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The United States Fighting Communism?

by Revilo P. Oliver

I HAVE received five numbers, May to September, of a little tabloid that should interest you, if you read Spanish and want to know what the United States looks like to a candid observer in South America. It is Temple, edited and published by Dr. Gaston Ortiz Acha, Union 1087, 501, Lima, Peru. In my Introduction to the Contemporary History of Latin America, a little book I wrote in 1961, I called attention to the existence in Latin America of an intelligent and cultured minority to whom the United States could appeal and with confidence, if our government were interested in preventing the Communist take-over of all of the Western Hemisphere south of the Rio Grande.

That civilized minority, which, when I wrote, still retained considerable power, even in nations in which the masses were of the lowest biological grade, would be reliable and courageous allies of the United States, if this country were to begin to oppose the bolsheviks. They would be firm allies, I pointed out, not because they had any sentimental admiration for our country or for us, and certainly not because their heads were filled with putrid mush about “human rights” and similar nonsense, but because they wished to preserve their own Hispanic civilization and would value us as potent allies, were we to take a stand against our implacable enemies, who are also theirs.

I took as a prime illustration of my point an eminent Peruvian scholar and diplomat, Francisco Garcia Calderon, whose book was available in a good English translation, Latin America: Its Rise and Progress (London, London, 1913). I take it that Dr. Ortiz represents the dwindling but still courageous minority that we could still have enlisted as allies when I wrote in 1961. It is now 1984, and much has changed in the seventy years since Garcia Calderon’s book was published in English.

He wrote, of course, before the act of Western folly called the First World War and the Jewish capture of the Russian Empire. Dr. Ortiz is writing after the Suicide of the West in 1945 and the emergence of the United States as the leading Jewish satrapy, which has been given by its masters the mission of delivering to them the entire world, in conformity with their covenant with Yahweh.

Like all intelligent Latin Americans, Dr. Ortiz sees clearly that the one and sole purpose of American intervention in El Salvador is to establish there, as in Cuba, a solid Communist base of conquest for the adjacent regions, including, of course, Mexico. Intelligent Latin Americans are not deceived by the silly squawking about “fighting Communism” that comes from professional liars in Washington and the press, nor yet by the raving of the Marxist fantoches in the colleges and clergy, who have been set to sobbing about the “downtrodden masses” in El Salvador to disguise the real purpose of the operation, just as the same zombies were turned out a few years ago to howl about American “imperialism” in Vietnam for the purpose of concealing the real purpose of that intervention, which was, of course, to ensure the killing or crippling of many White Americans, to suck more money from the dumb brutes who pay taxes, to arrange a spectacular defeat to disgrace the United States in the eyes of the peoples who still retained some respect for us, and eventually to flood our country with Oriental “refugees,” who will help beat the American boobs into the pens prepared for them.

In the time of Vietnam, the rioting zombies performed well the task given them, that of making it easy to call “pro-Communist” an American who objected to the Communist operation, and of convincing the boobs that Washington really was trying to oppose the Communists in the territory that Washington had delivered to them a few years before by betraying the French, who had been so foolish as to trust Americans.

The conversion of El Salvador and Nicaragua into a Cuba in Central America is a much smaller operation, and Americans are now sunk much farther in a despairing or mindless apathy, so it has not been thought necessary to send swarms of zombies out of our brain-addling establishments to “demonstrate” and set up a smoke screen for Washington. No one cares now.

Dr. Ortiz in Lima can speak with a candor that Americans dare not attempt. He roundly says (I translate, of course),

The Congress of the United States is a political dungheap; the great majority of its members are hirelings, renegades, and traitors, who are deluding the public of that country; they have delivered their souls to the Communistic Jewish Satan; they are degenerates and imbeciles.

And he adds that that is the best that one can say about “those vermin.” As you see, Dr. Ortiz does not mince words or resort to euphemisms. And he has a special article on the sinister regent of the House of Representatives, “Tip” O’Neil, whom he identifies as an especially loathsome traitor to his country, his race, and his civilization.

Dr. Ortiz knows, of course, that “Communism” is just a name for one phase of the Jews’ offensive against Western Civilization and the race that created it. He also knows that the Jews have occupied the United States and now virtually own it, although they are only now beginning to show their dominion openly. But he tries to see some glimmering of hope in the night of our despair. We are all prone to the systematic error that Francis Bacon included among the idola fori in his analysis of human fallibility. We tend to project into other societies the customs and institutions of our own, except where we have noticed conspicuous differences. So please do not laugh at Dr. Ortiz for making an assumption about the United States no worse than assumptions you probably make every day about some aspect of life in Italy, France, Germany, England, or Ireland about which you have no specific information.

Dr. Ortiz knows that the future of the Western hemisphere depends on the United States. He knows that he can hope for nothing from the actors who do their turns on the stage in the White House. He knows that he can hope for nothing from the fetid nest of embezzlers, counterfeiters, thieves, and traitors called the Congress of the United States.(1) He knows that he can hope for nothing from the populace, whose opinions have been moulded by the Jews and their hirelings in the liepapers, the boob-tubes, the pulpits, and the schools. He does think that Americans retain a will-to-live, but believes they are hopelessly deceived. Where then can he see hope?

In Latin American countries, the officer class of the Armed Forces has traditionally been drawn from the class of educated gentlemen, and in many countries the Army has intervened to prevent anarchy and a Bolshevik take-over. There was a time when the United States had a military tradition of patriotism and honor. So, says Dr. Ortiz, it is time for the Armed Forces to execute a coup d’etat in the United States! I asked you not to laugh.

Dr. Ortiz has noticed, for example, that we have a mighty battleship that was recently used to murder thousands of unarmed civilians to please our Jewish masters, but he does not know that the New Jersey could carry out its mission only because the niggers on board did not object. That, of course, is simply a typical example of what has happened to the Armed Forces, including even the Air Force, in which the Jews are now gradually eliminating officers who are suspected of loyalty to the American people. The boobs have made their country a sitting duck for any invasion, even one from Cuba, to say nothing of the one from Mexico that is being planned. The United States has a lot of expensive military equipment, but no one to operate it in a crisis. Armed Forces consist of fighting men, and these we no longer have.

One must feel a deep sympathy for Dr. Ortiz and the Peruvians whom he represents. One wishes we could hold out some hope to them. But they are doomed, as we are. Future historians, if there are any, will note that when the hordes of crazed Americans destroyed Germany in a holy war to please the Jews, they consummated the Suicide of the West and ineluctably destroyed their own nation. As Gibbon said of the Romans, “they themselves decreed their fall.”

There is another aspect of Dr. Ortiz’s Temple that deserves notice. Like some Americans even today, he is a conservative when there is no longer anything substantial to conserve. He takes a position which is essentially that of patriotic Frenchmen in the time of Charles Maurras, i.e., he hopes to preserve existing institutions that have become mere hollow shells, by making them solid again. Since well-established religions at one time promoted social stability, he hopes for a recrudescence of an “idealistic” belief in the Christians’ god and in a Divine Plan. He places his hopes and his faith in religion, which, for Peru, means, of course, Roman Catholicism, and he does so although he explicitly admits that “the Catholic Church, from the Pope to the lowest monklet, has been bought by the Jews’ Synagogue.”

I am sorry to say that in the sincerity of his desperate hopes Dr. Ortiz has fallen into the trap in which embittered conservatives so often fall, that of letting their emotions dictate statements for which there is no basis in fact. Since he thinks belief in a supernatural creator of our species is requisite, he tries to dispose of uncongenial facts by identifying those who recognize them as enemies and then traducing them. He even goes so far as to call Charles Darwin a Jew! For that allegation, there is no evidence whatsoever and it is patently improbable in itself. One need scarcely remark that the name Darwin does not occur at all in Wilfried Euler’s Das Eindringen juedischen Blutes in die englische Oberschicht. (2)

Dr. Ortiz’s conservatism is a political position for which I have always had a deep sympathy, but his admission about his own church suffices to show how utterly unrealistic it has become. If we are to think rationally about the present and the problematical future of our race, we must accept facts, however little they may accord with our sentimental predilections. Dr. Ortiz should ponder the real implications of biological evolution, which are concisely set forth by John Thornton Bannerman, “Marx, Darwin, and the Scientific Ideology,” in Liberty Bell, July 1983. The hard facts of biology, not a hankering after imaginary gods, are the only effective answer to Communism, which is just another superstition devised by the Jews to facilitate their surreptitious conquest of the world. That is why the Jews’ mouthpieces in Washington regularly claim to have been “born again” and call for a “revival of faith”; why the Congress Dr. Ortiz despises proclaimed a “Year of the Bible” in open violation of the Constitution that has not yet been officially rescinded; why the Jews so enthusiastically use their boob-tubes to promote salvation-hucksters, “creation scientists,” and the other shysters who prey upon ignorance and credulity to excite a tidal wave of wild superstition to extinguish what little capacity for rational thought the schools have left in the minds of their victims.


(1) The Congress enacted the “Social Security” system primarily to assign numbers to their future serfs and tighten the noose around the stupid creatures’ necks, but the scheme was originally placed on a fairly sound actuarial basis, such as insurance companies are by law compelled to use, and a few years later the Congress embezzled the funds that had been accumulated and used them principally to subsidize rioting and crime to cow the very persons whose contributions they were stealing. The Congressmen are confederates or employees of the great counterfeiting ring called the Federal Reserve, in whose interest they forbade their American subjects to have money, forcing them to use pieces of worthless paper instead, and then forcing their victims to pay outrageous usury for the trash. In their greed, the Congressmen are systematically inflating the scrap paper they have substituted for money, and they are thus stealing each year a part of every American’s property as surely as though they obtained it by the less despicable means of sticking a gat in their victim’s face and telling him to hand over. As traitors, they stripped the Americans of their Panama Canal and handed it over to eventual control by the Soviet. They have sanctioned every scheme for reducing the United States to military impotence and for importing as “refugees” hordes of racial enemies who will be irregular troops for our enemies when the time comes for open terrorism, and they have harassed the bovine Americans with many devices, such as the swindle called an “energy crisis.” They have enslaved American taxpayers to the Jews’ Israel, and, although there are, no doubt, a few Americans who survive in the Congress by remaining silent on matters of prime importance, the Congress as a whole consists of Jews and Shabbat goyim, and, for all practical purposes, it represents, not the American people who imagine they chose its members, but the international power that has occupied the country that the Americans did not have intelligence enough to keep for themselves.

(2) Euler’s work is a section of the great work of German scholarship, Forschungen zur Judenfrage, on which see Dr. Charles Weber’s article in Liberty Bell, August-September 1983, “Racial Biology of the Jews,” pp. i, 23-24. Euler’s study is in Volume VI of that compilation. Cf. my comments in Liberty Bell, November 1983, pp. 1-4.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, December 1984

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James Clayton
James Clayton
28 August, 2021 11:17 am

Afghanistan essentially Vietnam, same game, different players, this time a generation of far more single-parented by feminist confused yahoos: a spectacular defeat to disgrace the United States in the eyes of the peoples who still retained some respect for us, and eventually to flood our country with Oriental “refugees,” who will help beat the American boobs into the pens prepared for them. Throw-in the mortgaging or re-financing of all or at least the best land, prices artificially-inflated during a boom in which no hardly anyone is doing anything productive. And loan money to anything with a pulse with jacked-up pickups or loudened, lowered la bamba cars as collateral. Black drug dealers with EBT cards and baby mamas pay cash for their BMWs, Mercedes, and Supercars. Then after America’s leaders have… Read more »

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
28 August, 2021 8:13 pm

As far as I know, there are fairly substantial German communities in southern Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina, but to what extent they have bred out into the general population, I have no idea. Other than that, Latin America is pretty much the Kalergi Plan made flesh and I would once again warn everyone to go looking for friends and allies where there aren’t any.

LH Collins
LH Collins
Reply to  Prinz Edelhart
29 August, 2021 4:00 pm

I’m holding out hope for the inhabitants of the Brazilian South Region to create their ownnation-state in the future. The Whitest part of that country, where the population are majority German and Italian heritage. I don’t know how racially self-aware they are, but who doesn’t want an ambitious White ethnostate to arise from a Third World mudhole?!

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
Reply to  LH Collins
30 August, 2021 7:16 am

Maybe about 20 years ago, I saw something on TV about Welsh-speaking communities in Argentina. How tiny, how Welsh or still existent they are, I don’t know.

Reply to  LH Collins
4 September, 2021 9:48 pm
ulysses freire da paz jr
ulysses freire da paz jr
6 September, 2021 2:55 pm

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True good societies neither promote nor allow degenerate living conditions.

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“The Jews will never be able to subjugate people who have preserved their racial purity. The Jews will always rule in this world only over people who have lost their blood purity.” (
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A folk helps itself