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Henry Ford: Gentile Fall Involved in Hope of Jewish Rule

Bernard Baruch

One of the lost articles from Henry Ford’s International Jew series.

by Henry Ford

THE first step in preparing a revolution is to teach the people to expect one. In the United States a great deal of this preparatory work has been done, but has come to naught. The cause of the failure was not any fault of the stealthy disseminators of revolutionary fear, but was mainly the non-Jewish character of the American people. There is an element in the nature of the true American which renders him immune to the final Jewish inoculation. The American will “fall” for the debased theater supplied by the Jew: the American will go into the “money game” based upon the false Jewish doctrine that gold is real wealth; the American will apparently “play up” with the Jew for quite a distance; and then, when the time seems most opportune to slip into the American that fatal toxin of national and international disorder, an element deeper than any yet recognized in American character rises to the surface and the game is up.

There certainly was an attempt made in the United States during 1919 and 1920 to create a mood of fearful expectation on the part of the American people. The movement arose and reached its greatest power in the Judaized portion of the United States, which is the East. If you take a map and mark off a thin strip half way down the eastern coast line, you will have designated that part of the country which is in a constant ferment, not because it is more “progressive,” but because it is so continuously receiving poisonous injections of revolutionary doctrine from its tremendous over-population of Eastern Jews. From this thin eastern strip of the United States the poison spreads throughout the country upon the wings of “liberal” publications subsidized by Jewish money, assisted by the voice of “professors” who have made themselves agreeable to the Judaized colleges of the East, and various organizations of destructive intentions whose stationery bears the date line of New York.

This feeling for the downfall of things is religiously Jewish and is found throughout those writings which deal with the coming Messiah. A thousand proofs exist of the extent to which the idea of disorder is inter-wrought in the Jewish mind with the idea of the subjugation of the gentiles. (The reader may observe the small “g” just used in the word “gentile.” This is in conformity with the best Jewish usage both ancient and modern, as it may be interesting some time to show. It is really wonderful how Jewish writers to the “letter boxes” of American newspapers in this day and generation are permitted to flaunt that small “g” in the face of all the editorial blue pencils.)

Three Minds With Nearly the Same Thought

AT THIS Christmas season, when the annual protest is being made by Jews against Christmas songs and celebrations in the schools (for it must be remembered that Christmas is regarded as being as “anti-Semitic” as the B’nai B’rith says the “Merchant of Venice” is, and as Rabbi Coffee says the New Testament is) it may be interesting to observe just how the two things, revolution and world rule, come together from another angle.

But, preliminary to that, observe a trilogy of recent opinions as to the nearness of revolution in the United States. The names involved arc very interesting, since they are, Woodrow Wilson, as mentioned by Governor Cox; Colonel E. M. House, the reputed author of “Philip Dru, Administrator”; and Bernard M. Baruch, whose war activities have been partly noted in these columns and who has recently received an additional testimony of favor from President Wilson.

In 1912 a book appeared entitled, Philip Dru, Administrator, bearing the sub-title, “A Story of Tomorrow-1920-1935.” The book has always been attributed to Colonel House and never denied by him. It deals with a young southerner, Philip Dru, who organizes an army in Wisconsin and seizes control of the United States, after fighting his way to Buffalo. The title “Administrator” is used to denote what is usually called a usurper or successful revolutionist. The revolution was “against the government.” (p. 124) It was not a rising of the American people—”Western Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Illinois, while occupied by General Dru, were divided in their sympathies.” (p. 124)

What the book means, more than one man has sought to determine. As a story it means nothing. As a story, it is pitiably weak and aimless. As a story, there is nothing to justify the trouble and expense which certain people assumed in order to boost its circulation. Yet it has lived since 1912, and more than one edition has been printed. There are only three possible reasons for its survival and its circulation: first, the natural curiosity attaching to a work credited to Colonel House; second, an unusual interest in the subject of exploding the present governmental system of the United States; third, a curiosity as to the possible existence of prophetic accuracy in the book’s choice of dates. The first of these possible reasons is entirely inadequate.

“In the year 1920, the student and the statesman saw many indications that the social, financial and industrial troubles that had vexed the United States of America for so long a time were about to culminate in civil war,” so runs the opening sentence.

But throughout the book, the people do not participate. It was a minority affair, as all revolutions are. A few swift bold strokes, a nation awed by the suddenness of it all, unable to act for lack of leadership: and then a dictator at Washington! All this between 1920 and 1935. “A Story of To-morrow.” And yet, not much of a story, but very much of an idea. So much of an idea, indeed, that some people circulated the book for the sake of that idea.

“Maybe No Presidential Election in 1920”

NOW, this same idea seems to have circulated more or less freely through the whole circle in which Colonel House, the reputed author, moved. Colonel House was at the Peace Conference. Indeed, before there was a war or a peace conference his house in New York was referred to as the “American Number 10 Downing Street,” because he exerted so mysterious an influence upon the administration. There are two stories accounting for that influence, both of which may easily be true. Within the circle of Colonel House was also Bernard M. Baruch. Whether they are both in the same circle now is a question. Mr. Baruch has been credited with bringing about the break between President Wilson and Colonel House, but this has been denied. President Wilson and Colonel House were taken ill about a month apart, though Colonel House has apparently recovered.

But even with so practical a business man as Mr. Baruch, the idea of something similar to “Philip Dru” seems to have been present. In his testimony given be-fore the Senate Committee early in 1920, part of which has been given in this series, he expressed in these words an opinion about the future:

“So I express this opinion, that unless we have some great cataclysm, some visitation of Providence, some effort on the part of the people to establish a new nostrum or cure-all by some form of government that we do not care about . . . .”

The idea of a possible smash-up seems also to have been present in President Wilson’s mind, if the re-mark of Governor Cox at New Haven, August 27, can be relied upon. The New York Herald of the next day reported that

“Governor Cox recounted a talk he had more than a year ago with President Wilson asserting that the President at that time had fears that a delay in the ratification of the Treaty might result in a condition in the United States where there ‘might not be a presidential election in 1920’. And the President said to me, Governor Cox continued, ‘Perhaps there will not be any presidential election in 1920.’”

Making History Fulfill Prophecy

THESE three expressions, coming out of the same circle, indicate the sharing of the same idea, although the President’s expression may very well be accounted for by the information which he may have possessed of the plans being made in this country for the operation of the revolutionary machinery.

Now, no one acquainted with Jewish hopes throughout the centuries will question that the hope of Jewish teachers for the full emancipation of their people has been bound up with the downfall of those political powers which are called the “gentile.” It is to this teaching that much of the Jewish interest in revolutionary technique and propaganda can be traced. This teaching is not to be found in the Old Testament, for the Jews are not “the Old Testament people” that many Christians fondly imagine: it is rather to be found in the secret books of the Jews, whose teachings are the accretions of the centuries.

The Messianic expectation of the Jews is largely bound up with this. In an article by Mr. V. Anichkoff, the Russian scientist, printed in the magazine Asia early in 1920, this statement appears:

“At the present time, there is a great national religious fervor among the Jews. They believe that the promised time of God’s elect on earth is coming. They have connected Judaism with a universal revolution. They see in the spread of revolution the fulfilling of the Scriptures: ‘Though I make an end of all the nations whither I have scattered thee, yet will I not make an end of thee.”

This Promise, of course, the Jews of today apply to the members and descendants of the tribe of Judah, although when given through the prophet Jeremiah it applied also to Israel, and, as any careful reader of the Jewish Scriptures knows, Judah and Israel are not synonymous. In Biblical language, Judah is to be known to all the people by the “show of their countenance,” that is, by the cast of feature, which we now know as Jewish; but Israel was not so to be known. Judah was also made a vexation and a curse to the other peoples; while Israel was not so stigmatized. In claiming to be Israel, all of Israel, the Jews have succeeded in giving themselves a place in the estimation of those who believe the Scriptures, that is not warranted by the Scriptures themselves.

The Jews who interest themselves in these things have long sought to learn from the signs of the times the precise hour when the expected victory of Judah would be complete. Julius H. Greenstone, of Philadelphia, who wrote in 1906, and whose word will scarcely be questioned seeing that his book is sponsored by the Jewish Publication Society, says in the notes to his book, “The Messianic Idea in Jewish History,” that the children of the Jewish schools used to take the values of the Hebrew letters as the vehicles of occult information (it should be borne in mind that the Jews as a race arc darkly occult), and that out of the first word of the Hebrew bible they made this message:

“At the fall of Russia, in the time of Alexander the Third, the Tishbitc (Elijah) will make his appearance.”

Always it is the fall of some so-called gentile power that paves the way for a new flood of Jewish glory.

The Serpent Swallowing Its Tail

THE same note was apparent also in some of the utterances made upon the occasion of the Jewish new year, 5681, which began September 13, 1920. The sum of the numerals 9481 is 20, and this in conjunction with the fact that the number of the year in the Christian calendar also ended in “20” was taken as a good omen of mighty portent. Indeed, Rabbi Rappaport, in a Chicago Jewish paper, changed the numerical value of the number of the year into Hebrew letters and found that it denoted “Healing.”

The symbol of Jewry, as mentioned in the Protocols, is a serpent and the completion of the World Plan is represented by the serpent swallowing its tail, thus making a complete circle. There is in existence a map showing the progress of the serpent out of Russia, across Germany, turning to take in France, Italy and Russia where its head touches its tail again, du-noting a complete circle inclosing Europe within the ring. It was estimated that this process would occupy until 1925. The sum of the Jewish figures denoting the year 1925 according to the Jewish enumeration will be the perfect number 7.

It is no wonder that the Jews of the world were well content to let exposure of their apparent plans take any course whatever, as long as it did not involve bringing to light the Protocols. Anything else they are willing to put up with, but when the Protocols are mentioned they are at once greatly disturbed. They are willing to discuss poor Sergius Nilus, or anything else, but not the contents of these documents known as the Protocols. They will endure coarse ridicule, unfair abuse, contempt and ostracism; but mention the Protocols and you strike fire.

No Jewish spokesman or Jewish publication has had the courage to stand the facts of current Jewish operations alongside the plan outlined in the Protocols, and allow the whole case to be judged by the presence or the absence of a parallel between them.

The Protocols are and will remain the most perfect plan for the destruction of Christian society ever brought to the light by madman, criminal or master dreamer, but the Jews would have no reason to fear than more than the story of Robinson Crusoe if they did not parallel Jewish activities as these are observable by all the people.

Let the Jewish leaders stop the stupid shout of “Forgery!” and let them prove that the Protocols have no reflection in present-day Jewish achievements, and their case is won.

This is the very thing they have not attempted to do, and yet this is the very ground on which fair-minded men, who never had and have not now a single anti-Jewish instinct, find it impossible to throw the Protocols aside, as they would gladly do if only for the purpose of feeling again that the world did not possess this masterpiece of satanic wisdom.

That Bolshevism was not the beginning, but only the visible coming forth of this plan of subversion, is received by all students of world affairs, because of the impossibility of making Bolshevism other than Jewish. It was not the so-called “anti-Semites” that made Bolshevism Jewish, it was the Jewish Bolshevists. Jewry has always admitted it, and even now the denial of the collective Jewish organizations of the United States is not convincing even to the Jews themselves. When Bolshevism was hailed by the whole world as an honest attempt at the reconstruction of social life in Russia, the Jews had no hesitancy whatever in proclaiming their part in it. They know today as well as they ever did that their part remains.

Perpetuating Baruch’s Handiwork

FOR the benefit of readers who considered the personnel of the Russian Soviet Government as given in these pages a few weeks ago, it may be said that the latest information is that, instead of growing less Jewish, the Soviet Government is growing more so. “Persecution” makes no difference to the Jew; he goes ahead with his plan, almost gaily.

In our own country the “fear of the Jews” has led to more honors being shown them this year than ever before, and the three latest public acts of President Wilson, barring his message to Congress, have been the appointment of a Jew to represent the United States in the Aland Islands dispute; the appointment of a Jew to act for the United States as between the Turks and the Armenians; and a laudatory letter to Bernard M. Baruch, who found the War Industries Board such a good thing that he now perpetuates it in a permanent organization. This latter act of Mr. Baruch has a counterpart in Eugene Meyer’s activity toward the revival of the War Finance Board, both of which appear to be efforts toward the solidification of the Jewish Government that ruled the United States during the war.

The Jews object—to go back to revolutionary Judaism as seen in Russia—that Trotsky, while a Jew by blood, is an apostate to his people. They point to his statement that religiously he is “nothing.” If the reports of addresses that Trotsky made to his special Jewish troops can be believed, Trotsky is a Jew of the true and revolutionary faith and relates all that he is doing to the hopes of his nation. Men who have heard him have reported his words, and they are the words of a Jewish military Messiah.

It is not out of keeping with his character, however, upon learning that Bolshevism had been identified as purely Jewish, to send to America the disclaimer which he did. Indeed, it is quite in keeping with the whole plan. It is just as much a part of the plan as the “expulsion” from Russia of certain Jewish American socialists: it is one of the best ways to get Bolshevik missionaries back to the United States—with perhaps some trinkets taken from the bodies of the czar’s daughters, to be sold at high prices as trophies of a noble victory over a gentile power.

In refusing to line up Jewish activities and achievements alongside the written program of the Protocols, and in denying the Jewish character of Russian Bolshevism, the American Jews who signed the latest manifesto to the American people have done just one thing—they have shown by their signatures and the appended names of their various societies just how well organized they are here in the United States.

One is entitled to remark upon the repeated cry of “Forgery!”—if the Protocols are a “forgery,” what must the originals be! The Jews say that the study which is being conducted of their activities and achievements in the United States and elsewhere, constitutes “the worst persecution” to which their race has ever been subjected. If this is true, it throws a very valuable light on the other “persecutions” to which so much pity has been invited.

But it is safe to say that not a single Jew in the United States has been inconvenienced in the slightest by the disclosures. The good citizen of Jewish origin simply says, “I don’t know anything about this plan, and if such a plan is in existence I heartily denounce it,” and if he is a man whose life in his community has been such as to give worth to his words, his statement is accepted. But that is not the usual course; ordinarily the Jew rushes to the defense, without weighing the charge. And it is this loyalty, splendid in itself, which the leaders of the World Program confidently count upon. Whatever they do, they know that no amount of exposure will alienate the Jew; he remains firm and steadfast, the defender of all things Jewish, regardless of what nature they are known to be.

The “end of the times of the Gentiles” is the one glowing period of history to which the Jew looks hopefully. And if the present times are indeed “the worst persecution” which the Jews have passed through, they even look at that as the certain precursor of the Day of Judah; for it is written in the Messianic hope that the days before Judah’s deliverance shall be his darkest.

The rabbis of the Talmud, and they are even today the real leaders of the thought of Judah, prophesied that the arrival of the Messiah would be preceded by “the Messianic woes,” which are largely political disorder and anarchy. Great distress will engulf the world. Christian churches shall fall. The nations shall be gathered together and destroyed. Some of the rabbis interpret this “destruction” to mean subjection to the Jews as a world power.

Max Nordau Said He Was Not “Messiah”

THE Messiah for whom the Jews have looked during the centuries is not the kind of Messiah which the Christian world has visioned. He was to be Divine only in the greatness of his natural gifts. One of his names is “Hadrak,” which means “sharp-mild,” which being interpreted means that he will be harsh to the rest of the world and gentle to the Jews. He will be a military and political leader. No divine revelation is expected to come with him, for the Jewish assumption is that there is and can be only one lawgiver, namely, Moses. Messiah will die, and his son reign in his stead, and his son after him, in the line of a Jewish hierarchy over the earth.

So keen was the expectation of Messiah in recent years that Max Nordau, the Zionist leader, was moved to make a public announcement to the Jewish people that he was not the Messiah, and neither was Herzl.In short, “the time of the end” for the Gentiles, is the “time of the beginning” for the Jews—according to this teaching.

Unfortunately, many Christians give credence to this on mere hearsay. The Jew has “put over” a good deal on well-meaning churchmen. The cornerstone of all the error lies here: that all who are not Jews are Gentiles. All those who have not “the show of countenance” peculiarly Jewish arc Gentiles, and all who have that “show” are “the chosen.”

When it is known that the Jews, even Scripturally considered, are only one tribe of Israel, and that the rest of their nation could not live with Judah (Jews) because of its darkness and perversity, it ill becomes anyone to give all the glory of Israel to its least progressive tribe, which tribe is Judah. Now between the Jews of Judah, and the Gentile races of the world, there is the great nation Israel—promised to be a mighty people, a company of nations, ruler of the seas, among whom even the Jews were to be outcasts and strangers until the latter times. And in the latter times, the prophecy reads, it is not the Jews who shall take Palestine and rule the world, but it is Israel who shall take Palestine and send or permit the Jews to go there to live. The Jews never have and never will, in their own right, as one tribe, as Jews, hold Palestine of themselves, and rule from there. But Israel will, and there are numerous scholars who say that Israel is the progressive white race, Saxons and Christians. The “end of the Gentiles” is not the rise of Judah, but of all Israel.

Zionism and the Messianic Idea

THIS is said to prevent well-meaning Christians being “taken in” by the false claims of the Jews to be the center of things. Once the distinction between Jews and Israel is clearly seen, Judah steps back into his own place. The distinction is not then between Jews as the “chosen people,” and Gentiles as outsiders. The order of precedence is at the present time, Israel first, Judah the outcast who through the blessing of Israel is yet to have a place to dwell in, and then the Gentiles, the outer ring of lesser peoples, who are inferior and will remain so until they die out as the American Indian is doing. The Jews’ own scriptures say that Judah is a vexation to Israel. The latter glory is foretold for Israel, not alone to the rebellious and now sadly darkened single tribe of Judah.

The Messianic idea has been greatly stimulated in recent years, and somewhat modified by the unparalleled success achieved by the Jews in governmental affairs. Says Greenstone: “The elevation of the Jews to high positions in the councils of the states and in the world of finance were interpreted by another class of Jews as signs of the approach of the Messianic era.”

“Now is the time,” cried the Rabbi of Thorn, as so many Jews have been elevated to high position, and are able to exert their influence over the rulers of Europe.”

And now the Zionist movement stands as “the latest phase of the Messianic idea in Jewish history.” But, says Greenstone, who makes that statement, Zionism relates only to settlement in Palestine, whereas Messianic expectation includes something more: “Zionism aims at the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine under the protection of the Powers of Europe. The Messianic hope promises the establishment, by the Jews, of a world-power in Palestine to which all the nations of the earth will pay homage.” (p. 278)And if there be those who see in Zionism and the Messianic hope one and the same objective—is it at all unnatural?

Jewish World Notes

  • “I don’t know whether the numeral ‘13′ has significant portent for the Jew or the Gentile,” writes a correspondent. He can see, however, that influences are at work which means “13” for one or the other.
  • The British voter has not much of a choice, according to an English writer who lines up the political “field” this way: “The Jew power behind Mr. Lloyd George, the Jew power behind Mr. Asquith, and the Jew power behind Red Labor.” You take your choice and however varied the labels may be you get very much the same thing.
  • The New York World prints the report of a speech in which it was said that every motion picture screen would be utilized to fight the movement of an American instead of a Continental Sunday. The pledge, of course, is based on the acknowledged Jewish control of the motion picture industry.
  • The London Morning Post, which recently called for the removal of Sir Herbert Samuel, as British High Commissioner in Palestine, now calls for the removal of another Jew, Norman Brentwich, head of the Palestine judiciary, on the ground of favoritism to Jews.
  • Says a German writer: “At the post-mortem examination of a body lately, there were present the district physician, the lawyer, the surgeon, and a fourth official, all of whom were Jews. None but the corpse was a German. Behold a picture of the present!”
  • Many American editors are being “taken in” by Jewish propaganda against THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT’S study of the Jewish Question. If the editorials which are being received represented the editors’ own opinions, they would be significant. But in almost every case they are mere perfunctory rehash of Jewish printed propaganda which is being assiduously circulated and forced into the newspapers through the influence of local Jewish advertisers. The ideas come in precisely the same order and often in the same words as they are found in the Jewish propaganda. In this way, many errors get across, the principal one being that this paper has linked Freemasonry with the Jews. Editors, as a service to their country, ought to study the question for themselves.
  • Jewish papers frequently froth at the mouth because of occasional suggestions that the Jew is not enamored of soldier life. In the United States, at least, this suggestion has always come first from the military authorities, who ought to know. For example, in the Congressional Record, of May 14, 1918, page 7,057, there is a statement that Provost Marshal General Crowder, with the approval of Secretary of War Baker issued on February 14, 1918, the following instruction to medical examiners:”Causes and Motives of Malingering. These must be clearly understood in order that medical examiners may be on the alert for deception. The foreign-born, and especially Jews, are more apt to malinger (to pretend to be ill) than the native-born; Eastern Europeans more than Western Europeans.”There was, of course, the usual complaint from the Jewish lobby at Washington, and the offending words have been stricken out, but the order must have been based originally on the knowledge of the authorities.
  • A Jew cannot be naturalized in England as a Jew. He must swear that he is of some other race, German, Italian, Russian, Pole or what not.
  • “So when you Labor men attack Capitalism, you must know just where to train your guns. It must not be on mill-owners, or master engineers: it must be on the controllers of all capital, the men who at present rule master and men alike, the money-lending Jews who are the emperors of all Capital.” —Dr. J. H. Clarke, London, England.
  • Rabbi Coffee, of Toledo, recently wrote that “every copy of the New Testament is breeding anti-Semitism.’ And now comes Rabbi Leibert, of Spokane, protesting against a Christmas Tree celebration by the Spokane Post of the American Legion. According to a Spokane newspaper, Rabbi Leibert’s protest is that Christmas is “sectarian,” and therefore ought not to be countenanced by an unsectarian organization like the legion. The legion commander replied that he was unable to agree with the point, and at last accounts the Christmas celebration was going forward as planned. The West is able to deal with these questions more independently than the thoroughly Judaized East.
  • In the preface of a little book on the Russian Revolution, Dr. Oscar Levy, himself a Jew, says, “Jewish elements provide the driving force for both Communism and Capitalism, for the material as well as the spiritual ruin of the world.”
  • A Jewish boast has been made that in 20 years they will control dentistry in this country. In New York 85 percent of the dentists are Jews. Out of 1,503 matriculates in dentistry at a certain university, 1,478 are said to be Jews.

* * *

Source: Andrew Hamilton via Culture Clash

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
22 May, 2021 1:03 am

Henry Ford! Innovator of the eight-hour, five-day
work week with great wages ($1.00/hr.). [I will not
attempt to explain what $1.00 was worth back in
those days]. Just take my word for it , Newbees!
It was damn good money back then!

Reply to  Walt Hampton
23 May, 2021 3:08 pm

While not Ford’s fault, with our 20/20 hindsight, look at how the abuse of the automobile by successive generations, each one growing more and more stubborn, less and less amiable, has eroded free willed people into consumers.

22 May, 2021 3:33 am

The misfortune began with the arrival of the parasite. The anti-white establishment will go with everything (The war is ongoing) The border crisis are biological weapons of the enemy. For the international merchant. you are just a by-product ..

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
22 May, 2021 10:24 am

Correction: That should have been $1.00 per DAY!
NOT $1,00/hr.

22 May, 2021 3:40 pm

There is an element in the nature of the true American which renders him immune to the final Jewish inoculation. … the American will apparently “play up” with the Jew for quite a distance; and then, when the time seems most opportune to slip into the American that fatal toxin of national and international disorder, an element deeper than any yet recognized in American character rises to the surface and the game is up.”

Really Henry – when and where ? Haven’t seen that one yet … better be soon.