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The Saint and Isaac Babel

Roger Moore as Simon Templar relaxing with a book.

by Andrew Hamilton

JEWS NEVER miss a trick, no matter how small, propagandizing and pestering the Gentiles.

Recently I rewatched an old episode of the popular British television series The Saint (1962-1969) starring Roger Moore, the English actor who later played James Bond on the silver screen. He starred as amateur detective Simon Templar, nicknamed “The Saint.” The series has been broadcast in over 80 countries around the world.

In one scene Simon is lying in bed reading a book. You only see the cover for an instant. There is a knock on the door and the Saint closes the book so you can’t see the cover anymore. Nevertheless, I thought I caught the author’s name subliminally.

I rewound and froze the frame showing the book’s cover so that I could actually read the title. It was the Penguin paperback edition of The Collected Stories of Isaac Babel, first translated into English in 1957, shortly after Babel was “rehabilitated” by the regime of Nikita Khrushchev.

Privileged Thug

Isaac Babel was a Russian Communist journalist, short story writer, and playwright. He also co-wrote screenplays for the Stalinist movie industry.

I get the impression Babel’s literary reputation might be considerably inflated. There is quite a difference between comments on his work by ordinary readers and the uniformly fulsome evaluations of Establishment academic and literary flacks. Babel’s Jewishness, Communism, high status in the Soviet Union, and ultimate “victimization” by Stalin might be the real reason he’s a ruling class darling.

Babel was the son of prosperous (what other kind are there?) Russian Jews, though he lied, claiming he had been raised in poverty. He knew Yiddish and Hebrew and studied the Talmud as a boy.

In the bloody aftermath of the Communist takeover Babel served as a political commissar in the Red Army, indoctrinating Russian recruits, interrogating prisoners, and policing people’s thoughts.

Commissars, mostly Jewish, were attached to every Russian military unit to spy on and immediately report any sign of Politically Incorrect statements or beliefs by soldiers, and punished wrongthinkers accordingly. A political commissar like Babel sent Alexander Solzhenitsyn to a concentration camp for something he wrote in a private letter to a friend. Today’s Internet monitors-enforcers are the same people with the same ideas.

Given this job description, and his supposedly unknown whereabouts during the Revolution itself, the odds are high that Babel was also a torturer and murderer.

Odessa Tales (1926), included in the book Templar is shown reading, are short stories set amidst the corruption of Odessa, Russia (today Ukraine), Babel’s hometown, filled with Jewish gangsters, police, rabbis, prostitutes, and illegal enterprises of every kind. The stories center around a group of Jewish thugs led by “The King,” Benya Krik. Krik is modeled after real life Odessa gangster, Jewish revolutionary, and vicious Soviet military thug “Mishka Yaponchik” (= “Mikey the Jap”), whose real name was Moisey Vinnitsky.

It is unclear whether Babel knew Vinnitsky personally, but given their shared Jewishness, Communism, and mutual residence in Odessa, the odds are high that he did.

Moreover, however exaggerated Babel’s literary reputation may or may not be, his writing was grounded in the journalistic approach to fiction strenuously if unsuccessfully advocated by the far more talented American writer Tom Wolfe in “Why They Aren’t Writing the Great American Novel Anymore” (Esquire, December 1972), The New Journalism (1973), “Stalking the billion-footed beast: A literary manifesto for the new social novel” (Harper’s, November 1989), “My Three Stooges” (in his anthology Hooking Up, 2000), and numerous other essays. Babel said:

My journalistic work gave me a lot, especially in the sense of material. I managed to amass an incredible number of facts, which proved to be an invaluable creative tool. I struck up friendships with morgue attendants, criminal investigators, and government clerks. Later, when I began writing fiction, I found myself always returning to these “subjects,” which were so close to me, in order to put character types, situations, and everyday life into perspective.

This, too, suggests personal acquaintance or friendship with Vinnitsky.

The Odessa mobster (Vinnitsky) was well acquainted with Naftaly Frenkel, later a Jewish architect of the massive “archipelago” of concentration camps created by the Soviet Union for White citizens. The Jews who designed the camps, including Frenkel, were mentioned by Solzhenitsyn in Volume II of The Gulag Archipelago, and in 1976 by the National Alliance’s tabloid newspaper Attack!, predecessor to National Vanguard magazine.

Vinnitsky’s gang was one of several Jewish organized crime groups authorized by the Communists to operate as “military” units against the hapless White populace, just as Jewry and governments today grant similar privileges to Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other domestic terrorists organized and bankrolled by the ruling class.

Tom Wolfe mentions in “Stalking the billion-footed beast” that the Black race riots of the 1960s, which shook America to its foundations and transformed the country forever, were funded by the government. Community Action Programs (CAPs)

were official invitations from the government to people in the slums to improve their lot by rising up and rebelling against the establishment, including the government itself. The government would provide the money, the headquarters, and the advisers. So people in the slums obliged. . . . It was not by mere coincidence that the most violent of the Sixties confrontational groups, the Black Panther Party of America, drew up its ten-point program in the North Oakland poverty center. That was what the poverty center was there for.

Realize that official (state) and moneyed backers of race hatred, insurrection, anti-White terrorism, and murder (e.g., in Rhodesia and South Africa) are not new. This is a continuous — and merciless — process spanning generations, taking place well outside our natural psychological time horizon. It is extremely threatening and insidious.

The good news: Vinnitsky was murdered in a clay quarry by the Cheka in 1919 at age 27, the same way he had killed so many others.

Under Vladimir Putin in 2011 Jews produced a fictional Russian television series, The Life and Adventures of Mishka Yaponchik, glorifying Vinnitsky as a “Robin Hood.” It is distributed internationally under the title Once Upon a Time in Odessa by Amazon and other purveyors.

Odious WWII propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg was Babel’s Jewish protégé. Ehrenburg’s astonishingly vicious anti-German propaganda foreshadowed today’s hate speech against Whites.

It should come as no surprise that Babel lived in luxury. In addition to his estranged wife, a Jewess who moved to Paris, he had numerous mistresses and at least two illegitimate children.

His Jewish daughter admitted candidly,

The young writer burst upon the literary scene and instantly became the rage in Moscow. The tradition in Russia being to worship poets and writers, Babel soon became one of the happy few, a group that included Soviet writers who enjoyed exceptional status and privileges in an otherwise impoverished and despotic country. In the late 1930s, he was given a villa [dacha] in the writer’s colony of Peredelkino, outside Moscow.

Besides his Moscow apartment, Babel still owned the dacha at the time of his arrest in 1939.

Babel was accused of belonging to the Trotskyite conspiracy against the Soviet government. The Trotskyites were a faction of extremist Jewish Communists who wanted to overthrow the ruling regime and put themselves in charge. Babel confessed to the criminal charges, though Jews insinuate that he subsequently recanted, was “probably” tortured, etc. In 1941 he was shot.

A Leftist thug gets a dose of his own medicine: Isaac Babel’s NKVD mugshot after his 1939 arrest. He was executed in 1941.

The only thing Leftists do right is butcher one another. The most ruthless infighters — or luckiest, or first to move decisively against their rivals — come out on top. It happened during the French Revolution as well.

The Saint’s Mixed-Race Creator

A word should be said about the Saint’s mixed-race creator.

Prolific fiction writer Leslie Charteris (1907-1993) was born in Singapore to a Chinese father and a White English mother. His longest of four marriages (41 years) was to an American beauty who’d previously been married to a Hollywood Jew. (Charteris’ other three wives were either White or Jewish.) They had a 3/4 White, 1/4 Chinese daughter together.

When a people’s gene pool collapses, placing collective survival in jeopardy, it is not enough to assume that if somebody “looks White” they are White. You’ll end up fighting alongside, preserving, and later expanding a biologically altered, genetically-mixed population.

Leading elements of the race have a responsibility to formulate racial criteria that are both rigorous and explicit.

This was the reasoning behind America’s strictest anti-miscegenation statute, Virginia’s Law to Preserve Racial Integrity (1924) shepherded into existence by White activist Earnest Sevier Cox, Germany’s Nuremberg Laws, and that country’s more stringent criteria for elite (SS) membership.


Was it sheer accident that this particular book by a recently rehabilitated Jewish Communist was selected to be fleetingly shown, subliminally, to a massive international television audience during the “Cold War,” being read by the popular hero Simon Templar?

In one sense it is obviously a minor detail. But in another it speaks volumes.

The distributor of The Saint TV series was Ukrainian-born Jew “Lord” (or “Sir”) Lew Grade (he used both titles), whose real name was Lovat or Lev or Louis (take your pick) Winogradsky. His company was the single biggest supplier for Britain’s commercial television system (25% of total product) and produced one-third of all TV documentaries broadcast in the country.

Besides television, his extended family controlled a British entertainment monopoly that included large talent agencies, theaters, and cinemas. A big movie producer, Grade also owned the John Lennon–Paul McCartney song catalogue. His half-Jewish nephew Michael Grade (styled “Lord [or Baron] Grade of Yarmouth”), a TV mogul and member of the House of Lords, was chairman of the state-run BBC from 2004-2006.

Lew Grade married a White woman by whom he had a son. Global elites slobbered over him and sang his praises in familiar fashion; Pope John Paul II awarded Grade the highest Vatican honor a non-Catholic can receive: the Order of Knight Commander of St. Sylvester. (Oskar Schindler was another recipient).

Monty Berman and Robert S. (for Sidney) Baker were the immediate producers of The Saint for boss Lew Grade.

Nestor Montague “Monty” Berman was of course Jewish, and Baker might have been.

Besides partnering with a Jew and producing and directing movies and TV shows for a living, Baker was the son of a London furrier and married a Jew. Instead of having to fight in WWII, Berman and Baker were assigned to a British Army film unit. On average, Jews enjoy greater longevity than Whites, and both men lived to be 92.

God knows how many Jews were present on set or involved in every facet of the episode’s production, or who specifically chose this particular prop, but the subliminal showcasing of Isaac Babel was surely no accident.

The episode of The Saint I watched was originally broadcast in 1965 — 55 years ago, during Britain’s ostensible “Cold War” with the Communists. And yet, there is the predictable propaganda.

100% of the time they push and lie: every hour of every day, day in and day out, year in and year out, decade after decade, century after century, via every medium, to elite audiences, to mass audiences, fueled by the unquenchable hate they imbibe with their mothers’ milk.

It is eerie and incomprehensible.

Yet, with the exception of a handful of rare individuals, nobody notices, catches on, or cares.

All humanity pays a high price for this blindness, irresponsibility, and indifference.

* * *

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2 July, 2020 11:08 am

“Yet, with the exception of a handful of rare individuals, nobody notices, catches on, or cares.” Indeed and despite, “All humanity pays a high price for this blindness, irresponsibility, and indifference”, They just won’t wake up. It seems that future-time orientation is in very limited supply. It is like gold, or a rare element, and only the Jews seem to be able to capitalize on it when it comes to decades, centuries, and millennia, ironically, in their seemingly short sightedness. As an aside (to a lesser point of the article), it is time to stop discussing dissimilar populations of humans as “races”. There are species and subspecies of humans. We can debate whether one group of humans is a subspecies versus separate species, but the idea of races is archaic,… Read more »

James Clayton
James Clayton
Reply to  Vidarr
3 July, 2020 1:50 pm

As a former muleskinner myself, taught to ride by my uncle who was a Marine Corps cavalryman using his saddle that they allowed to take-home with him after World War 1, using Jack and Jerry with whom my dad had plowed and were by then put out to pasture, allow me to recommend a book worth reading. Mules, Jackasses and Other Misconceptions, by James A. Burkhard and Eugene F. Schmidtlein. Dad was a head of household beginning when he was a preteen after both his brother and father died and it was just him, his mother, and younger sister. They also employed and housed a sharecropper adjacent to their north-central Tennessee farm, a Nigra introduced to me as the man who at least once saved my father’s life, by my… Read more »

Mike Mann
Mike Mann
3 July, 2020 4:19 pm

“Listen, and understand. That [Jew] is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.” — Paraphrase of comment by the character Kyle Reese in The Terminator

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
6 July, 2020 9:10 am

We might be the first race in history to cave in to our enemy on the basis of his suggestions, misdirections, and innuendos. Back to the Land! Get out there and sweat in the hot sun, and do something that you can actually see and be proud of, like a concrete foundation, a brick wall, a system of plumbing pipes! Do this, and you will laugh at the pathetic feminine pleadings of the Jews. We have had it way too easy and need to return to what is real. The hippies, for all their faults, realized this early on in their movement. Mother Earth News magazine was founded by hippies.

Reply to  Arvin N. Prebost
17 January, 2021 9:04 am

Yes, the very first Hippies (late 1950s) were indeed very similar to the Romantics of the 19th century: back to nature, grow your own vegetables, healthy living, make your own music, bake your own bread, that sort of thing.
They were not satisfied with the buttoned-up lockstep hyperconformism, better living through chemicals, unquestioning belief in science(-ism) and technology and more and more plastics of their time.
They did not turn into drug-addled radicals who wanted to annihilate everything that wasn’t of them until after they had been (((infiltrated and corrupted))) and Woody Guthrie had given way to (((Bob Dylan))).

16 January, 2021 4:20 pm

Very interessant article-also, the Templars are shabbos goyishe Freemasons of, I think, French origin in so far as Richard coeur de lion was in England for barely a year and was French and the English flag as such, is a French Templar flag, unsurprising, given the downfall of the German colony, Angleland, in 1066 and its conversion into a Norman feudal gulag, probably funded by Juden…which means modern English is virtually kosher argot. When you look, you’ll see a Masonic badge in almost every cowboy film, and especially in, say, Tombstone (1999)…Masonry is even referenced in True Grit, and Wayne wore a fez at private meets…the Anglo visual media is stuffed with Masonry in symbol and theme. And Try any of Polanski’s Jewy films, particularly The fearless vampire killers and… Read more »

Reply to  Stefan
17 January, 2021 9:13 am

Ah yes, muhCuckstianity-made-Europe-strong….. Varg Vikernes (Thulean Archives/Library on Bitchute) has some excellent videos on the subject. Carolyn Emerick (Easter Tidings on YT/BC) has talked about the Normans’ Jewish financiers many times, too bad she’s too afraid of the YouTube Stasi to ever leave her streams up for more than a few days max. Funny thing about Dracula – there are no Vampires in Romanian folklore. They have witches, werewolves, ghosts and creatures similar to Zombies, but nothing we would describe as a Vampire. As far as I’ve been able to determine, the belief in bloodsucking Undead seems to have come to Europe from south Asia via the silk road (Carolyn Emerick talks a LOT about that, too…) and developed into the form most commonly known in the west today in… Read more »

Frederick bullanger
Frederick bullanger
6 June, 2022 3:54 pm

‘When a people’s gene pool collapses, placing collective survival in jeopardy, it is not enough to assume that if somebody “looks White” they are White. You’ll end up fighting alongside, preserving, and later expanding a biologically altered, genetically-mixed population.’

Does no this apply to Jews and their mischlings in the White gene pool?