Former Political Prisoner Monika Schaefer to Lead Truth and Justice for Germans Campaign

Though there is a bit of backing away from the truth of race in some of their statements, this German-Canadian organization shows a rising awareness of the truth about National Socialist Germany and the massive, century-long anti-German propaganda campaign of our enemies.

Introduction by Monika Schaefer: The name tells the story, and it is long overdue. It is high time for there to be Truth and Justice for Germans. The lies, deceptions, vilification, demonizing and slander against the German people began long ago and has continued non-stop to this day. Not only did Germany suffer the physical devastation of two bloody “world wars”, they suffered the total ‘re-education’ and indoctrination of themselves and a world who falsely blame the victim (the Germans) for the wars and for a fantastical genocide which they never committed. They are not permitted to grieve their own losses, and are criminalized for speaking truth about their history and achievements. Everything has been turned on its head. The pain of destruction is one thing, the pain of being falsely turned into villain is on an entirely other level. Germany has been brought down to her knees, and the war against her has never ended.

I came into contact with the Vancouver-based Truth and Justice for Germans Society after my June 2016 video “Sorry mom, I was wrong about the holocaust” was released. It is hard to put into words how much it helped me when I was occasionally able to join them at their gatherings. It was a sanctuary of sanity for me, a strength and sustenance-giving sojourn, in between facing the battle front in Jasper on a daily basis at the time.

They have now invited me to become president of their organization, which I am honoured to accept.

* * *

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending the honour, dignity and reputation of the German people and their descendants, both in Canada and abroad, from slander, insults, false news, and biased and incomplete reporting, which has led to discrimination, fear, hatred and Anti-Germanism in the public realm. We hope our efforts will foster a better understanding of German history, culture and accomplishments, and a more accurate and complete view of world history as it relates to the German nation and people. We believe that through countering the war propaganda which continues to be regurgitated to this day and by replacing the historical lies with facts and evidence that have been systematically ignored, that a measure of justice may be achieved for the German people, and that a Third World War may also be averted.

* * *

The founder and first president of the Truth and Justice for Germans Society in 2015 was Wayne Prante. In his introductory essay, he described the background for his motivation. Reading this moved me deeply. In his story lies the essence of what has happened and what our current situation is and the critical importance of our mission in bringing truth and justice to the German people. Here is his story.

* * *

by Wayne Prante, May 2015

Many of you, I am sure, are shocked by the scenes portrayed in Hellstorm and had a hard time watching it and processing it. I feel for you. This is the reality I have lived with since I was a small child. I wasn’t there, but my parents were, and they described these things to me clearly, and their memories became a part of me, and have also motivated me, and continue to do so.

My father was about 16 towards the end of the war. He was learning to fly in gliders, hoping to become a Luftwaffe pilot, and being trained for the flack artillery. He wanted so desperately to shoot back, but they didn’t let him. Towards the end, he became so fatigued from the day and night terror bombings that he finally said “to hell with running to the shelters. I just want to sleep. If they kill me, they kill me!” And so he stayed home in bed and slept through it, and survived, while many others he knew did not.

My mother and her family survived many near misses. The apartment building next to hers was completely destroyed and she lost numerous friends. She told me about the scenes of the smoking stumps of people who got stuck in the burning asphalt, and of the people who were cooked alive in their basement shelters, of close friends of hers who perished in a place where she was supposed to be, but was prevented from being there by other circumstances. To this day, my mother just trembles at the sound of the Lancaster engines in TV films, or real prop planes overhead such as those used by search and rescue teams, or forest fire crews.

And both told of the horrible starvation in the aftermath, and the brutality of the occupiers, how they would burn their leftovers from their mess halls to make sure the Germans got nothing. How US soldiers would eat sandwiches etc in front of them and starving children, and then mash their leftovers into the ground in front of them and laugh, or growl and shoo them away. They taught me to be grateful and not wasteful.

They also told me about how wonderful, orderly and peaceful things were before the war. How good it was, compared to what their parents endured after World War I. They were not hungry, though not well off, but they felt secure and hopeful, and part of a vibrant society and culture, who were proud to be Germans, working together for their common good, as a free people, in spite of the world wide boycotts. There was rationing, even before the war because of the boycotts and no hoarding. It was good and honourable to be German. They were happy to be part of the Hitler Youth and had fond memories of it. They could not understand why the world hated them. They were proud of their leader and the form of government, and what it had accomplished for all Germans.

They also told of the influx of ethnic German refugees from Poland (former German territories) and the unspeakable atrocities these people had recounted, all of which the world ignored. But it was no secret in Germany.

During the war, my mother also enjoyed being part of a girls choir that would sing in the hospices for the wounded, recovering German front soldiers of WWII and putting together packages for those on the front lines. It was a duty, an honour, and a joy.

I don’t do what I do because I have white skin, but because I am German. Not German because I am a BRD citizen (though I am), but because of my German blood, and the history, culture, heritage and honour it carries with it, which courses through my veins, and because of the DNA in each of my cells. My family has its roots in the midst of the Teutoburg Forest where Herman the German (Arminius) defeated the Romans in 9 AD. I have living blood relatives there today.

Yes, I am German, and proud of it, though not superior to anyone else. But I also carry this pain of my forebears; this burden of the voluminous lies told about us, and the weight of the horrific crimes perpetrated against us on the basis of a pack of lies. While I have no children of my own, I will not go to my grave without having done all I could to correct the historical record and to have sought justice for my parents, my forebears, and for future generations of Germans.

But, as I have always said, it goes beyond this and what happened to Germany. It is a struggle for all of humanity. For this same Modus Operandi is still being used today against other peoples, and still more people are still being sucked in by atrocity propaganda and bogus threats to go off and fight needless wars, and commit still more atrocities, which benefit the same elite few who fomented and benefited from WWI and WWII, to the detriment of us all.

This must stop! And WWII Truth is the key.

[….] I didn’t start this by having all of the answers. Nor do I have them all yet. This is the culmination of a life long quest for the truth and the facts which have been suppressed, and for the vindication of people. I am still learning from my own research, from the many other brave individual historians and investigators who have gone before me, some who have suffered greatly, as well as many contemporaries who share my passion and realize the importance of cutting through the decades old lies and propaganda, and establishing the true facts. Not only for the sake of the German people, but the world at large, today. For it impacts us all, regardless of nationality, here and now.

I was born in Canada, the son of two German immigrant parents, both of whom grew up in National Socialist Germany under Adolf Hitler and who survived the war and hell on earth. From the time I was a small child, they shared with me and my siblings the facts as best they knew them, and their own experience: the good, the bad, and the unspeakable horrors and indignities which they, like all other Germans of that era had experienced, some though worse than others, and of course, many did not survive to tell their stories. I had no relatives in Canada, only German family friends whom my parents became acquainted with en route to this country. Surrogate relatives, so to speak. They too shared their stories. Thus, even as a child, I had a far different view of the war than that which was presented to us on television, motion pictures and in school. Of course, I did not have any books such as those which are available today and there was no internet back then for me to really do my own fact finding and checking. But I knew enough to know that there were two sides to this story, and the German side was never presented. I also knew about allied propaganda, and I knew who controlled the media. So even as a child and especially later as a teenager, I did my best to speak out in school to defend my people as best I could with what I did know, or where I could at least cast doubt about the sources of the material. I also had more than a few school yard fights with those who called me a “Nazi”. There were always some things, however, which I could not challenge as I simply had nothing to go on and so I had to accept them as fact, until much later in life. My passion for this struggle never left me.

I was an activist and researcher on many issues over the years, and with the advent of the internet, it eventually brought me back to this fight for truth and justice for my people. And in the process, I discovered many facts which allowed me to discard even those things which I had previously accepted as fact, and, armed with this new knowledge, I was finally prepared to go public, […] certainly not to win any popularity contests. Nor for any other political agenda. Indeed, I made many enemies early on and endured many nasty and vicious attacks from others whose agenda I did not endorse, though they assumed I would. My agenda, however, has always been clear, and I am still here. It was always my hope that my efforts would lead to a grassroots movement, primarily for Germans or those of German descent who also shared my early experiences, and of other honest truth seekers. The response I have received over the years, in spite of the lunatic fringe and a few nasty, severely brainwashed individuals has been overwhelmingly positive.


As painful and distressing as it was to hear the horrific stories that my parents and the others told me as a child, it was important for them to share it with me and my siblings. It was also essential to hear their pre-war experiences in The Third Reich under National Socialism, and to understand what was destroyed. The question was always “why?”. My father is long gone, as are most of the others, but my mother is still alive and I cherish the moments I can talk with her now one on one and can finally explain to her “why” these took place and for whose benefit. I can tell her, that I am proud to be German, as she should be too, and that we have nothing to be ashamed of. I can tell her and show her that there was no good reason for the war, that it could easily have been avoided and that Hitler did all he could to avoid it; that all of the horror, misery and death wrought by the allied powers, political whores and their financiers, was pure jealously and greed and born of their desire to rule the world and over all mankind. It is a satanic agenda and simply, pure evil. Nothing could ever justify what was done to our people and the lies which are perpetuated to this day. It has only served to solidify and perpetuate the power of an elite, self-chosen few, who continue to use the same model today against any other nation or people which dares to stand up to them and to assert their sovereignty and financial independence, free of the International Bankster Gangsters, and who happen to call themselves International Jewry. Those who refuse to see through the lies and propaganda and glory in their own national mythologies are either well paid shills or blind sheeple, being led to their own destruction, by those who rule over them. For the world is not “safe” and not “free” today, nor “democratic”, and we are all slaves to the global banking cartel that Hitler and National Socialist Germany tried to resist, and for a time, did so successfully.

I can also tell my mother, and my fellow Germans, that there are many thousands of people worldwide who are finally waking up to this truth each day, that I have played a part in this awakening, and so has she, as did my dear father, and all of the other survivors who told us their stories. Moreover, there are many others each day joining this battle and sharing this information globally, in books, films, websites and radio shows, and even many more others daring to share the information on the internet through many social networks, as well as local meetings.

This is the battle for all of humanity and the future of this planet, and I salute all of you who have has summoned the courage to look for answers, find the facts, to speak the truth and to share it any way you can. We do not know what the future may hold as a result of our efforts, but we need only to look around us to see where it is going if we do nothing and say nothing.

We can never undo the destruction, misery and death, and the suffering on all sides, but maybe, just maybe, we begin to put an end to their beast system (aka the New World Order), put an end to the needless wars being waged today, bring the true war mongers and war criminals to justice, and then build a sane, fair and just world, where all nations and peoples are truly free of international tyranny for the benefit of the few.

* * *

Source: Canadian Association for Free Expression

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13 February, 2020 2:14 pm

Best i can tell, these are the only sane, rational, and unindoctrinated people left in Canada…a colossal cesspool of cowering liberalism and
hamster-wheel debt slavery…

Cheers to these folks.

pj dooner
pj dooner
16 February, 2020 5:02 pm

Unfortunately I know an older guy (haven’t seen him in a while though) who negates the work of a hundred Monika Schaefers. He’s 100% German, born there, his father was in the Wehrmacht and managed to survive the Eastern Front, his mother somehow made her way from the east to West Germany barely ahead of the Red Army but this guy couldn’t be more damaging to our side if he was a paid operative of the ADL. He constantly disparages every other European country of group and sometimes right to peoples’ faces-and even about their relatives. It was very discouraging especially since I was in a situation for a period of time with an opportunity to awaken a group of a half d dozen or so receptive non-German, European-Americans here… Read more »

Reply to  pj dooner
16 February, 2020 6:49 pm

You have to separate out the German propensity for having bad tempers from political indoctrination. I am part German myself, and what has always confounded me is how a race of people could be so brilliant, advanced and industrious on the one hand and so war like on the other hand. I don’t think the Germans are any more or any less “guilty” of starting wars, however, they definitely are not as duplicitous as some other races, who shall go unmentioned, for now.

So, if the label doesn’t suit them, then it needs to be discarded. And the label doesn’t suit them.

Reply to  William
17 February, 2020 5:17 pm

Greetings William. The Germans have often needed to defend themselves against their neighbours over many centuries – they would rather stay home and listen to their music. Germans are the most peaceful people in Europe, involved in 8% of wars during the previous thousand years, compared with Britain’s 28%. Germany was the last to mobilise for WW1 and WW2 – it attacked Poland only after Poland repeatedly attacked Germany. Before and during WW2 Germany was alone in promoting peace against the allies whose leaders promoted war.

Reply to  pj dooner
16 February, 2020 6:59 pm

Greetings pj. I hope he finds your post and realises he should understand the ‘big picture’ and stop antagonising potential friends.

Reply to  pj dooner
30 May, 2020 6:23 pm

Yeah most of our own people so easily become communists or whatever you want to call them and profess their adoration for what basically is the jewish mafia. They refuse to think for themselves. They think they think, but they have just accepted the programming from school and on TV. I hope the Germans shrug off the yoke of lies foisted upon them and the false jewish christianity that tells them to return evil with good. My tip, watch the Zeitgeist film on YouTube. It’s another thread to cut loose : )

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
22 July, 2021 1:24 am

God damn the Jews for what they did to Germany. God damn the Jews for what they have done and are yet doing to the United States. Gold bless the memory of Adolf Hitler.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Old Aardvark
22 July, 2021 6:09 pm

Thanks, OA. I could not have said
it better myself.

Reply to  Old Aardvark
22 July, 2021 8:47 pm

Well said,brother