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England Must Love its Jews, part 1

by Douglas Mercer

ENGLAND HAS LONG had time to note the perfidy of the Jews but they seem to have remembered nothing and forgotten everything. There is the old dark history of the King’s befriending the Jews — who quickly became the enemy of the middle orders and the peasants; the Jews being clannish and money hungry; the Jews holding the native English in great contempt. And don’t get me started on all the drinking of young White blood they did.

The tremendous misbehavior escalated, as it always does with the Jews, who can never leave rotten enough alone, and soon they were sent packing like the unwanted leeches they most certainly are. A long expansion of the English race followed, until some miserable Bible-thumping fundamentalists who gave their kids comic names like Glory-Be-To-God and Do-Good ascended to power and brought the “elder brothers” of their miserable faith back in. So great was the forward momentum of the English people that for centuries they were able to withstand the dead weight of the parasitic Jews and create an Empire of their own; but when the rot and the decline set in the Jews were there with their always-bloody maw and fangs to feast on the rotting carcass of carrion. And now England loves its Jews, and celebrates them and worships them at every turn; as well they might — it’s not the Jews who keep the lights on (that’s the common bloke); it’s the Jews who threaten to turn them off if anyone even thinks of stepping out of line.

The National Holocaust Center and Museum hopes its new racism response unit will help to tackle rising antisemitism, which has become more pronounced since the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7. The Nottinghamshire-based institution has begun rolling out workshops and training sessions which are intended for public bodies such as universities, councils and the police (December 2023).

What’s the world coming to when a Jew can’t commit atrocity and genocide without getting blowback? Doesn’t the world know the Jews are the best people? — that their dedication to racial supremacy, and always looking out for the main chance, and their carpet bombing. is both one-off and moral? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander has never been the Jew motto. They can have an ethnostate, but no one else can. When they do it, it’s the Lord’s will — but when anyone else does it, it’s evil. They can be colonial settlers — but no one else can. Is this so hard to understand? Why oh why is the world so obtuse? This is what the Jews wonder. And they have an entire “education” apparatus to “prove” their point. Just take that class in a brainless state, White man, and you will see them as the shining stars they are in their own perverted minds.

Michael Newman, of the Anglo-Jewish Association, which is sponsoring the initiative, said, “The Israel-Hamas war has led to significant increases in antisemitism where Jews, including school pupils and students at universities have been abused and intimidated. We believe this new reactive education service can have a big impact on organizations and institutions as it enables them to recognize and act on anti-Jewish racism.”

Reactive is the key term here. What would that filthy Jew Freud say? The use of the word is certainly a Freudian slip and lets the cat out of the bag. To react is not to learn: It is to react. To learn is to show insight and ameliorate the process and improve. Safe to say a Jew has never learned anything. They have a long memory for the wrongs done them, which means they have an active fantasy life and a mean penchant for lying. But for every reaction there is a reaction, and the final one will be a wind that blows them no good. For contra Freud, a Jew is never just a Jew: He’s always and forever a vile insect and parasite. And when the world learns this, the Jew’s time will be up for good.

“Warwick University and another London college have already signed up for sessions,” the museum’s chief executive, Mark Cave, said. The new service is designed to help people better to recognize antisemitic themes and conspiracy theories, particularly when anti-Israel crosses the line into anti-Jewish hate.

Sooner or later, doesn’t everything, in the end, “cross the line into anti-Jewish hate”? It is inevitable. Not because the world is mad, but because eventually Jewish behavior becomes so insupportable and outrageous that even the meek-minded are forced to remove their blinkers and blinders and see the half-human faces of the Jews in a clear light. The fact that these schools are conscripting themselves into this “educational” malfeasance so their students can hear the Jews’ latest whining and rigmarole is appalling. Sadly for the Jews, this box-ticking of their grievances begins to wear thin after the ten millionth telling and becomes tedious, annoying, intolerable — and finally incites indignation. But that dead certain eventuality will not stop the Jews in their quest to continually cow the public with their tawdry tales of woe. That’s because nothing can stop the Jews from doing this. If there was ever a people who simply cannot help themselves, it is they.

“While the museum has long been involved in Holocaust education, which is compulsory in English schools,” Mr Cave said, he “had become increasingly worried that Holocaust education wasn’t linked to today. You can’t change history but you can use history to change the present. The Holocaust was not some, as some imagined it, to be a crazy one-off carried out by guys in jackboots but came out of the conspiracy theories that had long preceded it.” “The Holocaust did not happen out of the blue,” he said. “It did not begin or end with Nazis. It did not begin or end in Germany. It was the result of 2,000 years of anti-Jewish conspiracy theories across the whole of Europe. Some of the key ones were created in England and popularized globally.”


Of course it is forbidden to teach the greatness of the English past in those same schools. “Rule Britannia” is out of bounds. They are “decolonizing the curriculum” in England faster than a dirty Jew dives for a dropped nickel; they extirpate and remove any hint that White people are or ever were august and noble — and they do so with extreme prejudice. They gaslight the students to make them think the Battle of Bosworth Field was lousy with coons.

But to teach the suffering of the Jews is required for one and all; all the little schoolboys and schoolgirls must “know” and be able to regurgitate the lachrymose litany of Jewish tragedy. They likely can’t read or write up to snuff — and forget about math — but they will have that infamous six million number tattooed on their brain stem forever.

In their telling, however, the anti-humans are correct about one thing, if for the wrong reason: The Holocaust or, more correctly, the great determination of the German people to bask in a Jew-free Europe did not come from out of the blue. No, it came from a great struggle and from hard and bitter experience of the Jews and their eternal treachery. That is: To know the Jews is to want to be rid of them. I have scanned history from top to bottom, from stem to stern, and I am here to tell you: There is no exception to this rule.

* * *

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