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Man as Sense Organ of the Earth, part 2


The source of morality — and the purpose of our existence — is not to be found in Middle Eastern “holy books,” but instead in the structure of the Universe itself.

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SO IT IS that the elements of culture and the structure of religion are to be found within the individual human body, not on a different planet. It is in the interest of political rulers, however, to make their subjects believe in the divine right of kings and in the otherworldly authorization of their rule. Accordingly, it has come about that the rulers of the West have historically insisted on their own and their subjects’ unquestioning acceptance of that import from the ancient East, state-subservient Christianity, which has always supported obeisance to the ruling power with mental escapism.

But, as is manifest to the open mind (repeat: open mind), religion as a phenomenon expresses man’s psychophysical relationship with the physical universe by looking inward at the self which was built by that universe. The elements of religion are to be found inside, not outside man.

Religion is not only a socially shared narcissism; it is also prescriptive. It is in its origins a kind of ecological self-diagnosis of the human body seen as a brew of all the aspects of the universe, including its invisible aspects — a self-diagnosis undertaken with a view to discovering what one’s proper relationship to that universe should be.

Further, the more deeply one delves into the self, the more one discovers a much more extensive, virtually infinite Self — the source and essence of all life — of which the delver is but a logical extrusion. This is the irreducible common denominator found in the reports of all mystics of all ages and all religions. Almost by definition, of course, a mystic is one who makes a habit of delving into the deep self. And the techniques employed by the mystics ranging from extreme license to extreme asceticism — have invariably been those that reveal the seamless interlock which exists between the body and the soul of man — as well as of all other life forms.

The Gnostic-Christian idea that the soul is “encaged” in the “prison” of the body and will be “liberated” to its “true home” by death is false. Life is here and now, and consists of the immanence of the soul in the body. To return to our imperfect but helpful electronic analogy, life might be compared to the way in which a TV set functions. Consisting of relatively fixed atoms and molecules, the apparatus picks up and converts electromagnetic waves in such a way as to produce a picture and sound for a human viewer. The picture depends on both the set and the electromagnetic wave, not one to the exclusion of the other.

From the perspective of depth psychology, all natural and historically ancient religions agree about the nature of man: that his consciousness is only the topmost portion of the crest of the very large wave of his unconscious, and that the whole wave (his “soul”) is an upthrust from an unfathomable deep: a cosmic inframind these religions call God, Weird, the Absolute Buddha, universal consciousness, the Universal Self, the realm of magic and the dead, and so on.

The Scientific Pieces of the Puzzle

From the perspective of the philosophy of science, specifically from the work of Karl Popper, who today provides many of the philosophical underpinnings of modern microbiology and evolution theory, we learn that all life forms are knowledge structures and that evolution is a knowledge process, from the DNA in the cell nuclei of unicellular organisms to the activities of modern human science.(1) (It is precisely the information processing powers of computers that make them “lifelike.”)
All of these considerations thus point to one inevitable conclusion: man (as well as every other life form) is a SENSE ORGAN OF THE PLANET. The recent “Gaia hypothesis” of British physicist and cyberneticist James E. Lovelock (2), that the earth itself is alive in a transhuman sense, and has intentionally produced modern flora and fauna by actively, purposefully modifying the planetary environment, converges toward this same conclusion. So do virtually all other advanced theories and discoveries in the relevant sciences — biological, psychological, or other.

To elaborate a bit on this conclusion:

The essential core of all life — found even in the semi-life called viruses — is the genetic code or deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and its more primitive model, ribonucleic acid (RNA). It is DNA which must, then, be the transceiving “antenna” for impulses from the inframind, impulses which constitute an information flow controlling and communicating with bodily morphology. This is corroborated by the oft-noted high incidence of mutual, extrasensory communication, not just between blood-related members of a family, but, above all, between identical twins, who, of course, have identical DNA. In the view presented here, such twins comprise one soul in two bodies, since they receive and transmit on the same inframental “wavelength.” (One must either know, personally, or take seriously the descriptions of, identical twins in order to appreciate what is being said here.)

The amazing extrasensory resonance existing between identical twins implies that, the purer a race is, the faster its entire population will learn a given aspect of behavior or of reality (cf. the Japanese). This would be expected because all members of a purebred population would tend to be “tuned in” to the same inframental “wavelength” by their nearly identical DNA.

Concordantly, experiments with genetically homogeneous groups of animals such as white rats and macaque monkeys confirm that the strength of paranormal communication between individuals is based on the similarity of their DNA. When an isolated segment of a purebred animal group has thoroughly learned a new task, a remote and separate sample of the same subspecies, which has nothing in common with the learners except the same DNA, suddenly “knows” (i.e., learns with extreme rapidity, or even exhibits spontaneously) the techniques of the very same task. Thus, the same laws hold true for all life, not just man.

As for human history, there is much evidence for the paranormal communication of learning to blood relatives. Hence, the phenomenon which so many German speakers know (or used to know) as Judenglück (Jew’s luck) — that uncanny ability of stereotypical Jews to make money amorally in almost any environment. Paranormal communication may also account for the sudden appearance out of “nowhere” of Cro-Magnon man 40,000 years ago; the independent development of the ancient, geographically isolated, literate civilizations in Europe, the Levant, China, and the Americas within a few thousand years of one another; the ubiquitous and explosive rise of science since the 1700s and the concomitant decline of religion in the northern races; the worldwide fascination with the adolescent pseudoknowledge called communism — all of these and other species-wide and species-specific behavioral phenomena make it clear that much more than mere imitation or any conscious, intellectual decision-making is going on in our species today. These processes are yet more evidence that DNA transceives information on a different level of reality. And any given pattern of DNA receives much more readily information transmitted on that level by similarly structured DNA than by differently structured DNA.

If the above is true, then its converse is also true: the more isolated and unique (because miscegenated or disrupted by pollution) a given individual’s DNA, the more slowly will that person tend to learn. This is due to “telepathic isolation” resulting from unique DNA and helps to explain the declining test scores of America’s lower masses.

Further, if DNA is responsible for tiny inner changes in neurons and other cells, it is responsible for large outer changes as well. DNA not only shapes the brain’s microcircuitry, but also shapes our whole body, the body being a key-in-lock-type “knowing” of its environment. Out of this “knowing” comes evolutionary convergence, in which totally different species assume very familiar shapes (porpoises and fish) to cope with similar environments. Since all life is based on DNA, there is at least some global communication among all the strands of DNA and RNA on earth, no matter what the life form. Consequently, when a given problem of biological existence is solved, the particular species’ DNA transfers the knowledge of that solution to the planetary inframind. There it waits to be picked up again by the DNA of other species which must later solve the same problem.

The question now arises as to the origin of the cosmic structure behind the phenomena. Three of America’s more respected theoretical physicists, Charles W. Misner, Kip S. Thorne and John Archibald Wheeler, conclude in the final chapter of their mammoth graduate-physics textbook, Gravitation (3), that the first cause of the universe is a “calculus of propositions.” By this they mean an infinite intelligence (but not necessarily any human-type “person”) which considers all possible creations and selects one alone ours — for implementation. And, according to Misner, Thorne and Wheeler, the reason why the “pregeometrical” (i.e., prior to the existence of geometry, out of which the universe is made) Calculus of Propositions selected and created our universe, and made it as large as it is and the way it is, is because this is the only way in which man could come to be. Cosmologist Brandon Carter of Cambridge, similarly, concludes that the only way in which a universe could become reality (i.e., not abort itself in the process of creation) would be to formulate itself in such a way that it would produce an organism which could observe it.(4) The observer — that is, intelligence incarnate — is the teleological prime mover of the universe. To put this in down-to-earth language: a number of cosmologists are in effect saying that in some way God (big “G”) and man are one.

The conclusion implicit in the thinking of these cosmologists is that, if the universe has indeed been created (or created itself) to produce an observer, there must be a way in which the creating force can ascertain whether it has been successful. The “Leibniz logic loop” mentioned by Misner, Thorne and Wheeler (op. cit.) can be closed, and the universe can know that it has formulated itself successfully, only if the created observer is simultaneously an information-feedback agent. This is to say that living things must be sense organs of their planets and, through their planets, sense organs of the universe. This in turn is possible only if the paranormal undergirding of life — the cosmic inframind — is the medium and recipient of the feedback from these specified sense organs.

Therefore, when physics and cosmology are pushed to their logical conclusions, they perforce arrive at the terminus that organic intelligence and the existence of the metagalaxy are interdependent and are merely different aspects of a ghostly, pregeometrical, “acosmic” reality. Biological intelligence cannot exist without the universe, but neither can the universe exist without biological intelligence. So the promise of high intelligence as represented on earth by the human life form is the reason and motivation for the genesis of man, of our planet, of the Milky Way, and of the entire visible cosmos. Ergo, man is not an end in himself, as liberalism insists, but has been produced by the earth as a means to awaken the earth to consciousness. He is a means of perception, a sense organ of the earth, as is all other life. What gives man his special prominence in evolution is his ability to sense, to know, and to use his knowledge in the build-up of other life forms — knowledge forms — on earth. That man knows this instinctively can be seen from his sense of beauty. For the sense of beauty is the human attraction to life and the promise of life, whether it be the body of a beautiful woman or the all-mothering, pregnant sea. The opposite of beauty is the appearance of anti-life, of the diminution or destruction of life, and of death.

Diseased and dead bodies are ugly, as are trash heaps and America’s central cities. Feces and urine smell, because they are poisonous. Truly, beauty lies in the eye (or nose) of the beholder, because evolution has programmed it that way.

In this connection we note: that all races recognize intuitively the superior beauty of the European, especially the unmiscegenated type; and that all races instinctively recognize that this type is at the forefront of evolution and has the greatest abundance of life in its physical being.

We also note that the evolutionarily most retarded race — the Negro race — is simultaneously regarded as the least attractive — even by the Negroes’ own standard. This is why they seek to miscegenate, when given the chance. The mantra “Black is beautiful” is a newspeak attempt to gainsay reality. Negroes know that the Negro race, which was evolutionarily left behind by the Mongoloid and Caucasoid races, contains less of the paranormal force which drives evolution; less of the fullness of life; evolutionary dead ends.

It is by the same criterion that the often breathtaking ugliness of the Jews as a subrace must be viewed. This self-chosen people is one of the most unattractive offshoots of mainline humanity, a hyperurban, anti-ecological branch afflicted with a kind of evolutionary progeria (rapid aging). Their stranglehold on Western civilization is anti-evolutionary, as expressed by their consistent preference for the ugly, the chaotic, and deathly, and even the ghastly, in art, and by their viral action on their host peoples. International Jewry, hyperconscious and divorced from its unconscious, is the world poisoner not only of all humanity, but of Gaia herself. And in accordance with the natural law which unites morphology and function, the Jewish physiognomy is but the physical expression of the Jewish soul.

It cannot be said, however, that the Jews have had no help. From the time of Charlemagne to the French Revolution, Western man tried to deny his body and make it dead (“mortify” the flesh). But for the past two centuries he has tried to deny and deaden his soul. In spite of the afterglow prestige of Christianity (now dead in its religious functions), true power today lies in the hands of thoroughgoing materialists — whether of the dialectical or the merely crass variety.

The Likelihood of Ragnarok

Megadeath will be averted for America only in the improbable event that the American Majority member recognizes in practice that he, and all life, is a CONTINUUM of body and soul, and that the one is not possible without the other; that he must live ecologically within the confines of the earth; and that the criminals and lower forms of man must cede their existence to the overtaxed earth. He must likewise acknowledge that the soul is just as subject to the laws of evolution as the body on which it depends.

But it is most unlikely that he will do this. For the Majority member cannot seem to endure the trauma of self-recognition. Hence his need for mass extinction.

Nuclear conflict is not the only way to effect the near or total annihilation of anti-evolutionary America or of mankind. But it is a very strong, even likely possibility for the resolution of the problem America poses. It is often shrilly proclaimed that atomic war “cannot” happen because it would be “suicidal” for both sides. Those who say this are often the very same suicidal types who ever and anon bellow that they are anti-racist. Such people are invincibly ignorant of the fact that anti-racism and pacifism are mutually incompatible. To feed the masses of non-whites who cannot cope with a modern society, this same society (as its history shows) must exploit, oppress, and ultimately war upon other modern societies. Only by such means can the higher, healthier outside be forced to feed the lower, sicker inside.

Today we see American liberals quailing before the prospect of the Dies Irae, the Day of Wrath, which they themselves have helped prepare. They are the very ones who, from the American Civil War through World War II, have visited unspeakable hell on the vilified civilian populations of their wartime enemies. And it is these same minority-infatuated liberals, mass murderers of higher races and promoters of the low, who are now bleached with fright at the prospect that they may actually themselves reap the harvest of the suffering they have sown, if nuclear war comes to Main Street.

It must be understood that it is indeed possible for this (or any life-bearing) planet to develop a criminal species. And post-1945 mankind, led by the Jewish virus, the miscegenationist part of the white race in America, and the Christian self-deceivers, has now evolved into such a criminal species. After having destroyed in World War II the only social systems on earth which were compatible with the life of the planet, America is proceeding to ensure that this planetary system will abort its primary mission of developing more and more intelligent life. It is increasingly obvious that only thermonuclear war or mass self-poisoning can remove this unmitigated ecological-evolutionary disaster, the egalitarian and cosmically irresponsible American empire, from the globe, and give the planet hope of further progress.

In any event, the die has already been cast. The world-systemic forces now descending on the United States will begin to shake its foundations soon. Mother Earth is about to change the course of history — or end it.


1. See Donald T. Campbell’s “Evolutionary Epistemology,” pp. 413-463 in Book I of The Philosophy of Karl Popper, Paul Arthur Schlipp, ed., Open Court Publishing Co., Box 599, La Salle, IL 61301, 1974; and (for those who can read German) see also Gerhard Vollmer’s Evolutionare Erkenntnistheorie, Stuttgart: S. Hirzel Verlag, 1975.

2. Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth, Oxford Univ. Press, 1979.

3. Gravitation, San Francisco: John Wiley, 1973.

4. See George Gale’s article, “The Anthropic Principle,” Scientific American, Dec. 1981, pp. 154-171.

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(Based on an article in Instauration)

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