Sweden: Scientists Prosecuted After Proving Most Rapes There Committed by Non-Whites

A recent case in Sweden could explain why some falsely claim there is “no scientific evidence” for higher criminality among non-White invaders in White societies.

A RECENT case in Lund University is now serving as a clear-cut example of what happens when researches try to gather scientific evidence regarding issues that might not support the officially sanctioned political narrative, as reported by the REMIX news. It also demonstrates how funds are restricted for studying the impact of immigration; how research into the subject is suppressed (ultimately by pressure from Jewish media or Jew-corrupted politicians and administrators); and how scientists who disobey the restrictions and tell the truth anyway face serious persecution.

This is what has happened to Professor Kristina Sundquist from Sweden’s Lund University, who, alongside two colleagues, conducted detailed research into the profile of those who commit sexual violence in Sweden. The research was not aimed at racially profiling the offenders, as the scientists themselves put it, but they nevertheless have proved that the ethnic profile of rapists is — by far — disproportionately non-White.

Kristina Sundquist

Sundquist, who is the most cited professor at her university regarding social research, is now “being investigated” for publishing an “unauthorized” research report, and may face prosecution for coming to the conclusion that the vast majority of rapes are committed by immigrants to the country.

What does the research show? The published results show that immigrants are not only disproportionately overrepresented in rape cases, but, despite being a minority in Sweden, they commit the vast majority of sexual violence. This is despite the fact that the study only analyzed cases between the 2000 and 2015 — that is, before the enormous 2015 influx of non-Whites from the Middle East and Africa.

They based their study on a sample of 3,000 convictions in rape cases — convictions, mind you, in the extremely “liberal” Swedish courts which bend over backwards to give non-Whites every possible break and seem to care less and less about White victims. As mentioned above, the overall goal of the study was not to inquire into the perpetrators’ racial backgrounds — but to see if there are common denominators in health issues, social status, employment, etc. The revelations about the racial profile of these rapists and violent offenders were only an ancillary finding — but they were impossible to ignore. “Immigrants were just a variable, and it turned out to be quite a remarkable discovery as there were many immigrants and foreign-born people in this group,” said Kristina Sundquist.

The scientific research was conducted because, as the paper says in its introduction, “Sweden has witnessed an increase in the rates of sexual crimes including rape. Knowledge of who the offenders are is therefore of importance for prevention.”

During the data analysis, information on substance use disorders, previous criminality and psychiatric disorders was retrieved from Swedish population-based registers. A total of 3,039 offenders were included in the analysis. A majority of them were immigrants (59.2 per cent.) of which a majority (47.7 per cent.) were born outside of Sweden. The study recommended that the finding that a majority of the offenders were immigrants “warrants further investigation” and “more studies that take into account the contextual characteristics among these offenders.” National Alliance media director Kevin Strom, himself an American of Scandinavian descent, said, “More studies aren’t necessary. It’s time for the deportations to begin, and not only in Sweden, but all over the White world. Not only are White women being victimized cruelly, but our most precious possession — our White gene pool — is being polluted by these invaders, whether they rape — or simply mix with — Whites. The latter is even more deadly.”

The study also points out that types of sexual crimes are highly underreported. According to data from the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, there were 23,200 sexual crimes reported to the police in 2019, of which 8,820 (38 per cent.) were rapes and aggravated rapes. According to the annual Swedish Crime Survey for 2019, it was estimated that 5.6 per cent. of the total population between 16 and 84 years old had been a victim of sexual crimes. “Such underreporting is to be expected when citizens are made to be afraid of being called ‘racists,'” Strom said. “The same thing happened when Middle Eastern invaders were raping and sexually enslaving White children in Britain. They got away with it — for decades — because the authorities ignored multiple reports and pleas for help for fear that they would be accused of ‘racism.’ This atmosphere of fear and cowardice is largely due to the moneyed Jewish minority’s media propaganda and corruption of public officials. It needs to stop. There’s nothing wrong with standing up for our race, the White race, and demanding total separation from other races. That’s the only possible solution.”

Not surprisingly, more females (9.4 per cent.) than males (1.4 per cent.) stated that they were victims of sexual crimes. Rape, which is the most serious sexual crime, increased by 45.4 per cent. between 2008 and 2018. However, despite these apparent increases, the number of offenders found guilty of sexual offenses have been quite stable between 2008, as the rate of solved rapes by the police has significantly diminished since 2009 (31 per cent.). In fact, in 2016, the rate was as low as 11 per cent.

Close to half of the offenders were born outside of Sweden (47.7 per cent.) followed by “Swedish-born” offenders (don’t be deceived, many of these are non-White) with Swedish-born parents (40.8 per cent.). A part of the cohort was constituted of offenders being born in Sweden with at least one parent being born outside Sweden (11.5 per cent.).

The largest group of the study population was found among offenders born outside of Sweden; a significant part was from the Middle East/North Africa (34.5 per cent.) followed by Africa (19.1 per cent.). A not negligible part of the offenders (32.5 per cent.) received social welfare and over a third had low education (37.3 per cent.). IQ and school achievements were only available for part of the cohort and these variables showed low levels for each of these respectively.

The findings of the study actually align with the same trend found in other reports and studies conducted in the past in Sweden regarding sexual assault and gang rape. Even in other crime areas, such as murder, migrants are vastly overrepresented. Such studies have been rare, but until now nobody has been threatened with prosecution for conducting scientific research.

The research report conducted by Sundquist and her colleagues was submitted to the Board of Appeal for ethical review — a body reporting to the Swedish Ministry of Education. They will investigate whether Sundquist and Prof. Ardavan Khoshnood, the co-author of the paper, were given an “ethical license” to handle “sensitive data.”

Prof. Khoshnood (evidently of Iranian ancestry) responded by saying to Swedish portal Samnytt: “It’s a shame,” and added that they are accused of “conducting and publishing illegal research.” “The purpose of the study was not to find out what immigration is like. Surprisingly, this variable turned out to be quite important, and we didn’t know in advance what the study would show. We wanted to create a profile of the perpetrator, to know who the typical perpetrator is,” he said.

Ardavan Khoshnood

However, the “ethical authority” appears to be gearing up to issue some form of punishment related to the case.

“I don’t see anywhere that ethical permission was sought to test the hypothesis of whether immigrants are overrepresented in statistics on convicted rapists,” a member of the body said. The scientists were also criticized for “insufficient evaluation” as they “failed to indicate how their research would reduce exclusion and improve integration” — apparently part of the bizarre definition of “scientific truth” that residents of the insane asylum still called Sweden are required to believe.

One observer remarked that it is unclear how concealing the racial and ethnic background of rapists will “reduce exclusion and improve integration.” However, these scientists, one of whom is himself of an immigrant background, must now actively “prove their innocence.”

* * *

Source: National Vanguard correspondents and Daily Archives

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
22 December, 2021 9:09 pm

No surprises here.

ricck lineheart
ricck lineheart
Reply to  Walt Hampton
28 December, 2021 5:12 pm

Its been said the bunny can be taken from the jungle but the jungle cannot be taken from the bunny..

Ulysses Freire da Paz Jr
Ulysses Freire da Paz Jr
Reply to  Walt Hampton
30 December, 2021 9:51 am

How the devil rules the world – Communism is a devil who wants to destroy humanity
comment image  

comment image

Jews will never be able to subjugate people who have maintained their racial purity. They will always rule only over the peoples who have lost their blood purity.

Source (

Reply to  Ulysses Freire da Paz Jr
9 January, 2022 2:00 am

Forget not the fact, that the editorial treatise How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World has editions in other languages besides German.

— Elfriede Lentner,

ulysses freire da paz jr
ulysses freire da paz jr
Reply to  Elfriede
17 January, 2022 5:55 pm

Greetings Elfriede – thanks for the indications

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Diversity is Genocide
Diversity is Genocide
22 December, 2021 9:20 pm

Western civilization has gone completely insane, thanks to the jew/Semitic virus. Truth is the enemy of The Greatest Liars in History.

Ulysses Freire da Paz Jr
Ulysses Freire da Paz Jr
Reply to  Diversity is Genocide
30 December, 2021 8:45 am

Racial Idealism vs. Racial Bolshevism The word “bolshevik” can be used to describe any person seeking the destruction of civilized society and particularly its culture-creative segment, by violence if possible, but by other more devious means if necessary. The typical Bolshevik is obsessed with a passionate hatred of Western, Aryan society, for he finds himself totally alienated from it. The reasons for this alienation can be manifold and possibilities include a sense of personal failure, pathological disturbance or biological separateness (as in the case of Jewish Bolsheviks, for example). Bolsheviks are not necessarily “communists,” especially in countries under Communist domination, but may be nominal adherents of a wide range of causes: In fact, any cause which will offer them an escape from their frustrated, inadequate selves and which will offer… Read more »

23 December, 2021 6:23 am

Telling the truth has indeed been one a revolutionary act; building a media focused exactly like that of National Vanguard to amplify the truth to reach all Whites and inspire them to coordinated, intelligent action is essential to getting our race turned around and moving in the right direction. Add your strength to ours in the National Alliance and let’s get this built. Time is ticking….

27 December, 2021 9:56 am

Western states (leading with USA since Obama) have basically stopped policing and prosecuting basic law criminality – ie, rioting/looting/rape/violence etc. Instead, these states now have leaderships that seek to police and prosecute dissent toward the current establishment elites and their political and social values (‘liberal’/left-wing). In instance of above report, this woman’s scientific based research challenges the current international establishments elite’s politics and values (pushing open borders mass developing world migration into western states, with intent of breaking down existing nation state identities). Result, elites think she must be made a public example of – publicly shamed and vilified. The research based facts are irrelevant to these elite’s – such facts that get in the way of their ideology must be suppressed and erased – using standard cannard of claiming… Read more »

Just another Swede
Just another Swede
27 December, 2021 4:29 pm

Statistics based on ethnicity and making records based on ethnicity is illegal in Sweden, so we just have the rather cumbersome “Swedish born with two Swedish born parents” which naturally will skew statistics as more and more non-Whites are third or even forth generation in this country (and gypsies have been here for five centuries, thankfully without assimilating, and they live up to their reputation). The authorities have been very reluctant to allow any research of the cause of criminality, with the official stance being that crime is caused by socio-economic reasons. Period. However investigations by private researchers have shown some remarkable findings. A couple of years ago a man called Joakim Jonasson investigated all the convicted perpetrators between 2012 and 2017 (not suspects, not acquitted due to lack of… Read more »

31 December, 2021 8:14 am

The real problem is us WHITES ! We refuse to act. We sit waiting for some Hero figure to emerge and save our lazy asses. We sit and type till we’re blue in the face, accomplishing nothing, meanwhile the Jews destroy our government and society from within and without. When are we gonna take the bull by the horns ? When are we gonna rise up and say “OK s—–s, we’ve had enough of your crap ; get the Hell out of our countries !!” Nope, we refuse. We refuse to lift a goddamn finger, and so each and every one of us deserves what’s happening to all of us. Just look at me now, sitting here in my home, waiting for Bolsheviks to smash down my front door, drag… Read more »