all get along” and why the lion can’t lie down with the lamb. This is also why there are different breeds of dogs and different races of humans. And, with humans we must understand that each race is in a natural and never ending competition to fill all of the niches that can support humans with its race and no other race. The winner of this struggle will be the race of humans that fills the Earth with its kind. And, even then, Nature will not stop tinkering and will keep bringing forth new human types to compete. This is the way of existence.

As awakened Whites, we need to understand that this competition, this struggle, is good. And, we also need to understand that we need to live consciously and intentionally as Whites and we need to try to increase the sheer number of our genes in existence by having as many pure White children as possible. We also have to understand that even if we do nothing, Nature doesn’t stop tinkering and it will make default changes to us as surely as water will run downhill unless the course is changed. And, the default changes made to us as Whites may not be in our best interests. Remember, Nature is always trying to improve on what it has engineered in flesh and never stops with this attempt at improvement. So, if a form of human is more fit for a particular niche than another form, that more fit human type will eventually take over the niche. It is up to us awakened Whites to ensure that we are the fittest type of human for every niche.

We Whites, like every other organism, began this journey when our great, great ancestor — that first molecule of DNA — came into existence. And we evolved constantly. Then, in the dim past when we had evolved into humans, a few made it to the less sunny lands of Europe and Nature kept tinkering to make those humans better adapted to these conditions and, voila, White humans emerged as the new model human for the European niche and eventually became the dominant human type in Europe.

But, today, we Whites face a real chance of our extinction as our evolution into full specieshood — that condition when we can no longer bear viable children with non-Whites — has lagged behind our science; so we lack the natural protection of not being able to miscegenate at a time when our science has made it possible for vast numbers of non-White humans to invade our formerly all-White lands, survive there, and mate with us. This mating with non-Whites always produces non-White children and never White children. This can be the death of us.

(© 2015 H. Millard)

* * *

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