Jewish Speech Tyranny Extends Across Europe

Justice Cheema Grubb.

THERE IS SO MUCH repression of speech going on in Europe that it’s difficult to keep track of it all. I was going to write a post giving brief summaries of the various cases going on around the continent, but even that would be a full time job. So here is just a small selection of the Europeans recently tyrannised in their own lands by the alien power that has come to dominate them.

It’s worth noting that none of these cases is ever mentioned by the Alt Lite, Tommy Robinson/Infowars crowd who are happy to highlight the Islamic threat to free speech but remain deathly silent about the Jews, whose power and influence is far greater. In some of these cases, Jews are bringing private prosecutions when the state declines to prosecute.

Hervé Ryssen has written several books and made videos about Jews and now faces up to three years in prison in France for the crime of “wrongwords”. Here he is speaking a few weeks ago about his case.

Jez Turner was recently sentenced to one year in prison for crime of “Goy talking back”. This video gives an excellent summary of his case.

Wayne Bell was sentenced to four years in prison by Justice Cheema Grubb.

A man described as a “poster boy” for a banned “far-right terror group” has been jailed after using social media to post racist and anti-Semitic material.

Wayne Bell, 37, made hundreds of posts on Twitter and a Russian social media site, including one describing Jewish people as “destructive” and “vile”.

He was a prominent member of National Action before it was banned in 2016.

Leeds Crown Court heard he also “daubed neo-Nazi graffiti” on pillars and lamp posts in his home town of Castleford.

Bell pleaded guilty to two counts of stirring up racial hatred and three counts of possessing multiple items in order to destroy or damage property.

Sentencing him to four years and three months in jail, Mrs Justice Cheema Grubb said: “It is simply an act of birth that you are white and another man is black but you regard yourself as superior.”

The court was told this would be added on to a 30-month jail term he is already serving for violent clashes with left wing activists in Liverpool in 2016.

“You are not someone who is content to seethe in private at the fact that people of other races are free and can thrive in peace.”

This episode (link) of the Andrew Hitchcock show discusses some other speech tyranny cases, including that of Alison Chabloz who has been prosecuted for her “hateful” songs. Her verdict is due on the 25th.

In April, Pedro Varela was imprisoned for editing, publishing and selling copies of Mein Kampf without authorisation. The case hinged on the claim that this was a violation of intellectual property, the copyright in the work having been vested in the state of Bavaria. Despite this claim, many other people have published editions of the work without being prosecuted. Varela, who ran a nationalist bookshop in Barcelona, was clearly targeted because his politics were uncongenial to the powers that be.

Pedro Varela

We are increasingly moving into a world where only Jews are allowed to speak. Indeed, the BBC’s Question Time, the premier political discussion programme in the UK, has already taken a big step towards that. In tonight’s episode, three of the five guests will be Jewish: Churchwell, Shriver and Lawson.

Jews are about 0.5% of the UK population but will be 60% of the Question Time guests. Perhaps it should be renamed the Jewish Question Time.

The Jews have no doubt been brought on to crow about Ken Livingstone’s resignation from the Labour party after being persecuted for saying Hitler supported Zionists.

* * *

Source: Diversity Macht Frei

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Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
2 June, 2018 8:57 am

“THERE IS SO MUCH repression of speech going on in Europe that it’s difficult to keep track of it all. I was going to write a post giving brief summaries of the various cases going on around the continent, but even that would be a full time job.” Yes. That is the situation we are in. Everything is running very smoothly for the bad guys. I’m curious whether the author or any readers can cite sources indicating that Sarah Churchwell and “Lionel” Shriver are indeed racially Jewish or part-Jewish. I know Lawson is a Jew. Or (a different thing) converts to Judaism, or married to or shacked up with Jews. I’ve never heard of either woman before, but can’t immediately find information indicating they are Jews. That doesn’t mean they… Read more »

Sic Semper
Sic Semper
2 June, 2018 1:15 pm

Still, we in the West see Palestinians who in their desperation and with no alternative but to perish under the feet of their overlords, who stole their homes and murder their children, take desperate actions. We are told these men are “monsters.” Those who drive them to such measures are “peaceful.” Even when we live under the same overlords with the same malignant designs they have implemented against the rightful heirs to Palestine planned for ourselves. It has always been curious how Ethnic Europeans living in supposed democracies are punished for daring to exercise their rights under these supposed democracies. Whereas alien invaders are given rights that do not exist, we are prohibited from exercising rights that are enshrined in our national constitutions. We are at terminal jewry. It is… Read more »

2 June, 2018 2:07 pm

“Justice” Cheema Grubb… How insulting. And just look at the smug look on this non-White and ANTI-White woman’s face! It’s the VERY same look that White people get from the faces of almost every non-White anti-White when they are informing us that “No, you ignorant White racist, there is no such thing as White people.” It’s a look of smug, self-appointed supremacy itself. Unmistakable. The look on the face that owns the booted foot standing on your neck.

3 June, 2018 2:30 pm

But (((they))) are a chosen race by an act of God with a designated homeland only where (((they))) can thrive.

5 June, 2018 11:35 pm

You’re in safe hands, goyim, a dual citizen is come to head the Serious Fraud Office:

6 June, 2018 11:02 am

Who cares about citizenship? I’m a citizen of the South — a citizen of Texas.

The 14th amendment police state citizen is a Black Republican invention. Federal citizen / Federaland.

It’s not Denver or Denver, Colorado anymore. It’s Denver, Colorado USA. A section of the country is US Regional. Local identity is forbidden.

When southern boys flew out of Houston to build the offshore oilfields in foreign countries, they told customs: I’m from East Texas, South, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida-Georgia Line, etc.

11 April, 2021 8:40 am

Jews claim another victim by loudly bragging about it. Satirist and musician Alison Chabloz has been tried, convicted, and sentenced to prison for…talking about Jews in a way they don’t like.

See for yourself: