Miscegenation Misery: The Rest of the Remains

Tricia-Todd-1-ON THE electronic synagogue the Negro can do no wrong, at least if you skip the local news. They’re doctors and lawyers, intelligent and articulate, extremely adept socially, unlike stiff and dorky Whites. Clearly these amazing brown surgeons and scientists would make excellent sex partners for White women, hint, hint. Then there’s reality. The real-life Negro is a little different than the one on the talmudvision. Instead of legal briefs and complicated surgery it’s chainsaws and efforts to find the dismembered pieces of the snow hoe. (ILLUSTRATION: Tricia Todd, hacked to bits by Negro)

Steven Williams likely used a chainsaw to dismember Tricia Todd, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said at a news conference Friday, describing her slaying as “heinous beyond description.”

Her soul died before her body and its death was every bit as horrific. She swallowed the Jew lies and was butchered by a stone age nightmare monster. At least this proves you’re not racist. Be sure to mention how much we forgive the Negro animal and hope that it finds jay-sus while we try to get at least 51% of his victim’s mutilated body into a casket.

Investigators searched Friday morning the Hungryland Wildlife and Environmental Area along the border of Martin and Palm Beach counties to find the murder weapon and the rest of the remains of Todd, a 30-year-old Air Force veteran, hospice nurse and single mother raising their 2-year-old daughter.

A life spent drifting in a kosher haze of hedonism and doing “the right thing” ends with a search for scattered limbs and shredded organs. Nothing to see here, nothing at all.

Homo erectus tried to dissolve the snow hoe.
Homo erectus tried to dissolve the snow hoe.

Williams led investigators to a drum containing some of Todd’s remains late Thursday. It was full of liquid and acid, Snyder said.

Get the corpse of the U.S.S.A. into the low quality Negro acid mixer. Sheeeet, it ain’t solvin’! Just throw it out.

Investigators have not yet found the chainsaw, Snyder said, but they will continue looking at the remote preserve and beyond. “We have no intention of leaving until we’re done,” Snyder said.

Well, that’s a relief. Shame no one cared about her when she was alive. Go on, “date” a living fossil shiksa, it’s so cool and open-minded and besides, what’s the worst that could happen?

Williams, an Air Force airman stationed in North Carolina, agreed to a 35-year sentence on second-degree murder charges on the provision that he lead investigators to Todd’s body.

Another heroic veteran of the American golem, a demon from the first chapter of an anthropology text, performs its sacred duty. Help us find all the parts and we’ll give you a joke sentence for one of the most appalling and senseless crimes imaginable. This thing should be put down.

Bakkedahl said he is prepared to put Williams “on a slow bus to death row” for her slaying, saying all of Williams’ statements to investigators “were lies.”

When “I dindu nuffin” is revealed to be a clever deceit from a 65 I.Q. mind.

“It shocks the conscience to know you are walking the street with people like Steven Williams.” Bakkedahl said.

No kidding. We can’t live safely around this failed race. They need to be removed.

“I cannot begin to tell you how close this case was to not being solved,” Bakkedahl said.

We were that close to another “no arrests were made” before Negro idiocy did our job for us.

9:30 a.m. update: Most of Tricia Todd’s remains are yet to be found, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said Friday.

We’ll keep looking, I guess.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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5 June, 2016 9:55 am

Williams, an Air Force airman stationed in North Carolina, agreed to a 35-year sentence on second-degree murder charges on the provision that he lead investigators to Todd’s body.

They had him dead to rights, and somehow the dindu’s lawyers get him a 35 year sentence. I’m not even connected to this tragedy, and still with my impartiality, I wouldn’t know how to respond if this happened to someone in my family.

The obvious answer would be to extract vengeance, but how would you do that and still have a life?

Vengeance is mine sayeth the lord, feels like total bullshit.

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
Reply to  lucky
31 August, 2017 2:13 pm

The first thing I would do in a situation like this, not knowing the victim, is to execute the negro so that it can no longer do this or any other violence to another one of us Whites. I would not want to spend any time/money incarcerating this animal during which the US courts give free tax paid attorneys to try to overturn a bonafide conviction, tax paid dental care that the rest of us tax payers cannot afford, weight lifting equipment to bulk up to intimidate prisoners and guards etc. I would not even give a reduced sentence to secure the animal’s help in finding where the body was left. The White woman is gone, never to return. So what if she is not given a proper Christian burial?… Read more »

Josef Tone
Josef Tone
26 June, 2019 7:02 pm

Calling them “bonobos” or the like–I think–tends to harm the advancement of the fact now coming to the surface that DNA science is now literally proving that sub-Saharan Africans have archaic human admixture. This is similar to the Neanderthal DNA present in Europeans, Asians, and likely other races. However, unlike Neanderthal DNA of which the quality or lack thereof could be in dispute (ex. Neanderthals actually had larger skulls), this archaic early human type is of a very regressed type.

Reply to  Josef Tone
11 February, 2020 9:22 pm

There is NO SIMILARITY between European Neanderthals and any congoid filth….