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Biological Selection: Natural or Conscious, It Will Happen


SOONER OR LATER war will probably bring with it large-scale destruction of populations. If men do not provide the motivation for such a catastrophic event, Nature will. The reason is clear to anyone familiar with biology and genetics. In part, this event transcends race, since modern medicine coupled with liberal-Jewish philosophy have greatly weakened the White race everywhere.

For example, suppose a male, with a genetic deficiency A, which would have led to his early demise except for modern medicine, has children with a female having a genetic deficiency B which would also have been fatal, except for modern medicine. The offspring of such a union will in three out of four cases have one or both deficiencies (one will have both). Suppose further this carrier of both deficiencies has children by another carrying two such deficiencies. One out of four of the second generation offspring will carry four deficiencies. And so it goes. Each generation will have carriers of genetic deficiencies double those of their parents. As a result, in a few generations, large numbers of the population will be carriers of several genetic defects. As these numbers increase, strain upon medical facilities increases. The economics soon become untenable. Eventually, the population will seek relief through socialized medicine and then the burden of maintaining health care will fall entirely upon the healthy.

This artificial effort to avoid the ravages of Nature only prolongs the inevitable and makes it more difficult for everyone. The mania of the defectives overrides all opposition. Life becomes so sacrosanct that billions are spent to preserve the existence of the most grotesque and vegetative beings. I doubt that it is within the power of man to alter this trend through the use of reason. Nature will have to do the work for us. We may hope that the survivors will profit from the lesson and will establish a society in the future based on wisdom rather than emotion.

You may have had occasion to observe this deterioration among children, as the numbers requiring special educational programs increases rapidly. Two possible remedies are available. Either those with severe deficiencies should not be allowed to reproduce or subsidized medical care should be done away with so Nature can do what she wills.

My point is that sooner or later, Nature herself is going to be the founder of a healthy new racial society. The madness for life at any cost is so prevalent today that the shrewdest and most intelligent dictator could not overcome it. My observations are not a note of futility. Rather, they are intended to provide a basis for constructive long-range planning and action. The groundwork for our future society must be undertaken now.

* * *

Source: Based on an article in Instauration magazine, August 1976

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