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Autism, Lost Souls, and X

by Kevin Alfred Strom

THE TRAGEDY OF WHITE AMERICA can be compared with another, perhaps even more mysterious tragedy: the tragedy of autism. Autism has touched my family directly, so I know something about it. An autistic child will never be normal, even though his intelligence may be high. He cannot communicate well. Some autistic children only repeat what is spoken to them. Some never speak at all. They see the world in a very different way from the rest of us. Patterns and meanings which are obvious to us make no impression on them. Patterns and meanings that we cannot see or which seem trivial to us assume overwhelming importance to them. The spectrum of autism ranges from individuals who seem almost normal but a bit withdrawn, all the way to those who never speak a word, never make eye contact, and spend most of their waking hours in a trance, waving their arms in front of their faces. Parents of an autistic child feel a deep sense of loss, a sense that their son or daughter has in some sense been taken from them.

And “taken” may well be the operative word. There is undoubtedly a genetic link to autism. For one thing, it impacts boys four times as much as girls. For another, parents with an autistic child are at a small but definitely increased risk for having another. There seems to be a link between fathers with high mathematical abilities, like engineers, and autism. All this points in the direction of a genetic explanation.

But there are reasons why a genetic explanation alone will not suffice. The rate of autism has exploded in recent decades. In the last 20 years, the number of children with full-blown autism has increased by 200 to 600 per cent. in every state of the Union. Twenty years is less than a generation. Genes don’t change that fast. Natural selection needs many generations to produce that kind of change. The genetic susceptibility to autism may have been there all along — just like the genetic susceptibility to alcoholism may be there all along, but as long as the potential alcoholic is never exposed to alcohol, you’d never know it. So the potential to develop autism under certain conditions was always there, but the ‘certain conditions’ were absent. But a few decades ago, something happened — something changed. Call it “X.”

Once children were exposed to X, those with a genetic predisposition to be affected by it became autistic. But we don’t know what X is. Some theorize it’s the changes in our diet, some say it’s mercury or other substances in childhood vaccines. But whatever it is, X is real. And the parents of the more than 400,000 autistic children in this country want to know what X is. In a very real sense, they’ve lost the children they were meant to have, their children have lost the lives they were meant to live, and these parents are full of righteous anger, and they want to know what — and who — is responsible.

The plight of our race is very similar, with one exception.

Whites are not substantially genetically different than they were just a few generations ago, when our racial integrity was secure and White civilization and power were at their zenith. Just a few decades ago, within my short lifetime, America was over 90 per cent. White; for all practical purposes only Whites could immigrate here; and racial mixing was a punishable crime. And all that has changed now, gone with the wind. But little or none of that change is due to genetic change. We’ve succumbed to something that’s come along in recent decades, something that has sent our people into a suicidal tailspin that may prove fatal to all of us.

This factor has literally made our people mentally ill, insane — a person who works for the extinction of his own people by promoting its replacement or its mixture with others is mentally ill by any reasonable definition. And groups that behave in such a manner guarantee their own disappearance.

This racial suicide version of “X” may have been something that we’ve been susceptible to all along, but only became widespread in recent decades. But here’s the difference: Unlike the parents of autistic children, we know what X is. The X that has caused this mental breakdown in so many of our people is the toxic meme of “equality” and anti-racialism, injected into our people from their first conscious moments of television-watching, imbibed through all their school years (in most public and private schools), heard from the pulpits of many churches, read on almost every page of all major newspapers, and promoted vociferously by the Jewish-owned media. That’s X.

Those of us who are working for the future of our people are still sane. We are the ones who are immune to X — or who, through a painful process of growth and learning and self-examination and will power, have liberated ourselves from its poisonous influence.

White people are naturally kind to others; though far from perfect and with some notable exceptions, no human race is kinder to animals or others who are helpless before its power. Meetings of activists intending to save endangered creatures or preserve forests, even when these meetings take place in areas that are heavily mixed racially, often consist of a sea of noble White faces. But coupling this genetic predisposition to kindness with the memes 1) that human races are somehow “equal” — and 2) that to take care to preserve one’s own kind is “evil” — and 3) that even acknowledging that our kind exists is morally wrong — could be fatal to us.

The world to come will, almost by definition, be built by men and women who are immune to, or liberated from, such equalitarianism.

But like a family who cares for its autistic child, we still love the lost souls of our race, who, through misplaced altruism and manipulated emotions, now follow the path of death. We, the still-awake, the sane, the immune, have an obligation to guide them to safe harbors once again. And to a cure.

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John Mailer
John Mailer
21 December, 2010 3:56 am

A great article. One should also add our people’s predisposition to feeling guilt and being manipulated by those who manage to instill guilt in us. I believe that an essential condition for our liberation from this death wish will be to expose and understand the lies about us that we have come to believe: our ‘racism’, our ‘sexism’, slavery, colonialism, apartheid (, ‘anti-semitism’, ‘homophobia’ and last, but not least, the biggest lie of them all, the holocaust!

Don’t forget, with all our failings, we also have a formidable ability to be outraged. My God light that fire in us.

Leif Erickson
Leif Erickson
26 December, 2010 1:43 pm

Great article. Thank you.

Mother Theresa
Mother Theresa
3 April, 2011 2:04 pm

You won’t print his but this man is seriously deranged.

Reply to  Mother Theresa
4 April, 2011 3:47 pm

I personally know the author of this article, and I can assure you he is not deranged. He’s a very reasonable individual.

6 April, 2011 1:13 am

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1 May, 2011 2:10 am

I thought you hate aspies or anyone who is not “normal”?

Reply to  Antifag
9 May, 2011 9:22 am

The survival of our uniquely beautiful and creative race as a whole is at stake today, and that is what we are fighting for. That is the opposite of hate.

Personally, autism has touched my life through my son and others. There is no doubt that full-blown autism is a defect, but perhaps autism constitutes an excess of certain characteristics that, in a lesser degree (as seen in those with Asperger’s Syndrome and their highly introspective and sometimes amazingly powerful memory and intelligence), might actually be of benefit to our people.

21 July, 2011 7:57 pm

There’s an extremely good thriller called “Eye Contact” in which the main character is a 9-year old autistic boy who witnessed a murder. It was written by Cammie McGovern, sister of film star Elizabeth McGovern and mother of an autistic son.

I was primarily interested in Cammie McG. from a article she’d written about growing up in her sister’s shadow. But as it turned out, I couldn’t put the book down, it’s that good.

21 July, 2011 7:58 pm

an article . . .

Robiul Hoque
Robiul Hoque
27 April, 2019 1:24 pm

Is autism the same as mental retardation because it seems that extreme to moderate autism is reflected by abnormal mental behavior which can be characterized as mental retardation. Also how can a mental disorder be genetic? Unless the disorder corresponds with a biological neural problem then it is invalid because various ways of abstract thinking is not a mental disorder. Extreme autism is mental retardation and mild autism are unique personality traits the former is a personality traits developed from the child’s environment and the latter is a serious neurological problem don t listen to everything you hear and vice versa.