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The Colonized and the Colonizers

by David Sims

ANOTHER QUESTION from Quora: “Why did White people have such a problem with Native Americans?”

So you can fully understand the dynamics, let me begin with a very important digression:

Colonized people are not always culturally inferior to the colonizers. The presently on-going colonization of Europe and America by mass immigration from African and Middle Eastern countries is an example of the colonization of a higher culture by people from a lower culture, and the net effects will be extremely bad. You might get a few additional food choices that are somewhat palatable, but with them you will also get more murder, more rape, more assault, more robbery, more corruption in high places, a decline in competence in labor, and a decline in the standard of living. When a lower culture invades a higher culture, the bad easily outweighs the good.

When a higher culture invades a lower culture, the reverse is true. There is a decrease in violence, a decrease in corruption, an increase in competence, a rise in the standard of living. This is what happened when Whites colonized Africa to create Rhodesia and South Africa. The Blacks got the benefits of literacy, of mathematics, of railroads, of electricity, none of which they could have provided for themselves. Nowadays, of course, Blacks like to talk as if they were “equal partners” in the creation of electric power and the technology that runs on it — though nothing could be further from the truth.

Really, scan the African press when they get to talking about the launch of a satellite for which an African country has legal ownership. They word their articles in such a way that is calculated to make the reader think that African countries build and launch their own satellites, themselves. In fact, however, no group of Blacks — anywhere, ever — has launched anything at all into orbit around Earth. It has never happened. If you think that the launches from the Luigi-Broglio spaceport in Kenya is an African project, you are mistaken. It is an Italian project, carried out by White people, on land leased from the Kenyan government for 30 million shillings per year. All of the satellites owned by African countries were built for them, either by Whites or by Asians, and were launched for them by SpaceX, by ULA, by ESA, by Roscosmos, by Jaxa, or by the Chinese military. None of them was launched by Africans.

In Uganda there was a Black “space research” hoaxer named Chris Nsamba, who pretended to build a spaceship in his mother’s back yard (actually, it was a wooden glider that never flew), and pretended to launch a space probe into low Earth orbit (actually, he lofted a rice-cooker with a mouse inside it by tethering it to a helium-filled balloon). Nsamba died in July 2022 from complications of diabetes, but we are still grateful to him for the laughs he provided.

Moving over to the White colonization of the Americas:

When Whites arrived in North America, they looked around and saw Injuns doing things the Injun Way. One of the things they noticed was how Injuns settled title disputes over real estate. In particular, the Whites observed that the Injun method for settling land disputes involved no system of laws, no courts of law, no third-party arbitration… nothing like that. Instead, the Injuns settled land disputes by fighting, by warfare, and the resolution was winner take all. The Whites looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, and told each other: “So that’s how it’s done here. Well, we can play that game too, can’t we boys?” The Injuns themselves wrote the rules of the contest. The Whites joined the game, played by the same rules, and they won more than they lost.

So the Injuns had to go live on reservations. However, they got the benefits of White technology, including electric power — and many other things that they couldn’t make for themselves, nor would even have thought of if they were left on their own. I doubt that you could persuade them to go back to their primitive, stone-age existence, forfeiting all of the White man’s technics. The Injuns enjoy those technics too much to give them up.

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