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Heinrich Himmler on the Bolshevik Revolution

Translated from the Original Third Reich Book SS Defender against Bolshevism “Die Schutzstaffel als antibolschewistische Kampforganisation”.

I NOW COME to the Russian revolution. It is not my task to once again repeat the dates. Instead, the important thing in this context is the reference to the methods.

First the discontent of Russia’s socially suffering folk is systematically exploited and used for revolutionary propaganda. A number of Russian leaders who wished to abolish serfdom, especially Minister Stolypin, are eliminated before they can carry out their reforms for Russia’s benefit by Jewish anarchists. All possible means are used to agitate Russia into war against Germany. Remember the role of Jewish/Free-Mason activity to start the World War.

The next phase of the Bolshevik revolution then starts in Russia. Freemasonry calls this the shift from the “system of the yellow flag” to the “system of the red flag”. In parliamentarian jargon: rule passes form the democratic- bourgeois parties to the moderate socialist party – by us the social democrats and over there the Mensheviks. At their head stands the Jew Kerenski, a man whose treatment is a classic example of Aryan kindness. His Jewish mother — if I may here insert this instructive episode — had been sentenced to death because of involvement in anarchist attacks, but she had been pardoned by the father of the last Czar, because she was pregnant with Kerenski.

Precisely this man, who owed his life to Aryan kindness, deposes the last Czar and paves the way for Bolshevism.

But there were still too many forces of resistance left in Russia. This folk is again cold-bloodedly agitated into an offensive. Once again, Aryan Russians are sent to the butcher’s block. The final dissolution is made possible. There is another change, to use the Freemason’s jargon, the “system of the red flag” is replaced with the last system, the “system of the black flag”. In parliamentarian terms: rule passes from the moderate socialist party into the hands of the radical socialist party, the Bolsheviks. Nothing more stands in the way. With the full power of the state the Jews complete the radical slaughter of the good blood that resists them. All the others bow in fear and terror. One could quote from the Book of Esther where it says: many Persians become Jews out of fear of the Jews! In the system of the black flag all of the non-Jews of weak character defect to the Jews. They become executioner helpers and helpful spirits, informers and spies against their own people.

The perfection of these methods of extermination can be seen from the tactics of the Russian secret police. Again and again, they themselves systemically organize rebellions with key agents against their own regime in order to again and again find the leaders who would participate in such an uprising and neutralize them. Every resistance leader — every one in this tortured Aryan folk still able to think or even become a leader against the Bolsheviks and Jews — falls.

If you examine the Russian revolution, you will find many parallels to the German revolution of 1918. The only difference here was that a benevolent God, a kind Providence created a dam and summoned resistance forces. At the right time, in 1919, Adolf Hitler started his work.

Looking at everything, you can add countless more evidence, minor and major, for this blood picture of bolshevism in the history of nations.

I hardly think you will disagree with me. I ask you to look — not at specifics with exaggerated Aryan/ German objectivity — rather at the general line. You will see that — in Jews, sub-humans and their auxiliary organizations — we are confronted by skillful opponents. They are clever and capable in the organization of destruction. They know how to use every opportunity and possibility, in the saloon or in the chamber of the state minister or monarch. They master assassination, poison, direction of lethal steel, starvation of entire undesired population segments, intrigue, defamation of individual leaders, playing personalities against each other (who should be friends to the death), the fight on the street and in the comers of bureaucracy, uprooting the peasant and misuse of religion. They realize better than we that there is no key to peace in these battles, rather only victor and vanquished and that defeat in this conflict means the death of a folk.

You will also note that this enemy has won not a small number victories. He could write the names of the nations destroyed by him on his flag of destruction.

All of you should never forget that these observations deal not just with the Bolshevism of the past and present, but also of the future.

* * *

Source: Daily Archives

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
23 November, 2020 5:36 pm

I would appreciate someone explaining this
“freemasonry” because I have never under-
stood it. At this point in my life, it just seems
to be another floating abstraction.

Reply to  Walt Hampton
24 November, 2020 8:20 am

As far as I can gather, Walt, it’s a cultus that links Christians and Jews and that concerns the rebuilding of Solomon’s temple and derives from the knightly orders of the middle-ages such as the Templars, some of which orders may have become Satanist apostates and taken to the high seas after persecution and extirpation in mittelalterliche Frankreich…think of the skull and crossbones bearers as the likely forerunners of the pirates, glorified in romantic legend who were in fact, criminals…both Puritanism and Libertinism have their origins here as do Christian Zionism and Communist Liberalism. Of course Masonry involves degrees and rituals much like ZOG’s mystic kapo’s…essentially they are traitors and the ‘Right-wing’ is packed with them…the hexagram and pentagram feature in their symbology and the former DDR’s flag showed the… Read more »

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
Reply to  Walt Hampton
27 November, 2020 1:48 pm

i always thought of it as a Tavern full of bored proletariat Aryans, drinking drafts and throwing darts….allowing themselves to pretend they are a part of something larger than themselves…..being that they realized organized, dogmatic religion was a farce…but not quite savvy enough to notice the termitic, Ashkenazi subversion and cultural demoralization of their Homelands….
so yeah….a bunch of wanna-be losers.

24 November, 2020 7:55 am

The heroic Masonic B’naiBrits beat him to death when he foolishly surrendered to them…the descendants of those same B’naiBrits now enjoy a wholly kosher government and a virtual gulag of eunuchs, mulatto’s and suffragette witches, run with the help of kindly Asian kapo’s…yes, there is karma, although that doesn’t help martyr Himmler.

9 January, 2021 3:17 pm

With the sham election now well behind us for the most part, the Bolshevik consequences are being called for. A huge segment of the population, tens of millions of them, who thought they were resisting this by useless voting are now the targets for “re-education,” state sanctioned violence, classification as “domestic terrorists,” and ultimately liquidation.

No one will be allowed to sit this one out either, YOU will be judged by these genocidal maniacs.

15 March, 2023 12:43 pm

when he says persians does he mean aryan persians