North Carolina: Dozens to Hundreds of Child Rapes by Mestizo Invaders Every Month


These are all hush crimes — the Jewish-controlled media give this child rape epidemic zero national publicity

Monthly Child Rape Charges by Illegal Aliens

 1) 19 illegal aliens arrested for 73 child rape/sex charges in NC- August 2016- See report here.

2) 16 illegal aliens arrested for 114 child rape/sex charges in NC- July 2016- See report here.

3) 19 illegal aliens arrested on 49 child rape/sex charges in NC- June 2016- See report here.

4) 20 illegal aliens arrested on 76 child rape/sex charges in NC- May 2016- See report here

Previous Monthly Child Rape Cases by Illegal Aliens

1. November 2013 87 individuals 277 charges Child Rapes

2. December 2013 89 individuals 575 charges Child Rapes

3. January 2014 52 individuals 200 charges Child Rapes

4. February 2014 36 individuals 200 charges Child Rapes

5. March 2014 83 individuals 366 charges Child Rapes

6. April 2014 99 individuals 672 charges Child Rapes

7. May 2014 73 individuals 299 charges Child Rapes

8. June 2014 48 individuals 184 charges Child Rapes

9. July 2014 74 individuals 295 charges Child Rapes

10. August 2014 78 individuals 418 charges Child Rapes

11. September 2014 77 individuals 447 charges Child Rapes

12. October 2014 73 individuals 384 charges Child Rapes

13. November 2014 (info unavailable)

14. Dec. 2014 59 individuals 230 charges Child Rapes

15. Jan. 2015 94 individuals 518 charges Child Rapes

16. Feb. 2015 81 individuals 405 charges Child Rapes

17. March 2015 67 individuals 205 charges Child Rapes

Who Represents Me and How Do I Contact Them?

1) To find out who represents you, use this link and follow the instructions:

2) If you already know who represents you, use these links:

N.C. House members:

N.C. Senate members:

Who We Are

We are a statewide grassroots organization that is dedicated to immigration enforcement. Our organization represents the citizens’ interest in stopping the flood of illegal aliens into North Carolina. We simply can’t afford illegal aliens’ tremendous costs any longer. The damage incurred, the crimes, costs and physical and emotional damage these people are causing, are just too great.

We also seek to educate our citizens to the many costly and destructive aspects of illegal immigrant crime. The crimes we document in our monthly crime reports include some of the most heinous crimes imaginable.

(The sad thing about it is, every one of them is 100% preventable if our N.C. Legislators would simply enact and enforce, state level illegal immigration laws.)

What We Believe

We support limiting our jobs and resources to the citizens of North Carolina and we believe that it is time for our Legislators to adhere to their oath of office, “to support the Constitution of the United States; and to be faithful and bear true allegiance to the State of North Carolina” by passing the appropriate legislation to curtail the influx of illegal aliens into our state.

Our Position Statement

1) Mandate English as the official language of N.C.

2) Require a valid photo I.D. to vote.

3) Require all companies (public and private) doing business in N.C. to become E-Verify compliant.

4) Mandate stricter punishments and stiffer penalties for hiring illegal aliens in N.C.

5) Enact a N.C. version of Arizona’s SB1070 law to document proof of legal entry and the right to be within N.C. borders.

6) Deny enrollment of illegal aliens to N.C. colleges and universities.

7) Eliminate taxpayer funding to N.C. colleges and universities that allow illegal aliens to enroll.

8) Restrict foreign consulate services to consulate property only.

9) Remove the Mexican Matricula Consular I.D. card as proof of residency from N.C. driver’s license documentation requirements.

10) Deny use of the Mexican Matricula Consular I.D. card as any proof of identification.

11) Prohibit the use of all foreign I.D. cards for any taxpayer funded services or civic activities.

12) Deny taxpayer funding to any N.C. municipality, town, city or county that supports sanctuary policies for illegal aliens.

13) Require proof of citizenship and residency for all N.C. social welfare eligibility.

14) Cut taxpayer funding to all non-profit organizations in N.C. that provide assistance and/or benefits to illegal aliens.

15) End taxpayer funding of all N.C. ethnic councils.

16) Tighten N.C. vehicle laws by impounding cars driven by unlicensed and uninsured drivers.

17) Restrict the registration of motor vehicles in N.C. to legal N.C. residents only.

What We Do

We periodically send out “Action Alerts.” These are items that need immediate attention. It may be calling, emailing or faxing your Congressman, signing a petition, attending a rally or to notify you of an upcoming Bill to be voted on in the NCGA.

The member contact list is divided up into sections according to their N.C. postal zip code. Information can be sent to specific areas of N.C. according to that zip code. This way, important information can be distributed regionally and action can be taken very quickly.

* * *

Source: NCFIRE

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