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Alien Minds, Alien Colonies

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 20 August, 2022

by Kevin Alfred Strom

JEWS DON’T THINK LIKE we do. I doubt that they see the world like we do. Their minds are alien, predatory, parasitic, and quite possibly something far beyond — and far more frightening — than parasitic. A case in point:

Just a couple of days ago, a Las Vegas Jew and real estate broker and property manager, Allan Rothstein, found himself in court after he forced a homeless woman to sign a contract agreeing to sexual intercourse with him in order to rent a four-bedroom home to her and her five children and to accept the Section 8 housing voucher which was her only way of paying the rent. According to news reports, Rothstein then required the woman to pay out of her own pocket for repairs to the home that he said were necessary in order to bring it up to Section 8 standards. (I assume that was a lie — have you ever seen Section 8 housing, close up? It’s hard to believe that they enforce too many standards. And the nice-looking modern red stucco home that Rothstein managed looked better than the average home, at least from the outside.)

Allan Rothstein

Rothstein then proceeded to charge her more rent than was stipulated in the contract and the voucher. He also charged her for utilities, something that she was not legally required to pay under the terms she signed. When she refused to pay these extra fees, Rothstein then started sending her bills for “late fees” for the unpaid items that ran into thousands of dollars.

When Rothstein made sexual advances to the woman, demanding the sex acts that were laid out in the contract he pressured her to sign, she refused his demands. And he did put her under pressure. The woman and her five offspring were homeless. They were living week to week in a motel, an expensive and untenable situation that had to end. She thought that getting the Section 8 voucher was the answer to her prayers. But rents are high in Las Vegas — a very Jewish, and very corrupt, and very cold-hearted, city. And it’s hard to find a landlord who isn’t a slumlord who will accept a Section 8 voucher there. And Section 8 vouchers expire: If you don’t find a place to rent in 90 days, your voucher simply ceases to exist and you are back where you started. Rothstein essentially said to her, Sign this, pay that, pay some more, give me any sex act I want whenever I want, then pay this extra too, or, sister, you and your babies are out on the street again.

The home in question

When she refused sex to Rothstein, he started eviction proceedings against her — even though the Regional Housing Authority had been paying their part, the vast majority part, of the agreed-upon rent to Rothstein on time, every month — and even though the woman’s agreed-upon part of the rent payment, $145 per month, had been paid — and even though Rothstein additionally illegally demanded, and was getting from her, almost $400 per month extra that wasn’t in any contract, money he collected just because he said so.

Now I don’t know if this was a White woman or not. Many Section 8 recipients are non-Whites, though these days, as usury and other forms of Jewish financial predation make us poorer and poorer, more and more Whites are on the relief lists.

The important thing in this Rothstein episode, I think, is the vicious and extreme exploitation of the helpless that characterized Rothstein, and characterizes so many Jews in Jew-Gentile interactions. Here we had a vulnerable woman and her children in trouble. In need. Desperate. How does Rothstein view the woman when she comes to him? Does he want to help her? Does he sympathize? Does he try to find a way for both the owner and the potential tenant to have a transaction that benefits them both, as an ethical businessman should do?

No. Rothstein does not think that way. Rothstein sees desperation in the woman in somewhat the same way a hungry hyena sees a weak or sick gazelle. Rothstein sees the desperation as a weakness that he can exploit. Rothstein sees a mother in trouble as a way to get sex on demand. Rothstein sees a family about to be on the street as a way to extort money, and then more money on top of that, and then even more money every single month. Rothstein sees a woman in need and not too wise in the ways of legal contracts and laws and regulations as a sucker who will sign or do or pay almost anything to get a roof over her children’s heads. He then proceeds to put multiple squeezes on her, upping the demands constantly until she can’t take any more.

My questions: How many other times has Rothstein done this or something similar — and gotten away with it? How many times have the tens of thousands of Rothstein’s ilk — who seem to be drawn to professions that attract vulnerable, desperate customers — done the same sort of thing and gotten away with it? And, most important of all, how long before we learn our lesson about the Rothsteins of this world?

* * *

I recently travelled through a naturally beautiful part of upstate New York about 130 miles north of New York City, from Narrowsburg to Fosterdale to Liberty and environs — not far from where the infamous 1969 Woodstock music festival took place. There is something ominous happening in this part of the country.

The air is clean there. There are low mountains and bright blue lakes like jewels in the valleys. There are quiet green forests as far as the eye can see. There are old-fashioned buildings and well-kept traditional homes that remind you of the Old America.

But then, encroaching on the cleanliness and the beauty and the traditional White way of life, there are the strange and ugly breeding colonies of Jews. All along the roughly 25-mile strip of Highway 52 that I traversed are hundreds upon hundreds of them. Cheap but shining-new row houses many streets deep and parallel to the road. Big old farm houses, the original White owners long gone. Repurposed public buildings, now gritty-looking multi-unit homes the appearance of which suggests someone must be paying off the housing inspectors. Out-of-business Rust Belt factories or warehouses hastily converted into bursting-at-the-seams cubicle apartments. Ramshackle hunting camps with amateurish-looking additions or converted garages, now turned into full-to-the-gills multi-family complexes. Many are behind crooked, cockeyed and haywired 8-foot-tall chain link fences that go on for hundreds of feet along the highway.

Mixed in among the endless apartments are converted churches and schools — we White people failed to have enough babies to keep them running as they were intended — which are apparently synagogues or other “official” Jewish buildings. Who knows what they are, really — we can’t read the Hebrew lettering which now covers them — but Jews are squirming in and out of them constantly, so some function is clearly taking place there.

And all along the streets and highways there are Jews, hundreds of Jews, in some places only Jews: alien-looking Jews; rat-faced Jews; Jews with special robes evidently denoting some special rank or status; Jews with the cold clouded reptilian eyes of a patient crocodile waiting for a victim on the riverbank; and, frighteningly, some Jews that, except for their odd headgear and outfits, could pass for White in any country, even among the clued-in. (The feeling one gets from these latter Jews is Do you dare to speak against us or even about us? We’re telling you, you will never know who you’re speaking to — you will never know if you are speaking to one of us!)

And, even more evident than the Jews on the streets are the Jewesses. Wearing long dresses and usually covering their hair with dull-looking scarves, they are everywhere — on the streets, in stores, behind the chain-link fences, behind the small glass windows of the cramped apartments, sitting on stoops, walking on the grounds of the mysterious new “institutions” that have sprouted everywhere. Walking in groups, even crowds, walking three abreast, walking in single file — and, in gigantic contrast with White women today, it looks like at least three-quarters of them are pushing baby carriages, even in some cases double and triple baby carriages.

These are not the intermarrying Jews we’ve heard about. These are not the low-birthrate Jews we’ve heard about from those who believe that the Jewish Problem will eventually solve itself. These are a reservoir from which the ranks of Jews will be amply replenished.

Sources tell me that these are breeding colonies of various sects of Hasidic Jews who are now spreading their kind beyond Brooklyn to New Jersey and New York. These Hasids are building their own parallel society while they work to take over parts of ours. One thing they don’t seem to do much of is work in the local economy. Locals tell me that most of them don’t work at all, having become expert and organized at extracting benefits and welfare from the surrounding non-Jews. For example, most of the marriages are solemnized only in their community, and on paper all these mothers are “single moms,” who get lots of benefits. For another example, many of their institutions are at least nominally “religious” and they get tax-exempt status. Some Jews, I am told, have the job of streamlining the benefit application process for the rest so they can get EBT, food stamps, rent reimbursement, or whatever is on offer.

They are organized into sects, which some of them call “courts” or “dynasties.” Wikipedia claims that there are only around 130,000 Hasidic Jews in the entire world. After driving this 25-mile strip of what used to be America, I have some very serious doubts about the accuracy of that figure.

Their presence is overwhelming — and they appear to have utterly taken over a number of towns. They must be a powerful, probably even a dominant, force in these counties. And even if their secular Jewish relatives weren’t rich and powerful and influential in Albany, these Hasids would be, quite on their own account, a force to be reckoned with among state lawmakers.

Think about it. What can you do, when the jury pool consists of mostly your group? What can you do, when no mayor or councilman can be elected without your cohesive group’s approval? What can you do, when you decide who is to be appointed or nominated as a judge? What can you do if you can keep some issues and disputes only within your secret Rabbinical courts and only bring the cases that will benefit you to the public courts? And what can you do if you literally write all the laws?

The answer is: You can do almost anything. That is the power of racial cohesiveness — and that is something that White people need to learn again.

And the White people in these areas — even when they aren’t hounded by black-hatted pests to sell out — have figured out the fact that these strange others are ruling now, and are leaving in droves.

In a way, this ominous change could bring some good to the world. It can’t hurt to increase racial separation. It can’t hurt to increase awareness of the alien nature of Jews. It can’t hurt to increase awareness that Jews care only for themselves, that in sum or average living among them is like being surrounded by thousands of Allan Rothsteins.

And, once that awareness among Whites reaches a certain point, millions of us will realize that we need a place for our people again — a place where we write the laws — a place where we appoint the judges — a place where we do what is best for us and where no one is allowed or able to change that, forever.

In other words, millions of Whites will see the absolute necessity and morality of the National Alliance program.

* * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance. This program is published every week at and Please write to us at National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. We welcome your inquiries and your financial support in spreading our message of hope to our people. We also welcome your applications for membership in our community of the conscious. Once again, that address is Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Thank you for your help.

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Nom De Guerre
Nom De Guerre
20 August, 2022 12:05 pm

I thought it was enough of a nightmare being surrounded by overbreeding cockroach mestizos and their lowlife on the dole ways.
Those poor Whites in the upstate Jew York area suddenly being run out by the on the dole overbreeding Hasidics and their kibbutz’s.
What hell on earth.
With the mestizo overrun areas, all it takes is a quick glance, and we squirm, instincts trying to scream,”Get the hell out of here!”
The Hasidic alien colonies may not appear as tacky and seedy on the surface, but I can only imagine how sinister the feeling is around there, running a menacing chill up one’s spine, hair standing on end, aware of the overwhelming number of predatory Rot-steins everywhere.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
20 August, 2022 2:12 pm

I have no doubt that this item will
irritate the Yids to no end! Excellent!

Former Liberal
Former Liberal
21 August, 2022 7:26 am

I’m originally from New York State, and has been aware of this phenomenon for quite a while. The Hasidim massively invade upstate towns, declare every house a synagogue so they evade taxes, and collect every government benefit available. Talk about the National Socialist stereotype about Jews being parasites coming true to life! I’ve mentioned on this site my own heritage, which is half Jewish, but like my full blooded Jewish father, totally rejected that heritage and religion. The Hasidim in my personal experience, have been some of the most vile people I’ve ever encountered. They hate people of every other religion, ethnicity and even other Jews who are nonHasidim. I wish New York State would step in to prevent the Hasidim from over running upstate towns, but I doubt this… Read more »

22 August, 2022 3:35 am

This population bomb has frightened the non-hasidic/orthodox jews into tolerating the reporting of the realities. Such fear is from the realization that jews aren’t so marvelous when they procreate like 1920’s Southern blacks, raising their kids in ignorance and failing to support their families without outside help. Think of the comments encouraging more non-White immigration, coming from secular jews like Jennifer Rubin, if it were Whites having all these children – and working to pay for them instead of using public assistance: “You know what else they [‘Hasidim and other Orthodox Jews’] possess? Staggering quantities of public assistance. Take the overwhelmingly Hasidic Kiryas Joel, the poorest place in America. As the Times reported last year, “half of [its] residents receive food stamps, and one third receive Medicaid benefits and rely… Read more »

26 August, 2022 12:23 pm

May we never forget who the founders of THIS emanation of The Ukraine are – John Kerry (cohen), Victoria Nuland (knudelmann), Jeffrey Pyatt (pyatnitsky) who appointed Arseny Yatseniuk (katzneniuk) and Petro Poroshenko (Valtsmann). Thankfully this cabal cut out Julija Tymoshenko (Caplan). Oh! I almost forgot! And John McCain.

30 August, 2022 2:52 pm

I had a homeless friend who was once taken in by a Jewish couple. They didn’t charge him for rent (he had barely enough money to eat), but they treated him like a servant. For the privilege of being allowed to sleep in their shed, he worked their land like a medieval serf. It was so bad that he eventually decided that homelessness was preferable and went back to sleeping in his van. That couple owned several properties in town — all in varous states of squalor — which they leased to those who couldn’t afford decent housing. The wife didn’t say much, but the man was positively proud of being a Jew and confessed he felt a great sense of satisfaction whenever he evicted a tenent who wasn’t able… Read more »

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  TheDude
31 August, 2022 2:46 pm

Mr. TheDude, the Jews’ fraud and becoming “overdrawn on their anti-Semitism card” has no expiration date as yet; we Whites have yet to completely organize ourselves in a manner that puts us in a position to dictate such things. As long as a critical number Whites who can get things done remain atomized and unwilling to ally ourselves as those of us in the National Alliance have done, Jews remain at large to do as they’ve been doing.

With that said, I encourage you and other Whites who are racially loyal and also capable of being a man of action who gets the job done to join with us today. should be visited, and if you are qualified and agree with our program, join us.

31 August, 2022 2:53 am

We have similar situation going on here in Sydney Australia. In the last ten years most White families in my area have had their homes purchased by the government and then simply bulldozed to the ground. In there place have been erected dozens of high rise Soviet style apartment blocks where neighbours can spy on each other and report each other to the authorities. Most of the people I’ve seen moving into these buildings are cashed up Asians, Indians and racially mixed couples. The crime rate here has also increased dramatically. Most of the local White cops here have now been replaced by gay and brown cops. Our Jew mayor who is making tons of money out of all this arrogantly announced to the media at a council meeting a… Read more »

Reply to  John
31 August, 2022 9:37 pm

“Yep, time to leave and get out while we still can, White folks!”

Where to?

I just learned I can’t even move to the NA HQ because I have no vaccine (I’m in Canada), although there could be a way. I’m not panicking yet, at least I left Montreal-the-infested a year ago, but I’m still on my own. I’ll look to the Council of European Canadians for guidance to the best spots for the moment. I have mobility.

Thank you for your account John.