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The Great White Genome

by H. Millard

WHAT IS the Great White Genome? It is God’s recipe or formula for making a White person.

We have not been created to save mankind, but to replace it.

Homo sapiens has failed to live up to God’s expectations and must now be allowed to go extinct as a new Whiter than white species emerges.

The image of the Ideal Great White Genome exists in the mind of God and the boxes for its features and characteristics are slowly but surely being ticked off as we evolve ever closer to God and to the Ideal.

When we reach the Ideal in sufficient numbers we will be leaving our old species behind and we will be stepping across the threshold to being a new species. This is our highest destiny and our purpose. Those we leave behind won’t be able to compete with us and will in time disappear as they are replaced.

As with many terms in this true teaching for White people alone, our terms often have scientific as well spiritual/religious meanings. We believe that true religion must be anchored in true biology and true physics as well as in other scientific disciplines. God is not absent from these disciplines; he is within them.

By mating pure White with pure White we are helping tick off some of those boxes towards the ideal that God demands. If we mate non-White we are going the wrong way and are unticking some of those boxes ticked by our ancestors.

The Great White Genome doesn’t just make the external features of Whites via our phenotypes, but also internal features — intelligence, personality, etc. It is composed of all the DNA/RNA and associated elements that make us the unique people that we are. It is the recipe to make us, us. We must honor this recipe — and we must not change it by mixing and mating with those unlike us.

By following very simple rules for living and thinking we begin to activate dormant parts of our Great White Genome and evolve.

God has given us fast ways of knowing if any family line is on the right track or not for our kind, in that the major races of humans are color-coded. If a White family starts looking non-White due to harmful miscegenation — bedroom genocide — then whatever else is important about that family is of little moment because White appearance is the “canary in the coal mine” for us. If you are not White you are not White. Thank you, Lord, for giving us simple ways to know your truths and will.

Now there is some confusion among Whites about who is White and who isn’t and the confusion stems from semantics. Maybe this will help you sort it out: When we use White with an upper case “W” we mean pretty much the same thing as the term Aryan meant back in the not too distant past in Europe. And we define Aryan as a non-Jewish White person of European descent, no matter where he or she was born or lives. So, White equals Aryan.

We believe something very big is coming that will change the Earth and which will help God’s plan come to pass which includes replacing a degenerate humanity with a new type — and we are the progenitors of that new type. What will the new type look like? Our tradition tells us that he and she will look much like the best examples among us today. This new human will automatically try to avoid contact with other types of humans and eventually this new type will be an actual new species incapable of bearing viable children with those unlike us. When that specieshood threshold is crossed by millions, the speed of evolution will increase like never before seen as we speed towards God.

What can you do to speed this evolution? Some very simple things such as practicing Method Living. This is like Method Acting in that it requires you to have a firm picture in your mind of what the new ones will look like, how they will dress, what they will eat, how they will speak, how they will behave in the world around them — and then imitate that picture in your mind as you live each day of your life, and never break character. Doing this will change the chemical factory that is your body and start you on the path. And, remember, we are a good and a decent people and we follow our Golden Rule. Harm no one. Treat all with respect and civility, but do not mix and blend yourself away. Our evolution, and the replacement of earlier forms, is in God’s hands and He is on our side. Do what you can as briefly outlined here, stay legal, stay peaceful. and let God do what God must do.

©2022 H. Millard

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20 March, 2020 6:42 pm

Evolution according to Darwin’s theory is verifiable as divergent, the different biological life forms differ in appearances, abilities, senses, adaptation to the environment, and mainly in the development of the brain (intelligence), this is what allowed the human being dominating the planet, divine nature endowed the white human with varied beauty and nuances and great intelligence, discipline and adventurous spirit, but at the same time these unique traits are recessive, that is, they are scarce. Let’s take as an example a coal mine where diamonds are scarce, since the beauty and purity of the diamond is unique, taking millions of years to reach its design. White is diamond-like in a world surrounded by non-whites equivalent to coal. The Jew resents the white man as a threat and tries to destroy… Read more »

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
25 March, 2020 6:55 am

Probably the most lucid and logical elaboration on this topic of paramount importance. This truth is felt by many but can be formulated in such a succinct form only by a genius.