Why is Germany Building Homes for Migrants and Leaving its 380,000 Homeless Citizens Out in the Cold?


How is it that the German government continues to ignore its 380,000 homeless citizens while it literally built new apartments in a trendy area for single male migrants?

Migrants moving in this month are living in the heart of the Oberhausen shopping district on the corner of Peace Square. How is this possible when in 2013 the government stated it couldn’t even provide emergency shelters for its homeless?

ACCORDING TO Jürgen Schmidt, a councillor overseeing real estate development in Oberhausen, said the city was able to house 90 per cent of the 1,400 migrants who descended on their city in 2015 and 2016. The majority of migrants (70%) were housed in private properties through agreements with the city.

Schmidt told Der Westen that the migrants moving in are “mostly single men from other refugee sites.”

The corner of Peace Square is picturesque, with a park surrounded by neoclassical buildings, an ornamental lake with a fountain, trees and flower beds.

As if this wasn’t enough, two other apartment complexes were developed, and Councillor Schmidt asked Oberhausen homeowners to free up their own properties for migrants!

He stated, “We are still looking for small apartments for single people, but also apartments for large families.”

This, in addition to providing housing in its public schools. He remarked: “If the number [of migrants] rises significantly, we can house them at the Froebel School, Eisenheim High School and Stötzner School.”

There are three new blocks of migrant housing, with 400 more spots for migrants to live.

Compare this to what the city has done for its homeless.

Private homes and new apartment buildings in high-end real estate markets for 1400 migrants — and 80 spots for 380,000 homeless. One building in Oberhausen accommodates 80 homeless people.

Germany’s Spiegel News reported that the majority of its homeless are sleeping on tables and chairs in shelters. But when temperatures have dropped below zero, and the city doesn’t erect emergency shelters, the homeless freeze to death — while migrants live in free housing with free food and medical care. It’s O.K. for Germans to freeze to death, but not migrants.When some politicians found out that 3,000 migrants were sleeping in heated tents, provisions not provided to its homeless, Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party chair Thomas Strobl said, “Our hope is that no refugee would freeze to death in Germany,” and pledged that the government would not allow any migrant to freeze to death.

Migrants even protested living in tents in Hamburg, holding signs stating, “we’re cold,” and “please help us.”

But where are the protesters demanding that German citizens be housed? Why are there no advocates for them?

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Source: Constitution

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1 October, 2016 8:48 am

My answer to the question posed in the article: the reason Germany builds expensive houses for the just-arrived thirdworlders and grudges much more modest accommodation to its homeless is that the Germans have become cold and heartless toward each other. No real national bond, brotherhood, national solidarity between them. Other Euros are similarly self-hostile, for example the Swedes. All this indicates they hold a conviction that their nations and fellow countrymen are bad, worthless. The question is what or WHO have formed the conviction in them, and how?

LH Collins
LH Collins
1 August, 2022 3:22 pm

There is no excuse for intentional ignorance and treason. Home CITIZENS should always come before migrants who are not wanted in the nation. Germany should remain the home of Germans!