Germany: Disgusting and Racist Hatred

GERMANY HAS ALWAYS been a land of immigrants. Anyone can become German and the recent arrivals from the worst available countries are, if anything, more German than the indigenous population. This “multi-kulti” experiment is guaranteed to be successful, even though the criminals behind it have already declared it a failure. Oh well, it’s not like it’s possible to change direction or anything. How about another million rapefugees this year? It’s the right thing to do. The superior virtue of doing exactly what the Jew demands covers any mild inconveniences like the total disaster we’ve unleashed on our ancient homeland and the coming transformation into a brutal all-against-all when the dark monsters display their gratitude by slaughtering their benefactors.

A chilling incident in which a young boy and his mother were pushed in front of a high-speed train by an Eritrean man has sent shock waves across Germany and seemingly rekindled anti-migrant sentiment.

The real victims of this horrific display from a 60 I.Q. animal are all the innocent enemygrants who must now endure some tepid criticism before the status quo of silently allowing the decline and fall is quickly restored. I really feel bad for the mythical “one good one.” Why can’t you just accept the fact that your children will now be regularly murdered by invaders, you awful “racist”?

The tragedy took place on one of the platforms of the central railway terminal in the German city of Frankfurt — the nation’s second busiest railway hub. An eight-year-old boy and his mother were waiting for a train when they were suddenly attacked by a 40-year-old Eritrean.

Amid infrastructure and technology that its primitive mind can’t even understand, let alone maintain or replicate, a creature from a nightmare demonstrates why it has absolutely no place in a civilized country. Bring in moronic and dangerous representatives of a failed branch of humanity: what’s the worst that could happen?

The assailant grabbed the woman and the child and threw them on the rail tracks right as the high-speed intercity express (ICE) was pulling into the station.

We’re all equal. Race is just skin color and even that is just caused by climate. These are good people who were the victims of “war.” They’re every bit as human as you. Let them all in.

The 40-year-old woman managed to escape near-certain death as she made it to the pathway between two tracks. She tried to reach out to her son when the train ran over him, a witness told German media. The boy died at the scene.

Sure is a shame to lose a child like that, especially when we’re in this desperate “people race.” Bring in the entire population of Africa. At some point you’re going to notice this obvious existential threat to your ancestral lands, right? Right???

These beloved equals are here to save your pension.

The perpetrator also tried to force another person onto the railway tracks but his third would-be victim escaped. The attacker then attempted to flee the scene but was pursued by a group of passengers and eventually detained by police outside the terminal.

The pack of Eloi was able to discourage the living fossil and then it got arrested. By Germanistan standards this is quite the display of national vigor. In a few years we’ll just throw ourselves on the tracks voluntarily. I don’t want to be called names by a Jewish enemy who wants me to die in pain and thinks it’s funny.

The motive of the attack remains unclear.

Yeah. It really is an impenetrable mystery.

Police say the suspect deliberately assaulted the woman and the boy, and they are treating the incident as a homicide. The assailant had no personal connections to his victims, and little is known about him besides his Eritrean citizenship. According to some reports, he moved to Switzerland in 2006, and has lived there since.

Muh Eritrean citizenship. This is the raw material for a healthy democracy.

The incident appalled the nation, as people turned to social media to express their shock and grief over the tragedy. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer interrupted his vacation and called an emergency meeting with security officials.

Get on Faceberg and earn valuable likes by clucking impotently about the latest enemygrant outrage. This is really sad, crying face, crying face, praying hands, thumbs down, another crying face, pile of filth with a face on it.

Seehofer said he was “deeply upset” by the attack and vowed that justice would be served “to the full extent of the law.”

I’m all busted up. I hope this doesn’t ruin my destructive careerism. I’d like to keep getting those crumbs that fall off the Jewish plate, thank you.

While most people online expressed their condolences to the boy’s family, some also blamed Merkel for what happened. Others vented their frustration over what they see as leniency towards foreign criminals, saying the suspect will likely be declared “traumatized” and eventually “acquitted.”

Yes, but where is the lie? A court will bloviate about this vibrant enricher’s “poor cognitive abilities” and “trauma from war” and decide it was entitled to at least a few free-range White victims. By the time this happens we’ll be distracted by unbelievably stupid kosher nonsense (Garlic festival shooting!) and no one will notice or care.

Politicians from the right-wing Alternative for Germany party also linked the incident to faulty immigration policies. The party’s parliamentary faction chief, Alice Weidel, denounced the attack as an “unprecedented act of cruelty.”

Meet the not-sees, led by a lesbian! The Teppichfresser we deserve, the completely debased Valkyrie for a doomed people. This degenerate is the perfect Great Leader to restore our dying country!

“What else has to happen?” she asked, while calling on the authorities to “finally protect the citizens of our country instead of [promoting] the limitless welcome culture.”

You would think there would be some sort of limit to how much abuse and humiliation a western European will happily accept, but it doesn’t appear to be in evidence.

Other German politicians accused the AfD of trying to exploit the tragedy and spread hatred. “An eight-year-old child dies — and what does the AfD do? They spread their disgusting and racist hatred!” German MP and head of the Left Party Bernd Riexinger tweeted.

How absolutely dare you! Now, look at this dead Muslim spawn on a Turkish beach. This proves that Europe must be destroyed, otherwise you’re an evil “racist.”

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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Rommel 41
Rommel 41
1 August, 2019 2:44 pm

I agree of course with the gist of your post and I always appreciate the general tone of other articles of yours I read on this site. But I now understand – I saw on another site – that the victims were black also, and so I agree with many of the comments I read … No loss. At least racially anyway. A hard truth, but I don’t shy from it. Black lives don’t matter at all, not anywhere to me, and certainly not there in Germany, the place of my direct ancestors. And they shouldn’t matter to any non cucked White person. That said, if anti-immigrant sentiment is increased as a result, then good. The more anti-refugee sentiments are amped up, the more likely it will lead to action,… Read more »

Reply to  Rommel 41
13 February, 2020 12:08 pm

There is NOTHING on jewgle substantiating your idiotic claim that these “victims were black”…
Your idiotic fake name indicates you are most likely a hasbarat (fooling the goyim on the nazi website)… How about some links substantiating your dumb comments that the mother and son victims “were black”….

2 August, 2019 11:55 pm

An image says more than a thousand words..

7 August, 2019 9:11 am

The thing that really stinks here is how slow Germany was to respond. Think of this . . . if a virus enters your body and it moves quickly, you can be completely overwhelmed and die within a couple days. If the virus isn’t that virulent, then you will defeat it. Now, what was done with these immigrants in Germany was done very fast and this is why Germany has been brought to its knees, why its culture and people are disintegrating ; they were hit fast and hard. Question is, now that the invaders have made the place their home, is there any way for Deutschland to recover, to become a little more IMMUNE ? God help them all. One of the most beautiful countries on planet Earth, wasted… Read more »

13 February, 2020 11:57 am

“We all know the “migrant” (all of them) was traumatized and mentally ill and deserves COMPASSION…”
What else could the jew controlled press write for the dumb White jew addled suicidal zombies in Germany?
(any other thoughts would be unchristinsane…)…
It’s basically “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” worldwide…