Fears New Birth of a Nation Film Could Incite Racial Attacks Against Whites


THE NEW Birth of a Nation film appears designed specifically to incite African-Americans to take part in a modern-day “slave rebellion” by attacking White people.

Such an outcome is so probable the movie studio behind the film, Fox Searchlight, is funding outreach programs in African-American communities to tell them not to rise up and kill White people as is shown in the film, but instead “rise up by voting” and “rise up to build affordable housing.”

From the New York Times, “Tricky Goal for Birth of a Nation: Inspire but Don’t Incite“:

LOS ANGELES — The coming film “The Birth of a Nation,” which recounts a violent 1831 slave rebellion and includes scenes that evoke present-day outrage over fatal police shootings of black men, has been marketed as an urgent call to action.

In publicity materials, Nate Parker, the film’s director, writer, producer and star, says audiences should leave theaters asking, “When injustice knocks at our own front door, are we going to counter it with everything we have?” The distributor of the historical drama, Fox Searchlight, has promoted it with provocative posters depicting Mr. Parker’s character with his head in a noose made from an American flag and with trailers that feature Andra Day’s stirring rhythm-and-blues song “Rise Up.”

But when The Birth of a Nation arrives in roughly 2,000 theaters on Friday, Fox Searchlight is hoping that a parallel and largely invisible marketing effort — one intended to contain and frame Mr. Parker’s message — will ease the film into communities already on edge. As the nation struggles to deal with the issue of race after a number of episodes in which unarmed Black men have been killed by the police, prompting protests in cities across the country, the studio wants The Birth of a Nation to inspire but not incite.

Whether Fox Searchlight can have it both ways will depend on the effectiveness of a grass-roots campaign aimed at churches, schools and pockets of political influence.

As it has publicly dealt with new attention on a rape case from 1999 involving Mr. Parker, the studio has quietly hosted an unusually expansive series of private screenings of the film for groups like the Congressional Black Caucus and the Conference of National Black Churches. Aja Brown, the mayor of Compton, Calif., will be a co-host of an advance screening at a local theater on Monday. Studio operatives have also distributed guides to roughly 80,000 churches that contain suggestions for weaving the film and its themes into sermons. Classroom study materials were made available to more than 30,000 teachers.

“We can’t control how the film is ultimately read, what actions people may take, but one message has been that there are very viable and practical steps,” said the Rev. Marshall Mitchell, a pastor and movie consultant who since April has been among those working to build interest in Mr. Parker’s film while also reducing its volatility. “Rise up by voting. Rise up to build affordable housing. Rise up in a constructive way.”

This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. This is clearly just a scam to try and avoid liability if the film successfully inspires anti-White hate crimes.

In conjunction with the film, Fox Searchlight helped organize a voter enrollment effort in multiplex lobbies. Actors from The Birth of a Nation also recorded a video to raise voting awareness, which has run in participating theaters. “This fall, we will all have the opportunity to put our differences aside and celebrate the rights that unite us as Americans,” says Colman Domingo, who plays a slave named Hark in the movie.

The Birth of a Nation recounts the true story of Nat Turner, a slave who gained a following as a preacher. But repugnant events — atrocities by slave owners, the gang rape of his wife by White men — turn Turner into the leader of a murderous rebellion. He hopes the killings will be the first shots in a war for equality and justice, but Whites slay him and his followers as retribution.

While the story of Nat Turner is most likely a fraud, even by leftist accounts Turner was a delusional serial killer and sadistic murderer of children who felt compelled to “destroy the White race.”

The film is direct in its effort to connect America’s racist past to the present. In one jarring scene that echoes contemporary accounts of police shootings, slave hunters stop Turner’s innocent father on a road and try to kill him. Mr. Parker declined an interview request, but studio publicity materials quote him as explaining, “If you look at history — if you look at the history, say, of how Southern police departments developed out of slave patrols — then you can better analyze where we are now.”

[…]On Sunday the studio began running new 30-second television ads that show scenes from the film intercut with still images of Black Lives Matter protests. New posters have also gone up in cities; the image depicts the hooded Klansman on horseback from the 1915 film’s poster with “Nat Turner Lives” spray painted over it, a reference to the slave hero played by Mr. Parker.

Concern about interracial hostility is at its highest level in decades.


There’s been an almost weekly string of anti-White hate crimes ever since the murder of six police officers in Dallas by Black Lives Matter supporter Micah “I Want to Kill White People” Johnson.

Just last week in New York, the NYPD said a Black man expressed “anti-White sentiments” then slashed a random White man in the face with a knife.

White people were targeted for assaults during the riots in Charlotte:

White people were also targeted for assaults during the riots in Milwaukee:

This film, much like the entire George Soros funded Black Lives Matter movement, is a blatant attempt to incite African-Americans to attack Whites through false narratives and manipulative propaganda.

That the studio is openly acknowledging this to be true by running these stupid “outreach programs” shows they know exactly what they’re doing.

This film should be condemned and boycotted by all decent people and the filmmakers and studio should be held liable for any and all violence it incites.

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Source: Information Liberation

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Bruce Arney
Bruce Arney
6 October, 2016 2:43 pm

“inspire but not incite” is a revealing phrase. An attempt to deflect (((their))) true agenda of inciting the natives.

Donald MacMullen
Donald MacMullen
6 October, 2016 9:07 pm

My father was attacked buy three African-Americans in 1997 and lost 44% of his thinking process. He passed away three years later.This garbage really hits home. I would like to show Nate Parker how much black lives matter to me.

Christopher Strenta
Christopher Strenta
7 October, 2016 10:09 am

Inspire to what? Inspire to incitement, that’s what!

7 October, 2016 12:28 pm

Releasing this shitty movie at a time like this cannot be anything but deliberate. It’s a test to see how much shit white people will take, I think, from 13% of the population who hate and despise them. Will white people eventually ask themselves why they continue to accept beatings and murders for a group whose daily lives and comforts they subsidize? Personally, I think that whites have STILL not had enough, and this movie is another attempt to make stupid whites feel guilty and scare the rest. Only when whites fight back and lay down the hammer on these people will this stop – the psychological warfare must end as well as the physical anti-white attacks by the footsoldiers. Blacks.

Reply to  Gemjunior
10 October, 2016 9:19 am

Got to agree with you Gemjunior on both counts. 1 – whites will continue to take an absolute beating before standing up as a racial unit to fight back against this most abhorrent and blatant act of genocide and 2 – this movie is a fuse that will be deliberately lit in another attempt to create civil/racial war on the streets of America.

The liberals will continue to apologise until enough of them wear the wrath of the falsely enraged black. I strongly doubt however that they will ever see the situation for what it is, particularly those of the baby boomer vintage who are now so far gone, nothing will bring them back.

LH Collins
LH Collins
28 July, 2021 5:25 pm

“He White! Beat his sheeit!” It would have been different had we actually genocided those scum!