Described as a Teenager

PLEASE WATCH the following amazing video.

It was on Friday when two 13-year-old boys running a lemonade stand were robbed, apparently at gunpoint, in Peoria’s East Bluff.

It sure looked like it, but on the other hand you shouldn’t get in the habit of believing your lying eyes, especially when it comes to the precious “African-American,” the new g*d of a nihilistic and doomed nation. Worship the criminal alien, it’s the right thing to do. These poorly-formed inferiors have lives which matter, just ask any of our worthless leaders dangling on the ends of Jewish wires.

Just before 5 p.m. on August 7, two males approached Jude Peterson and his friends as they sold lemonade on the corner of California and Forest Hill in Peoria.

Modern America in microcosm. Whites create and add value, the Negro destroys. We must turn this oasis into a desert because there’s lots of “racism” and obvious reality is hurting our feelings. These vile animals should start acting human any day now, maybe after “rep-ah-mah-ray-shuns” for the time long-dead Congoloids were enslaved by the Jew.

In video provided by a neighbor, a male in a dark hoodie, who was described as a teenager, moves fast, displaying what looks to be a firearm.

Those wacky “teens” and their innocent pranks, like pointing guns at White children.

Nathan, Jude’s father, said at first, he was horrified.

This sort of thing never happens on the electronic synagogue. What is going on?

“I just almost blacked out a little bit, like I felt my body running up the stairs, but for just a moment, it was pretty intense,” said Peterson.

The massive cognitive dissonance between what I’d been told by our ruling Semites and actual events in my own front yard nearly made me pass out.

Luckily, everybody was okay, just a bit shaken up.

Yeah. No kidding.

What really moved Nathan is how his neighbors responded.

Helping others, empathy, a desire for justice…typical White behavior.

Some folks even bought a glass of lemonade for $20, after they heard what happened.

It’s hard to imagine two people groups more divergent than the noble and selfless people without color and the feral monsters who attacked them. The Jew says we’re equal. If you believe this you’re either completely insane, a coward, a criminal or somehow benefiting from the coming collapse.

“One guy in particular, he came back like a half hour later and he had all these bags of chips and candy and everything…he’s like hey you can sell this at your stand, and helped set it up,” said Peterson.

It’s too bad this heartening altruism has been weaponized against us by our Jewish enemy and used to excuse the endless failure of dark aliens who need to be removed if we’re going to have a future.

“So many people just stopped and said things to the boys like ‘don’t quit’, ‘don’t let this discourage you,” he added.

Your country is definitely not committing kosher suicide, keep your head up.

For now, he also hopes something is done for those who committed the crime.

It sure would be nice, assuming you’re not too busy arresting people for refusing to wear bitch-cloths and goggles to fight the “pandemic” and “save lives.”

“I think it would be good for them to be held responsible in a way that feels congruent with the crime, and I would love for them to be treated with some care, just what is the need these kids were trying to provide for?” said Peterson.

The delusion of our time. My well-behaved and industrious children and the tar monsters that attacked them are exactly the same. Give this 70 I.Q. demon a little love and it’ll become a cut-rate White, just you watch. It’s like we’ve learned absolutely nothing from the last sixty years or even the last sixty days.

Nathan Peterson says they are still deciding what to do with the extra money but will make sure it is invested in something positive.

A high caliber handgun or a pump-action shotgun? Quite the dilemma.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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Rommel 41
Rommel 41
18 August, 2020 8:04 pm

Racial slur, racial slur, racial slur. Unbelievable racial slurring. Unfathomable
typical racial slur behavior. Disgusting, stupid racial slur animals. Doubtful
that White ‘teens’ have ever done something low as this to black children.
There seems to be no element of shame at all in so many low life blacks.
Sooner we’re rid of them / separated from them the better. I got an idea
for a first step to get that going. Wall off their ‘communities’ into distinct
managed ghettos, then go from there. Nice employment opportunity for
Whites also – building and managing the ‘Barriers’. Also a fine occasion
to observe and identify all the pathetic white traitors who will whine and
cry for the blacks, but never for White victims. In you go with them !!

Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson
20 August, 2020 5:01 pm

If I had the legal right to bear arms, I would be armed to the teeth. I would sleep with my gun. I would shower with my gun. I would eat with my gun. I would shop with my gun. I would practice daily to become a crack shot with my gun. Should any 70IQ ‘tar baby’ attempt to harm me or my family I would send the living fossil (now dead) straight to the underworld, and let God sort them out.
I do have an insatiable dislike of Congoids, and other dark skinned or brown skinned living fossils.
I especially dislike their handlers – the Jews, for without Jews we would not have a ‘nigger’ problem to deal with.