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Conservatism Is Not the Answer

by Kevin Alfred Strom (pictured)

AMERICA IS FALLING to the invaders before our eyes. Our borders are open, and a large faction of an ostensibly conservative party wants to open them even further. So do their opponents. Our women and children are increasingly raped, beaten, and killed by non-White gangs, demographic trends forecast the doom of our race, our soldiers have become nothing but enforcers for a criminal foreign state — and yet the people blithely play their ball games, work at making more and better widgets and burgers, listen to the soothing words of the preachers and the newscasters, and generally carry on as if death was not about to tap them and their children on the shoulder.

It has been said by Dr. William Pierce that the brainwashed American booboisie are like lemmings, those little arctic rodents who, when population and environmental pressures build up, flee in a mass unthinking panic, often directly to their doom. A legend was created — and popularized by a Disney film from the 1950s, White Wilderness — that the lemmings were deliberately committing suicide. But the truth is that the lemmings aren’t purposely killing themselves at all. They simply don’t know what they’re doing.

This makes Dr. Pierce’s analogy even more apt. Lemming numbers build up dramatically after a season or two of prosperity, and, as the lemmings attempt to spread out, sometimes geography constrains them into a small area or narrow channel, where social friction and distress lead to mass panic: Some lemmings begin to run in a certain direction, and soon they all are running madly in that direction without any purpose or destination in mind. And then comes the cliff, the river, or the sea. And the end of the lemmings.

What brings these lemmings to their doom is a kind of insanity related to the herd instinct. They’re running because the others are running. They’re running to get away from each other, but they’re all running in the same direction, so they never get away from each other until the fall or the water takes them. Insane.

But the behavior of these lemmings is no more insane than that of the men who continued their card games in the lounges of doomed and sinking ocean liners, or the members of the orchestras who kept playing to entertain them. No more insane than the behavior of the Romans, who, when the barbarians had entered the city and the slaughter had already begun, refused to adjust their behavior accordingly and continued to feast and bathe and indulge themselves with their fellow degenerate nobility until the end finally came. No more insane than the White people who willingly vote to send their children to school with vicious savages, tax themselves to import more savages, build breeding colonies for those savages in their own neighborhoods, and provide lavishly for every need of the savages to the point where something like half their lives are wasted laboring for them, crippling their own lives and the lives of their own children thereby. Yet these lemmings in human form, some of them apparently quite intelligent, continue to do that.

They’ve gone insane. Even if you leave the all-important issue of race out of it, they are clearly acting against the interests of their own families, their own children. They are mentally ill. They’re high on the hooch of the “equality” religion — and it is a religion — and, like an alcoholic whose habit is threatened, they will lash out viciously at anyone who tries to cure their addiction.

Even modern-day conservatives, who claim to want to preserve traditional American values, dare not tread on the really crucial issues — race and Jewish power — because if they did, they’d be outside the limits of permitted debate, and the attacks of the media masters and their conformist former friends would begin in earnest. They’d have a real fight on their hands, not the play fights in the Democratic/Republican sandbox they’re accustomed to. Since the conservatives won’t fight that fight, and the left, though awakening to some degree, is so mired in the “equality” religion that it cannot fight that fight, the duty falls to us. Every time I speak before a meeting of racially conscious White men and women I am filled with joy to look at the faces of men and women who understand that fact and are willing to do something about it.

The conservatives are permitted to rant about the Constitution and conspiracies and “traditional values” (so long as they never mention racial integrity, a core value of America’s founders) and prayer in the schools and bronze plaques of the Ten Commandments and the size of government and tax rates until they’re blue in the face, and no one in the ruling establishment really cares, no one from the FBI or JTTF shows up at their door — because all these are peripheral issues, and even if each and every one of them were decided for all time in the way favored by the conservatives it wouldn’t slow the death of our race and civilization by so much as a six months.

The conservative movement, which is more and more openly run by Jews and Zionist warmongers — like David Horowitz and Rupert Murdoch — and lunatic Christian Zionists, has become nothing more than a business, designed to separate the yokels from their shekels and get them alarmed, running in circles or, better yet, running over the cliff. They’re allowed to be distressed by the symptoms of multiracialism, but they can never even look for the real causes of our decline, much less the solutions, which they are not permitted to think about.

Glenn Beck — one of Murdoch’s “right wing” “constitutionalist” talking heads — literally slobbers all over himself worshipping multiracialism itself and in the person of its chief deity, Martin Luther King. What Beck’s followers don’t know (but Beck might, and Murdoch surely does) is that the multiracial society they adore 1) could never have produced the American Constitution, and 2) is directly antithetical to it and will never countenance its restoration.

The lunacy of the American conservatives reminds me of the story of the policeman who was walking his beat one dark night, when he saw a drunk under a streetlight on his hands and knees, going round and round in circles with his face pressed almost to the ground. The officer called out “Say there, what are you doing?” and the drunk replied “I lost my wallet on Maple Street, in the next block over.” That puzzled the policeman, and he asked “If you lost your wallet a block away on Maple Street, why are you looking for it here?” The drunk looked up and calmly explained “I’ll never find it on Maple Street — there’s no streetlight there.” Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News (among others) is making a lot of noises that conservatives like to hear, all the while shining a huge spotlight carefully aimed directly away from the real sources of America’s decline.

The American people, of course, have lost a lot more than their wallets — they’ve lost their country and they’ve lost their minds. I’ve devoted a substantial portion of my life to encouraging the sane remnant to look in the right places for solutions. Keep checking back at National Vanguard and we’ll continue this train of thought.

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27 November, 2010 12:43 pm

The story of the drunk searching under the lamp post is sooo apt. I confess I watch Fox but the misdirection away from jews and non-whites as the core source of our problems is like the dog that didn’t bark. Thanks for being there.

Lemmings Stampede | From The Provinces
28 November, 2010 12:19 am

[…] term “lemmings” has long been a popular term of abuse for ordinary people among alienated vanguardists. It has been frequently used to poke fun at the […]

29 November, 2010 4:52 pm

Where is the outrage? Excellent article on showing another crack in our failing civilization.

There was once something called The Intolerable Acts (5 of them in 1774) that incited Americans to stand up to tyranny & a govt. that would not protect them. Here we are again.

With that said, I can only recommend a new thriller out about Americans who ‘take a stand’ against an inept govt. with pat-downs/body scans (today’s Intolerable Acts). It’s about each of us & history calling us to our true destiny soon. I recommend it.

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
30 November, 2010 9:43 am

Conservatism is linked to Christianity, and, as such, is the proverbial house built on sand. Christianity has no defense against race-mixing, immigration, or any sort of soft egalitarianism. Just look at how the conservatives are now holding high the banner of Martin Luther King, proclaiming him to be a patriot and a man of God. We need a religion for us, that champions us. Christianity will sink any sort of conservatism because it tells us that all who become Christians are our brothers, regardless of race or genetics. The result is that most Christian ministrations flow to those who are inept and incapable, and we know who they are. There is a place for charity, but there must also be a place for European Pride. But it is proclaimed to… Read more »

1 December, 2010 6:03 am

@ Arvin

“Conservatism is linked to Christianity, and, as such, is the proverbial house built on sand.”

Agree. A religion which tells us that our mere entry into the physical world defiles us owing to an impure and sinful act by our beloved parents, that acquisition by our ancestors of the ability to distinguish between good and bad and between life and death was a cosmic error, and that it the woman’s fault because she was weak and the man’s fault because he was stupid is toxic to the White Soul, which rejoices in the beauty, mystery, and grandeur of Nature and celebrates the play and fellowship between the sexes.

3 January, 2011 4:56 pm

I just came across your Website and I am heartened by the article I read. For years, I have attached myself to the Conservative Party; lately to The Tea Party. As you correctly state; Conservatism Is Not The Answer. The real issues are in no way touched upon. White Americans have become utterly embroiled in feelings of self loathing and guilt . For What??? Why is every excuse made for People Of Color, every accolade given predominantly to non Whites??? We now have a man in the White House who seems to be suffering from deep psychological problems, not knowing if he is fish or fowl. He is Black identified, he is Muslim identified. Certainly, he is not pro White and not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination.… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Apolinary
23 June, 2021 7:31 pm

I am convinced beyond any reasonable
doubt that Christianity is a form of self-
induced delusional grandeur based on
a netherworld found up in the sky or on
the backside of the Moon. Christians
would quite willingly go to their deaths,
rather than face up to the idiocy of
their impossible belief systems.

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
Reply to  Walt Hampton
24 June, 2021 7:59 am

Agreed. Especially the Anglo variety of Protescucks seem to really revel in the idea of being ‘created in the image of (((God)))’, the ‘pinnacle of creation’ and even ‘(((God’s))) chosen people’ – They wuz da rill Djoos…….
The fact that they will obstinately quintuple down on their foolish delusion, no matter how many times they are confronted with facts to the contrary has to do with arrogance. THEY are smart (see ‘pinnacle’, above) and could therefore not have been fooled that badly or for that long…….

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Prinz Edelhart
24 June, 2021 3:05 pm

Indeed so. It is the Christian
ARROGANCE which ticks me