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Why Is Any Criticism of Jews Labeled “Anti-Semitic”?

by David Sims

WHY IS ANY criticism of Jews labeled “anti-Semitic”? Because there’s much to criticize that most people don’t yet know about. If you let one criticism stand without penalty to the criticizer, it could snowball. When someone learns about Deir Yassin, it usually isn’t long before he learns about the Lavon Affair, then the USS Liberty Incident, the Zionist Connection to 9/11, Rachel Corrie, and so on. (There is much more!) And pretty soon everybody realizes that there’s more than ample reason for “anti-Semitism” and that, instead of being something evil that needs to be fought against, anti-Semitism is fighting back against evil.

Of course there are a few productive Jewish individuals. Whenever one of them does something good, all the other Jews want to share in the credit for his worthiness. But whenever a Jew does something bad — a Jeffrey Epstein, an Arie Scher, a Jonathan Pollard, a David Greenglass, a Lazar Kaganovich, an Emmanuel Carasso, a Sam Bankman-Fried, a Michael Ron David Kadar, whichever Israeli sold F-16 technology to China in the 1980s, the Jew in Russia who organized a child snuff-porn syndicate that got busted by Interpol in 2000 — the Jews want us to believe that it was just that one fellow and that no stain rubs off on the other Jews. Yes, they do want the good that occasionally, once in a while, shows up among the Jews to reflect upon all the Jews, but they don’t want the bad that far more often appears among the Jews to lessen the reputation of Jews generally.

In the long run, Jews aren’t worth what they cost. They turn free and prosperous countries into poverty-stricken hellholes run by dictators or oligarchs. They’re skilled at pretending to be nice, and they prefer make-believe to force when controlling Gentiles, but the moment a Gentile nation starts to catch on to their deceptions, “anti-Semitism” begins to rise. And the longer it takes for “anti-Semitic” sentiment to become decisive, the stronger the reaction against the Jews will be.

Jewish behavior causes most, possibly all, “anti-Semitism.” What Jews do prompts “anti-Semitic” feeling into existence.

Recently and presently, what Jews are doing that, more than anything else, provokes such reactions is their promotion of mass immigration into European countries (and into America), and using their leverage with the media and with their subversion of public institutions to get their way.

If you have a strong stomach, listen as the arrogant Jewess Barbara Spectre lectures us on Europe’s supposed “need” to become multicultural — for the White people to be ethnically submerged and disempowered in their own countries. Try saying the same about the Jews and Israel, and listen as the Jews respond by accusing you of “anti-Semitism” — of advocating for Jewish genocide. Yet Barbara Spectre is confident that her hypocrisy will pass unremarked upon: If anyone does remark upon it, he’ll be accused of “anti-Semitism” and might lose his job and/or be tossed into jail. For the same reason, Spectre is also sure that she’ll get away with representing the national poison of Third World immigration as a morally necessary social good.

This cute little granny is one of the world’s most evil people.

That’s the biggest reason (at present) why “anti-Semitism” is rising in Europe. There are other reasons as well: usury, cultural decay, economic troubles, insurance fraud, organized crime, pedophilia, disguising money-laundering businesses as “charities,” etc. But the Jews’ relentless promotion of non-White immigration into White countries, with the aim of replacing White people in those countries, is the primary reason for this particular resurgence of “anti-Semitism.”

The Jews will tell you that there is no reason for “anti-Semitism,” as if we’re supposed to believe that it is caused by something in the air, or in the water, or in non-kosher foods that Gentiles eat. But, of course, that isn’t the case. “Anti-Semitism” is caused by Jewish behavior. Jews offend and provoke gentiles, and they use leveraged political power to get away with it — for as long as they can.

And they’re good with words.

Jews, in disproportionately great numbers, seem to have a talent for any sort of activity that involves getting into someone else’s mind and turning opinion in the direction they want it to go, even when doing so involves some disregard of the facts. Jews are frequently good storytellers, and there are many talented Jewish writers of fiction. Not only are Jews often good authors, they are also commonly skillful lawyers, talented teachers, persuasive advertisers, accomplished movie-makers, clever politicians, cleverer propagandists, and good liars. Very good liars. Jews are well adapted to their peculiar set of skills, and that’s why they are dangerous to everyone else.

However, sooner or later even the peerless Jewish skill of verbal manipulation is exceeded by the aggregated offensiveness of what the Jews have done to to the rest of us, and “anti-Semitism” is the inevitable reaction. Jews never correct their behavior to avoid that situation. Instead, when make-believe fails them, they resort to force: to tyranny. They crack down, weaponizing the laws and law enforcement. That’s what happened in the Soviet Union, and it is happening presently in Europe and in the United States.

The idea that Gentiles are to blame for “anti-Semitism” is laughably ridiculous on inspection.

Let us suppose that you are a teacher in a public middle school, walking down the hall toward your classroom. As you approach, you hear sounds coming from the room that make you think that a fight is going on. You enter the room and see pushing and shoving. You demand to know who started it. Immediately, twenty students all point their fingers at one particular student, who, at the same time, is trying to point his finger back at all of his accusers, simultaneously. Hmm, you think. Do I have twenty problem students, or only one problem student?

Now voting on what the truth is isn’t always a sure way to find truth. But in this case, it is much more likely that the one student, who is accused by all of the others, immediately and simultaneously (i.e., no time to hatch a conspiracy involving a scapegoat) is the problem, and that the others are either innocent or are far less guilty.

It is the same with “anti-Semitism.” The Jews have “anti-Semitism” problems with every other group with which they associate closely or for long. Are these other groups all to blame for “anti-Semitism”? Or is Jewish behavior to blame? Let each reader ponder the question and the relevant facts for himself and come to his own answer.

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10 January, 2024 1:54 pm

In the book “The International Jew” (1920) I am reading: Under pressure from local Jews, Christmas trees were no longer allowed to be put up in Chicago police stations because they undermined diversity in the USA. Outrage erupted.

Immediately the word “anti-Semitism” was at hand and local politicians got down on their knees, appeased and – did what the Jews expected. That was 100 years ago. Nothing has changed in the terms used by the Jews or in the reactions of those dependent on them. “Anti-Semitism”, “human rights” and “diversity” are old fighting words – they always work, worldwide.

Greetings from occupated Germany

10 January, 2024 2:32 pm

in case the esteemed readers are interested: a German feature film from 1941, which depicts the mechanics of Jewish influence on the government and the public in the Weimar Republic – albeit authentically but entertainingly:—1941.O:f
with English subtitles 

Christopher D. Sullivan
Christopher D. Sullivan
Reply to  Hans
11 January, 2024 6:56 pm

Yes. Morals and ethics above capitalistic/plutocratic greed. Wonderful film.
Hail to Victory!

10 January, 2024 7:46 pm

A little bit of good joy in the New Year for all. When they discovered that tunnel under the Chabad Lubavitch HQ building in New York City, you should’ve seen the comments sections on the youtube channels that had the story. New York Post, WION, CBS, ABC, the comments were all singing in chorus “they always get special privileges”, “the media is hiding something”, “if this were anyone else this would be a massive story”, “if it were any other religion this would blow up”. It seems people are getting tired of the self-proclaimed chosen ones.

A lot of people were also curious about what looked like high chairs and bloody child sized mattresses that some clips showed but then were glossed over.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  torch
11 January, 2024 12:04 am

“We must have new societies throughout the White world that are based on Aryan values and are compatible with the Aryan nature. We do not need to homogenize the White world: there will be room for Germanic societies, Celtic societies, Latin societies, Slavic societies, Baltic societies, and so on, each with its own roots, traditions, and language. What we must have, however, is a thorough rooting out of Semitic and other non-Aryan values and customs everywhere. We must once again provide the sort of social and spiritual environment in which our own nature can express itself in music, in art and architecture, in literature, in philosophy and scholarship, in the mass media, and in the lifestyles of the people.” From What is the National Alliance, a publication we have available… Read more »

Christopher D. Sullivan
Christopher D. Sullivan
11 January, 2024 7:00 pm

Anti-Semitic!? No, I’m against jewish supremacy and the subjugation of the White race.

Reply to  Christopher D. Sullivan
7 February, 2024 6:06 am

Ironically, anyone having those two opinions – from the twisted perspective of jews – automatically assigns you the label of being an anti-Semite. You see, jews have this obsession whereby they really do believe that they are ‘superior’ beings and that means that Whites and other non-jews must accept their inferiority and bow down and lick the feet of their ‘masters’. Daring to suggest that Whites have a natural right to rule themselves and to not submit to having the tyrannical jewish boot placed on the back of their necks – is equivalent to being a disobedient slave. Oh, and for anyone who might know someone in their local community who is jewish and who you might occasionally interact with and who seems to be ‘friendly’ and not particularly obnoxious… Read more »