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Jews and Passing: Columbo, “A Stitch in Crime”

Nita Talbot in Columbo, “A Stitch in Crime” (1973)

by Andrew Hamilton

WHITES HAVE always been able to “see” Blacks, with the exception of a small handful who were light enough and behaviorally similar enough to pass as White.

Given concentrated communications technology, institutional racism, monopoly, and censorship, Whites today are fatally brainwashed and lied to about what they see and think, but they can still see.

Whites have — and always have had — a much harder time “seeing” members of other races, whether Arabs, Mestizos, non-White Caucasians, Asians, or hybrids.

Most difficult of all for Whites to differentiate, never mind actually oppose, are Jews.

Conversely, every Jew is hyper-aware that he is Jewish, and that all Gentiles, including Whites — including you — are the hideous, alien Other. This is true even if you’re a perfect closed-minded, adoring philo-Semite who idolizes Jews and applauds everything they do.

On two different occasions before I knew about Jews I made innocuous comments while conversing with them — a Jewish woman in one case, and a man in the other. My innocent (unrelated) remarks had nothing to do with race, politics, or anything remotely controversial or sensitive. On both occasions their formerly friendly manner immediately vanished, and they were on guard. Neither one said anything. The young woman’s transformation was remarkable — assuming you can read people at all. In contrast, the man remained poker-faced, exhibiting the change only in his eyes and subsequent guardedness.

No White should ever be in the position I was in, where Jews are incessantly scanning you for every little nuance, like some kind of alien, because every moment you’re the Other in their eyes, while the clueless Gentile, completely oblivious, thinks he’s conversing with a fellow human being — or, as we might say today, White person. I didn’t even figure out they were Jews until years later.

The subset of Whites capable of thinking objectively about Jews (regrettably, they will always remain a subset) must learn to constantly recognize the Jew, see the Jew, become ultrasensitive to the presence of the Jew. He must never perceive Jews as White. Ultimately, both peoples, not just one, must share the same view on this subject.

Unfortunately, even well-informed, open-minded men willing to think empirically and critically about Jews, can have a deucedly hard time just identifying the Other.

Watching an old Columbo movie from 1973 called “A Stitch in Crime” (NBC TV), I suddenly came across a striking scene.

A secondary character, a nurse, is being interviewed by the Italian American detective character, the star of the show (played by Jewish actor Peter Falk, who had a glass eye). He is questioning the woman about her roommate, also a nurse, who has been murdered.

The following brief (41 sec.) scene ensues.

Columbo questions the victim’s roommate, played by Nita Talbot.

I immediately recognized the nurse character as Jewish from her speech patterns, voice inflections, word arrangements, and thought patterns. Also, the sharp distinction she innocently but candidly draws between her White roommate’s altruistic personality and her own self-centered nature.

I wondered, “Why in the world did the producers cast a blonde, blue-eyed shiksa in an obviously Jewish role?” It baffled me.

For the true meaning of the Yiddish word shiksa, by which I here merely mean “White woman,” scroll down to the subheadings “The Joys of Yiddish” and “A Slab of Meat” in “Portnoy’s Complaint: A Goyische View” by National Alliance founder William Pierce from 1972.

The nurse, who appears twice in the show, is never called a Jew or depicted as one in the film, apart from the marked traits I’ve just mentioned (and some body language and mannerisms I’ll describe in her next scene). Nor does she look characteristically Jewish (compared, say, to Sarah Silverman) — in fact, just the opposite.

Nita Talbot — Jewish or White?

I looked the actress up, and was surprised to discover that she is Jewish. Well, I jumped to that conclusion, anyway. Talbot was 41 when the film was made. At 90, she’s the only major cast member from the episode who’s still alive.

What altered my original assumption that the actress was White was circumstantial evidence, which must be resorted to when reliable information is insufficient or entirely absent. In this case that meant her occupation (actress), birthplace (New York City), and birth name (Anita Sokol), which I assumed was Jewish. And, of course, her spot-on Jewish portrayal.

The problem: Any good actor can play a part the way Talbot did, although, admittedly, it’s a bit dicey for a Gentile to portray an actual Jew, even humorously, though it has been done (Eddie Murphy, 40 sec.).

Although New York City is a non-White metropolis that spawns Jews in unending numbers, in 1930 (the year Talbot was born) there were still some genuine White New Yorkers around — more than there are today, anyway.

There is scant information about Talbot’s background. I haven’t found a specific source stating that she is Jewish, indicating what her parents’ names or occupations were, or anything else about her early life.

The surname Sokol, though sometimes Jewish (the names of some Jewish Sokols buried in Buenos Aires, Argentina [near bottom of page]; as an eastern European Ashkenazi surname [second paragraph], also mentioned here: “The Origins and Meaning of Ashkenazic Last Name”), can also be Czech, Polish, Croatian, or some other Slav nationality.

A huge proportion of “eastern European” immigrants to the US during the first mindless population inundation were actually Jews who disguised their true identities under various eastern European nationalities. Henry Ford’s The International Jew discussed this in 1920. Eastern Europe was overpopulated with Ashkenazim, large numbers of whom saw greener hicks to fleece, and subjugate, in the US and western and northern Europe. Needless to say, they’ve been spectacularly successful.

Finally, if Talbot is Jewish, one must consider the possibility that her striking appearance (for a Jew) might indicate part rather than full Jewish parentage. There are many half- and quarter-Jews. Most Jewish women are not good looking compared to White women. There are some attractive Jewish actresses, but upon examination most turn out to be half- or quarter-Jews. Being half-Jewish would make Talbot a Jew in my eyes.

Though Talbot never became famous, she is best remembered as the sultry spy Marya, whose Russian-accented catchphrase, “Hogan, darling,” became well-known during her seven appearances on the TV comedy Hogan’s Heroes (CBS, 1965-1971).

Not an Act

Next, I wondered if her speech patterns and mannerisms in Columbo were natural rather than feigned. Perhaps they were things she couldn’t alter?

I watched several old Talbot clips, including an episode of the syndicated TV comedy series The Jim Backus Show (“The Woman’s Touch,” 1961) and a clip from the detective show Peter Gunn (1959) to find out.

The evidence indicated that her Columbo portrayal was indeed an act, rather than the expression of innate traits.

Her striking light gray-blue eyes and blonde hair also appear genuine in light of earlier performances. Of course, there is the possibility of plastic surgery where nose, lips, and other facial features are concerned.

For a Jewish woman she would be unusually tall, sources indicating her height as 5’ 8½”-5’ 9”. See this photo, where she stands to the left of petite Anglo-American actress Debbie Reynolds (5’ 2”). In “A Stitch in Crime” she’s taller than Peter Falk (5’ 6”), and only a little shorter than Leonard Nimoy (6’ — quite tall for a Jew), who towers over Falk.

Height, like hair and eye color and other features, varies (on average) between races, and between ethnic groups within races. Jews tend to be short compared to Whites. As an example, scroll down to the photo of actors Michael Douglas (a half Jew who identifies as Jewish) and Donald Sutherland (Scottish and English).

Peter Falk, left, and Leonard Nimoy in “A Stitch in Crime.” Note Nimoy’s distinctive (though not distinctively Jewish), exotic physiognomy, and the dark-colored hair of both men. Nimoy’s is straight and fine, Falk’s curly. Both sport 5 o’clock shadows (Jews are often hirsute) and nearly identical medium-to-dark skin tone. Nimoy is notably taller than Falk.

A definite curiosity was Talbot’s appearance in “Triple Cross” (1961), an episode of the TV police/gangster series The Lawless Years (NBC), set in the 1920s and starring New York City-born character actor James Gregory as Barney Ruditsky, a 20-year veteran of the NYPD’s gangster squad.

Gregory is immediately recognizable from many old TV shows and movies. He’s one of those character actors you’ve seen dozens of times without ever knowing their names. I’d never thought of him as Jewish, but after watching this episode I provisionally assume he was.

If so, he falls into that indefinable category of male Jews like TV “newsman” Morley Safer, actors Lee J. Cobb and Eli Wallach, and even Peter Falk and Leonard Nimoy, who can easily pass for White given how varied America’s and Europe’s White populations have become. That is, if you don’t already know their backgrounds.

In other words, appearance-wise and behaviorally the former are not akin to Elliott Gould, Jeff Goldblum, Jerry Rubin, Allen Ginsberg, or Abbie Hoffman (click the hyperlink to see photographs of the latter three).

But, note well, even in a far more homogeneous America than we live in today, most Whites couldn’t tell even the latter Yids from themselves, never mind the preceding ones!

Barney Ruditsky, the character James Gregory played, was a real-life New York Jewish police detective presented as a law enforcement hero to White Americans by Hollywood and the mid-20th century press. He became a private eye in Tinseltown and was paid by his fellow Jews there to be the technical advisor on The Lawless Years. In reality, Ruditsky was a shady character with gangster ties of his own, who even shielded Jewish criminals from the law.

The Lawless Years claimed it was based on the exploits of real-life mobsters whose names were changed for the series. The gangster in “Triple Cross” is “Olaf Jorgenson.” In the entire history of the world there probably hasn’t been a White gangster with such a name.

Nita Talbot played Jorgenson’s moll, “Mildred Greyson,” who Ruditsky had known years earlier on the Lower East Side under her real name, Mildred Gross. In other words, Talbot played a Jew, but without the speech or mannerisms she displayed in Columbo. She played the Greyson/Gross character as “White.”

Nita Talbot’s Columbo scene is quite funny once you know what’s going on, and her role-playing is spot-on. I actually laugh when I watch it.

There is no inherent reason for Talbot’s Jewish persona in terms of the story — it is wholly irrelevant. Part of the humor is due to the incongruity between her manner and her physical appearance. It was an inside joke, since most viewers wouldn’t get it. I wonder if it was written that way, or improvised on set by Jewish director Hy Averback and Talbot.

Since Talbot’s speech patterns and mannerisms weren’t innate (she was consciously acting), she must have been shrewdly mimicking Jewish traits she observed in her early family and community environment while growing up, and in the entertainment industry in which she worked.

The nurse’s openness about her husband-hunting, her desire to find a well-to-do heterosexual mate like surgeon Nimoy, or some cosmetic surgery patient in upscale Beverly Hills, would be Politically Incorrect and forbidden today, as would a later scene where she patiently waits in Nimoy’s car as the doctor exits and walks around to open her car door for her.

As an aside, during this first run of Columbo on NBC from 1971-1977, when it appeared on a rotating basis with McCloud and McMillan & Wife under the umbrella title The NBC Mystery Movie/The NBC Sunday Mystery Movie, all the major characters in the show were White — albeit, frequently played by Jewish actors in “Whiteface,” that is, who were not recognized as Jews by the audience.

But Blacks were already included in virtually every episode, always in a positive light, primarily as “background scenery,” with a few lines of dialogue at most. Often there was none. With the benefit of hindsight we can see how Hollywood Jews were altering public perceptions to push America to where we are today, and will be tomorrow.

Peter Falk and Leonard Nimoy

Motion and sound add additional dimensions to (still) photographs to assist in identifying race and ethnicity.

The second Columbo clip is longer than the first. It further elaborates Talbot’s character, and permits us to observe the two lead actors in the film, Peter Falk (Columbo) and Leonard Nimoy, who guest stars as a homicidal surgeon. Both men were Jews playing White characters. Nevertheless, they “passed” as White, and were perceived as such by television viewers.

Throughout Colombo’s run, Falk was a plausible stand-in for an Italian American. Nimoy likewise passes for White, as does Talbot — when you ignore her Jewish role-playing and see her in other parts.

Leonard Nimoy and Nita Talbot on Malibu Pier; Falk and Talbot at her apartment. (6 mins.)

The first clip showed Peter Falk as Columbo, and here we see him again. Falk’s portrayal is slightly atypical in that he is portrayed as having a cold. Similarly, in the earlier scene he acted tired, having been up half the night because his wife was ill.

Born in New York City to a well-to-do Jewish family, the movie and TV actor was the descendant of Ashkenazim from Eastern Europe. Several reviews of a 2017 biography, Beyond Columbo (a book not even mentioned, much less cited, in his reverential Wikipedia biography), paint an unflattering picture of Falk as a man who “drank and smoked incessantly, loved boozing and was an inveterate womaniser,” “a negligent husband and an absentee father.” He died in 2011 from Alzheimer’s, a curious sidelight on Columbo’s fabled absentmindedness.

Though Falk was certainly conscious of his Jewishness, he was a far less identified Jew than Leonard Nimoy, who was born in Boston to immigrants from Ukraine.

In the second clip you see Nimoy as he walks with Talbot on Malibu Pier, and speaks to her briefly in front of her apartment.

Wikipedia, always a dependable source of Establishment PR, relates the following tale: Nimoy’s “parents left Iziaslav separately, his father first walking over the border into Poland while his mother and grandmother were smuggled out of the Soviet Union in a horse-drawn wagon by hiding under bales of hay. They reunited after arriving in the United States.”

You can believe that if you want. I’m from Missouri. Actually, I snort at it. The endless BS emanating from these ultra-privileged tyrants long ago made me an inveterate unbeliever.

Nimoy sang in his synagogue choir, had his bar mitzvah at age 13, and is buried in the large, segregated Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, the final resting place of countless Jewish entertainers, industry executives, and gangsters like Sidney Korshak. It is owned by Temple Israel of Hollywood.

Leonard Nimoy about to commit murder. Head, face, hair, ear, and eyes: a Jew perceived as White.

Nimoy is most famous for playing the human-Vulcan hybrid Mr. Spock on TV’s Star Trek and its movie sequels. Wikipedia, again, says:

He incorporated into the series the Vulcan salute, which became identified with him. Nimoy created the sign himself from his childhood memories of the way kohanim (Jewish priests) hold their hand when giving blessings. The accompanying spoken blessing is “Live long and prosper.”

Whether this is true, part true, or a tall tale I can’t say. But the fact that he told the story illustrates his relatively strong Jewish consciousness. He was affiliated with Temple Israel, a Reform synagogue in Hollywood.

Like his parents he spoke Yiddish, and “was long active in the Jewish Community.” He published a book of photographs, Shekhina (2002), illustrating the “feminine side of Judaism.” It consisted of many pictures taken by the actor of nude and partially clad female professional models, actresses and dancers, “not all of whom [surprise] are Jewish.”

At the height of his fame, Nimoy was a heavy smoker and an alcoholic. He left his wife of more than 30 years on her 56th birthday and married another woman a few years later.

With Nita Talbot we must again revert to mannerisms.

First, Talbot and Columbo walk to the exterior door of her apartment. Columbo is afflicted with the sneezes.

Illustrating illusions characteristic of filmed entertainment, when Talbot inserts her key into the apartment door, the two actors are outside. But when the camera shifts indoors to show the pair entering, the interior of an apartment hallway is incorrectly shown behind them. This is known as a continuity error.

Columbo is still sneezing. Talking nonstop over him—“I’ve got a great home remedy for that!”—Talbot hurriedly walks from her door to the kitchen. Her entire body language strongly conveys the impression of a female Jewish walk. A “female Jewish walk”? Who even knew there was such a thing?

This is followed by a kind of Jewish mother routine in which she insists that the protesting but still suffering detective take rhythmic sips of water from a glass while breathing according to her instructions. She won’t listen to a word he says until he obeys.

Strangers in Our Midst

What is striking about Talbot’s brief performance in Columbo is its depiction of pronounced Jewish behavioral/psychological/speech patterns where physical appearance (phenotype) strongly implies Whiteness.

In the final analysis, based on the small amount of inconclusive and conflicting evidence, the odds seem greater than 50-50 that the actress is Jewish or part-Jewish. But more information is needed. It illustrates how hard differentiating Jews from Whites can be. Very often in real life adequate information is lacking.

Informed Westerners must do their best to combine knowledge of “soft” behavioral traits with physical appearance to better “see” Jews in their midst, in the media, and who wield power over them. Fortunately, appearance and behavior often reinforce one another, thereby assisting in the accurate recognition and identification of Jews when other evidence is lacking.

No matter how well Jews blend in so natives can’t “see” them, there are usually “tells,” especially over longer periods of time and with greater exposure.

Psychologically and spiritually, Jews are profoundly different from the rest of humanity.

They not only know this, but are acutely mindful of it. It creates an inner tension that never relaxes, except when they’re among their own. Even then they can’t really let down their guard because their fellow Jews are such a treacherous, untrustworthy lot, and lack the endless gullibility of Gentiles. Figuratively speaking, Jews will knife one another pretty quick.

At bottom, the anxiety over being “seen” is the dread of being found out in a far more profound sense.

* * *

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Horst Wessel
Horst Wessel
15 April, 2021 4:52 pm

Like Marilyn Monroe, I wonder how many hundred acts of fellatio she had to perform on jews to get into the business? The scumbag jews even tried to screw Shirley Temple when she was just a tyke. The whole jew movie colony and pornography colony should be terminated (by a legally constituted authority, of course), after terminating Tel Aviv, Jew York, Washington DC and the other jew enclaves infesting our land.

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
Reply to  Horst Wessel
15 April, 2021 7:03 pm

I was just reading about the 11-yr. old actress who portrayed “the Child-like Empress” in the first and original “Never-Ending Story.” I recall that this German film was made about 30 yrs ago. It is rather bizarre, but well-written, interesting and artistic. Anyway, this actress said that certain ‘Hollywood men’ descended on her place of residence, almost camping out, trying to pressure her to appear nude in a film that they would produce! An 11-yr-old kid! Her parents immediately got her out of acting, which she loved, but she found a new home in dance. All this is rather hard to comprehend, unless one gives creedence to the allegations of rampant child-sex in Hollywood. I can fully appreciate that Michael Jackson song where he sings, “Jew me, screw me!” Poor… Read more »

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
Reply to  Horst Wessel
15 April, 2021 9:14 pm

I’ve posted this before, but it bears repeating and fits perfectly:
I’ve long thought that the entire movie/TV industry – not only in America – has been created primarily to give unattractive, older, often short men – many if not most of them Jewish – easy access to young, attractive women, most of them of Celtic or Germanic blood. ‘I can make you a star, baby.’
The facts that movies also make oodles of money and are the best propaganda tool ever invented (well, were, before the internet) are just pleasant side effects.

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
Reply to  Horst Wessel
16 April, 2021 7:10 pm

I have likewise come to the conclusion that a major social function of Hollywood from the outset, and from the 1970s pornography, has been to harvest the most sexually desirable White women for personal exploitation by Jewish men, and white boys and men for Jewish homosexuals. This is true also of East Coast anchorwomen.

It represents the seizure of the most desirable White women in the conquered population by alien invaders.

The number of White actresses who married Jews must be in the 85% range or more. And that ignores the casting couch aspect and sexual affairs, which were also universal.

15 April, 2021 7:49 pm

‘Hogan’ is pronounced as ‘Cohen’.,

15 April, 2021 8:15 pm

Greetings Douglas. High castle/tower may be a reference to a former German royal family (Hohenzollern) that Jews wish to denigrate. The ‘Hightower’ persona in Police Acadamy movies is therefore an African.

15 April, 2021 8:35 pm

“No White should ever be in the position I was in, where Jews are incessantly scanning you for every little nuance, like some kind of alien, because every moment you’re the Other in their eyes, while the clueless Gentile, completely oblivious, thinks he’s conversing with a fellow human being…” What an apt description of the jew mind. Everything about these creatures is alien, and they relish it too, infecting our societies knowing full well they are a secret team of cheats here to exploit and destroy us and that this global conspiracy against us is utterly invisible. The whole jewish plot is right in our faces but nobody sees it because we’ve all been brainwashed not to see it. The horrific part is that the jews know we don’t see… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
15 April, 2021 8:50 pm

Indeed! How would one go 
about detecting the Jew
in Scarlett Johansson? My
mind knows “Jewess,” but
how do I tell that to my
eyes and accelerated
metabolism (even at my

Reply to  Walt Hampton
16 April, 2021 12:16 pm

Walt, the site “IMDB” are quite open about it, and list Johansson’s biography.
Her father was Danish, and a gentile.
Her mother was a Jewess, pretending to be Polish.
Therefore, Miss Johansson is (unfortunately) a jewess – no matter how much she tries to hide it.

Perhaps that is why so many of them go into acting?

tony bonn
tony bonn
15 April, 2021 9:25 pm

I was going to suggest an analysis on Nancy Walker, but the consensus was that she was not a jew, though she certainly played one on tv.

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
15 April, 2021 9:36 pm

Got another one for you, from the archives: Franciska Gáal, born Szidónia Silberspitz in Judapest, Hungary, her most well-known (relatively speaking) movie might be Frühjahrsparade (1934) alongside Wolf Albach-Retty, the ultimate pretty boy of Austrian cinema in the 1930s-50s. According to Fakeypedia, she’s full-on Jewish, yet lacks even the tiniest trace of Middle Eastern appearance. Even in profile, that’s a White girl all the way. I’m always told that I am wrong about this and that DNA science says that Jews can be genetically identified as such, but science also says that a ‘deadly virus’ can be stopped with a g-string over your gob, so…..well, you know. I still believe that there are genetic Jews – Semites, from the Middle East, ‘Sephardic’, I suppose, who look very Mediterranean/Middle Eastern and… Read more »

M. Mantagna
M. Mantagna
15 April, 2021 10:05 pm
Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
Reply to  M. Mantagna
15 April, 2021 11:49 pm

I don’t know how I missed that blog post. Rather amazing, too, that his top photo is taken from the very scene in Columbo that made such an impression on me. I also had the same thought he did that “Talbot was so gorgeous and vivacious at 40 I little suspected she had been around for two decades prior to when I first encountered her. And frankly I think she was one of those women who look better in middle age.” I thought she was at her peak good looks in Columbo. That said, my own strong reaction, too, was that she was Jewish–after I looked her up. But my first impression was that she was White, acting Jewish. It was only after I stopped and really thought about the… Read more »

16 April, 2021 8:40 am The problem with all this manic ‘detective work’ on real or suspected Jewishness is the Jews’ desired and provoked valorization of their ostensible ‘importance’, which enorm- ously fuels their narcissistic vanity, while simultaneous de- valuing and neglecting our own identity and concerns. The two always go hand in hand, are conditional on each other. There is nothing more uplifting for Jews than to learn whether the goys have their minds on the question of whether ‘someone is a Jew or not’. The crazy thing is that they will always leave this question open as to what concretely and specifically defines their ‘Jewish’ identity. What seems to be important for this extremely myste- rious group of people is to be grouped together under the label ‘Jew’. I seriously doubt whether… Read more »

16 April, 2021 10:08 am

Both Falk and Nimoy are exemplary representa- tives of the Jewish ‘message’. They represent themselves as the Jews like to see themselves: as ‘tough guardians of justice and democracy’. Falk’s captivating spirit and flair disguised in the grub- by attitude of the Italian jerk. While Nimoy, with a sure hand as the commander’s second-in-command, steers the multiethnic spaceship ‘World’ into a glorious future. That these people are extremely cunning cannot be denied, the question is what they are up to with all of us and our (thanks to them) only few descendants. Who trusts their ‘lulling charm’ blindly, may also lea- ve his silverware to magpie and fox for safekeeping. To answer this question satisfactorily, it would be advisa- ble to take a look at their unholy ‘prayer books’ now… Read more »

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
16 April, 2021 6:47 pm

I had to look up the title. I’m not familiar with much science fiction. I assume you’re referring to the Amazon series, not the Dick novel, and that the fictional character saying this is not a Swedish Jew, but an actual Swede. I’m trying to think of a real-life Gentile who would talk that way to commanding “anti-Semites” actually in power, but can’t come up with anyone off the top of my head. I can think of plenty who would like to murder all “anti-Semites,” and would gladly sacrifice their lives for the Jew, but not anyone who would formulate a thought in this particular manner, other than a Jew. Quentin Tarantino or somebody like him might do it as a fantasy in a screenplay, but not in real life.… Read more »

Ted Truewil
Ted Truewil
16 April, 2021 7:15 pm

Here is a police dashcam video of a poor White cop trying to give a ticket to a Jewish woman. It is so stereotypical it is hilarious.

16 April, 2021 8:25 pm

Respecting nature means respecting nature.
What does nature “want”? Certainly always
the exact opposite of what the Jews intend!

16 April, 2021 11:13 pm

Very interesting article that highlights the very dangerous mimetic capacity of some Jews to pass for Aryans. Although ferociously ethnocentric and therefore racist, some Jews have married Aryans, these unions were always motivated by political or economic reasons and their goal was to achieve power within the Aryan society. The very high number of Jewish heiresses who married impoverished noblemen during the second half of the XIX century is proof of that. As our stock became polluted by these marriages, the Jewish improved, as we can tell when we look at some very good looking Jewish actors and actresses who can perfectly pass for Aryans. I shall give you four examples: Hedy Lamarr, Joan Collins (1/2 Jewish), Jean-Pierre Aumont and Leslie Howard. During my life (I am 61 years old)… Read more »

17 April, 2021 4:33 pm

I have seen Nita Talbot in episodes of Johnny Staccato (with John Cassavetes), The Monkees and Kolchak The Night Stalker (with Darren McGavin). I don’t recall her being particularly Jewish in those shows although you might want to check them out. They are all on dvd.

17 April, 2021 7:52 pm

I was once told that I could not identify a Jew, by someone who did not know that I knew he was a Jew. I resisted the urge to tell him to switch on his television set whilst I had my eyes closed and I would have said Jew as soon as anyone spoke. They all are, unless absolutely proven otherwise!

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
17 April, 2021 9:47 pm

No, that was another actress. Talbot wasn’t in They Live.

By the way, I can’t tell if anyone clicked on the Eddie Murphy link. In my first draft I only imbedded the link in the phrase. Then it occurred to me that many readers might not click on it that way, so I included his name.

It’s only 40 seconds long for anybody who’s interested:

18 April, 2021 9:04 am

A very interesting article. In it, Mr Hamilton hinted at something indirectly that I have noticed about the chicanery of Hollywood’s jews. This notion of casting White actors or actresses in movies and TV shows and then giving them character role personas and character traits whereby they are exhibiting traditional jewish mannerisms and behaviors. I’ve spent considerable time, thinking about this practice and trying to analyze what sort of advantage or benefit it is intended to bestow upon the self chosen. For instance, are they doing this as a means of trying to camouflage the obnoxiousness of jewish behavior by making it appear to not be exclusive to jews and only to jews? To muddle the waters,so to speak, so as to confuse Whites who might begin to fine tune… Read more »

The Spider
The Spider
30 April, 2021 10:18 pm

Okay. I’m short, hairy and bald. But my ancestors were Irish and Northern European. I live in Dixie. I know no Jews of any sort, no one in my family is Jewish, but despite all that.. I don’t think you want me round heh. BTW- I am the descendant of Confederate Veterans! God Bless Robert E Lee.

The Spider
The Spider
Reply to  Kevin Alfred Strom
5 May, 2021 12:41 pm

Thank Goodness. I ain’t a mongoloid!

Sam J.
Sam J.
4 May, 2021 7:02 am

I, and others, think that the reason the Jews are as they are is they are Neanderthals or what’s left of them. If you look at really Jewy Jews. I mean the caricature of a Jew, Jews, they look just like Neanderthals. Long trunk, short legs, slanted face. This would readily explain their genetic aversion to Whites. Likely it’s so a part of them they don’t need to be taught. The Neanderthals lived in Europe for 250,000 years and never did a damn thing worth mentioning. I believe that the Cro-Mags, us, came into Europe and the Neanderthals were so xenophobic and evil, just like Jews today but 40,000 years ago I bet they were worse, that eventually we decided tribe by tribe to just wipe their asses out. Some… Read more »

Reply to  Sam J.
5 May, 2021 7:29 am

Actor Ron Perlman could certainly play a Neanderthal with little to no make-up required.

Sam J.
Sam J.
Reply to  Kevin Alfred Strom
6 May, 2021 1:15 pm

“…The idea that Jews are largely Neanderthal is not supported by modern genetic science…” You may very well be right and the “published” work would agree but the guy that made the statement that all races except Blacks have on average 5% Neanderthal was a Jew and he left himself a hell of an out there because if the Jews have 50% (not saying this is so only a number) and the rest have next to or none then the “average” is 5%. Michael Bradley who wrote “The Iceman Inheritance” believed this was the case and talked to a person on the team that came to the 5% conclusion . He said that he did not confirm what Bradley thought, that the Jew was cooking the figures, but that his… Read more »

Sam J.
Sam J.
Reply to  Kevin Alfred Strom
6 May, 2021 9:27 pm

I need to add that there’s another fact that greatly adds to my suspicion that the Jews are Neanderthals. It’s common knowledge that the Jews made a great effort to crush the idea of differences in human races. Carleton S. Coon was removed as the head of the Association of Physical Anthropologists. In wikipedia it says about him,”…Coon’s theories on race were widely disputed in his lifetime[2] and are considered pseudoscientific in modern anthropology…” Boas and other Jews were certainly responsible for this. Back in the day of Coon the study of the shape or morphological physical shape of different humans was used to classify them. Still is if you are someone who looks at skeletons and craniums to see what race a person was. At the same time the… Read more »

Jon Lamp
Jon Lamp
5 May, 2021 10:26 pm

So I stumbled on this website trying to find Umberto Eco’s UrFascism and coincidentally finding it layed out here as its original online publishing was down. Not really realizing what this site was all about, I was curious and maybe I’m too hastily judging, though this article seems quite telling, but I just have to echo the old adage purely for further consideration as it doesn’t seem like there is bad intent here (beyond the surface that is) but more so misled notions that this phrase highlights: antisemitism is the socialism of fools. Like, there’s plenty of actual explanations of historical contingencies that describe the things being associated with “the jews”, for example the relationships to occupations of banking are explained by the fact that the old testament does not… Read more »

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
Reply to  Jon Lamp
6 May, 2021 1:09 pm

I can’t speak to other articles you might have read here, including the 2015 Ur-fascism article you reference. But I wrote this article. Your use of scare quotes around “the jews” (small “j,” interestingly) implies that in your mind they do not exist, are unimportant, or perhaps constitute a social construct.  It is axiomatic among us that Jews do exist and are a social and biological entity of the utmost importance. Currently they are the most powerful group on the face of the planet, and harbor global ambitions.   Jews do work in association with, and through, an enormous circle of Gentiles (“very real class divisions,” “all the non-jews in similar positions”) who support their objectives. Indeed, such people are indispensable to their success.  Although Jews “see” Gentiles, the vast… Read more »

3 June, 2021 10:21 am

Hi, I’m new here, thank you for letting me in. There are many articles on the entertainment industry here as there should be as this is one of the major components of the control system. I’m not so much focused on the race of the participants as I view them as all Jewish to some extent. My concern is content, propaganda, and hypnotism. I’ve been to the cinema three times in the last two decades. Books are always a better option but one must use discernment in publishing as well. I go back to the old stuff, mostly obscure writings. Tell-A-Vision, Cinema and YouTube — Hypnosis I found this in gem in one of Marie Corelli’s works. You never heard of her? She was a fin de siècle author who… Read more »

3 June, 2021 10:30 am

The Entertainment industry propagandist, hypnotic and filthy. Best to avoid it completely.

No TV.

No Movies.

Read the old books.

Reply to  Elaine
11 July, 2021 5:57 pm

Greetings Elaine. You are correct. Do not allow them to deliberately pollute our unconscious thought processes and our understanding of our world. They can do it by merely leaving out vital information. At least book reading is a mostly conscious activity and we have the rational analytic ability to examine the facts, truths and ideas within them over a long time.

17 July, 2021 8:06 am

Peter Falk sounds jewish to me, so I’m not surprised. I do need to develop a better jewdar. Zuck is easy to spot, even if you didn’t know his last name.
But I am baffled by Joe Elliott. He looks like hell anymore, but back in the early 1980s, I was crazy about him. There is speculation, but not confirmation, that he’s Jew Elliott. I look at photos of him in his younger years, but can’t tell either way. Not like Zuck or Bob Dylan, he was hot in his early 20s.

Gertjan Zwiggelaar
Gertjan Zwiggelaar
11 January, 2022 4:24 pm

In 1998 I befriended an old chap by the name of Lew von Jung. He was 79 at the time I met him. As it turned out in the course of our developing friendship he revealed that he used to own Kitty’s Saloon; the saloon used for the long running TV series, Gunsmoke. During the week it was a working saloon and many people who worked at the studio stopped there from time to time for a little sensation in their stomach; a wee dram of this or that. Indeed in his papers there were letters from his friends; people such as Bob Hope and Ronald Reagan. Lew became such a good friend of Hollywood people that eventually he was invited to attend THE post Oscar party one year where… Read more »

26 September, 2022 7:31 pm

falk and sokol are indeed jewish names both meaning – at face value – ‘falcon’. given this explanation here: (Hebrew acronym of the expression ‘Veahavta Lereakha Kamokha’ (“love your neighbour as yourself”) it can be assumed that the ‘slavic’ version has its roots in the western one. (with the german based jewish one documented before the last crusade) while it may be true that in some cases the name was derived from the profession (falconer) it is rather hard to imagine there were as many falconers employed as there are falks, sokols, sokolovs and the like now. even though it hasn’t such great value in determining who is or isn’t a Jew – it is still interesting to learn about jewish surnames – it helps. interesting because their choices… Read more »