U.S. Midterms: Race-Blind Republicans Lose Control of House

Millions of first-time non-White voters in urban areas have ensured that the race-blind Republican Party — which still ignores the reality that Whites are rapidly becoming a minority — has lost control of the House in yesterday’s mid-term elections, making it clear that ethnic balkanization of America offers the only route for White survival on that continent.

WITH ALL 435 House seats up for grabs, it was inevitable that the racial demographic change which has been underway since the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which changed the way quotas were allocated by ending the National Origins Formula that had been in place in the United States since the Emergency Quota Act of 1921.

Democrats need to “flip” — that is, take Republican-held seats to seize control of the House of Representatives. Most of these seats are located in the nation’s urban areas, most of which are already, or nearing White minority status.

In Texas, for example, where the White population is now only 42 percent of the total, “Latinos” make up 40 percent of the state’s population, ensuring that a number of seats “flipped.”

White faces at a Trump election rally in Florida last week

The Republicans — and Trump in particular — whose political position was staked out on immigration, appealed mainly to Whites.

As a result, the mid-terms 2018 are but a portend of what is coming in the very near future. According to a Brookings Institute review of official US Census Bureau statistics, America will become minority White in 2045 — just 27 years away.

However, this cut off date does not tell the full picture, as in the younger age groups, this switch will happen even sooner.

Because non-Whites as a group are younger than Whites, the minority White tipping point comes earlier for younger age groups.

As shown below, census projections indicate that, for youth under 18 – the post-millennial population – non-Whites will outnumber Whites in 2020 — just 13 months away.

For those age 18-29 — members of the younger labor force and voting age populations — the tipping point to majority non-White, will occur in 2027, just nine years away.

The Brookings Institute review (falsely using the term “minorities” to describe non-Whites), went on to say:

“Minorities will be the source of all of the growth in the nation’s youth and working age population, most of the growth in its voters, and much of the growth in its consumers and tax base as far into the future as we can see.”

Apart from the immediate policy implications for the Trump administration (namely that it is now highly unlikely that the “wall” will ever be built), the long-term meaning of this demographic shift is that Whites will soon lose what little political clout they had left inside the government, and the fulcrum will swing to an alliance made up of the non-White groups and the small White left wing.

Once again, the election results make it clear that the only way in which Whites are going to survive in America is to start gathering together in an area where they can quickly become an outright majority, and force a balkanization of that country.

If Whites fail to consolidate in a geographic area on racial grounds, they will face ultimate extermination at the hands of the non-White majority, which is rapidly going to plunge the rest of the country into Third World status.

* As the racial demographic change speeds up, more and more political changes which previously would have been impossible, will occur. The first of these took place in Florida during the mid-term elections, where voters approved an amendment that will restore voting rights to more than a million convicted of felonies. Most of those barred from voting were Black, because of that racial group’s higher crime rate.

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Source: Daily Archives

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  1. Jim
    November 9, 2018 at 6:59 am — Reply

    Thank you for the excellent article. Assuming the validity of the statistics you cite, which I have no reason to doubt, then the conclusions you reach and the predictions you make are, in my opinion, incontrovertible.

  2. Travon Martinberg
    November 9, 2018 at 10:57 am — Reply

    Accumulation of a white homeland must happen, and could be driven by those responsible for our food production – white farmers. A recent review of occupational backgrounds in the US showed that about 95% of farm and ranch managers are white, per Yes, they hire many n0n-white laborers at times, but those are non-residents who won’t vote. The small farm communities in liberal northeast PA are a world away from the nearby ghetto-bunny suburbs along the route 80 to route 84 corridor known as the “Poconos” as an example, and overwhelmingly support Trump unlike those others. What is needed is unionization by the farm owner-operators, to wind down the process of hiring non-white aliens to do picking for starters, then proceed to form a voting block and begin additional land acquisitions as reserves and land bridges. Unfortunately, the rise of corporate farming starting in force in the 1980s has complicated this issue, due to the level of regulation corporations face in political influence, however non-family corporate farms account for only 1.36 percent of US farmland area per . A possible factor is climate change, spawning droughts which may eventually require moving the growing centers northward into areas of the US and Canada currently not heavily farmed, though possibly ranched. This will coalesce farming populations having the complicated skill set that’s now needed to farm, and advance racial separation logistics based on land ownership.

  3. cc
    November 9, 2018 at 1:23 pm — Reply

    Virtually 100% of all farms and ranches in Texas are owned by White people.

    Why should I care that Republicans lost control of the House? It has no effect on Federal tyranny. The instant you internalize the enemy, it’s over. Go home and collect postage stamps and drink milk. Don’t forget to vote for Jewish Democratic Capitalism.

    • Travon Martinberg
      November 10, 2018 at 1:50 am — Reply

      Virtually all those Texas farmers and ranchers are good Christian Republicans who will talk your ear off on why Jerry Jones wants to keep Jason Garrett as head coach. Mention race and they’re bound to get flustered, I’d guess. Could be from the number of white men with Mexican girlfriends? Time is not ripe for the process I mentioned then.

  4. cc
    November 10, 2018 at 6:49 am — Reply

    West Texas cowboys coined the expression ‘Wet Mexican’ — they cross the river. I know of one high school in the early ’70s in West Texas that had separate entrances for White students and Mexicans.

    The ranchers/cowboys across Texas come from White, educated families. They have diplomas in Range Animal Science — RAS degree.

  5. Sethmoto101
    November 10, 2018 at 1:36 pm — Reply

    This is a great article! Consider how well the US economy, especially manufacturing, is supposedly doing – including providing health care insurance without Obamacare with record-low unemployment and cheap energy, and how well Wall St. is doing, and how international conflicts seem to have fallen off the headlines to the benefit of our largely non-white military – and still, non-whites are uniformly dissatisfied. We all know when they will be satisfied – when they can attack whites with impunity (although race-based jury nullification already looms greater then ever), when they can make all their foreign relatives automatically into citizens (although chain migration already does much of it). When they can ignore paying their personal debts without being harassed, as they would put it. When every monument, great structure, work of art, invention and discovery by whites is removed, erased from school books, renamed, or conditioned as a product of the oppression of indigenous peoples. When felons nationwide, including illegals, are given the right to vote, and full citizenship is granted to all illegals in the US. That’s when.

  6. November 11, 2018 at 1:35 am — Reply

    “Once again, the election results make it clear that the only way in which Whites are going to survive in America is to start gathering together in an area where they can quickly become an outright majority, and force a balkanization of that country. If Whites fail to consolidate in a geographic area on racial grounds, they will face ultimate extermination at the hands of the non-White majority….”

    None of this is necessarily true.

    In the first place, elections are on their way out. It’s elections that make majorities so important. In 1996, 2000, 2008, 2012, and 2016, there were complaints either in primaries or in general elections about important voting irregularities, and other unfair practices used to suppress candidates who had popular support but were repellent to the plutocratic establishment. The more disillusionment there is about the electoral process, the less resistance there will be to getting rid of elections and replacing them with an autocrat who represents the good of the ordinary people. This is going to happen sooner or later. In my opinion, sooner would be much better.

    An autocrat whose goal would be simply to make the country function as well as possible would eliminate many of the problems that White people have been facing for decades. We see this tendency already with Trump. Perhaps without any specifically racial motive, he sees some destructive policy and asks, why are we doing this?

    Even under an elected government, it is not impossible for a White minority to prevail. White people in Mississippi and South Carolina managed to retake control after Reconstruction despite the Black majorities in both states.

    Presentday Republicans could learn something from oldtime Democrats about how to maintain an electoral majority. The key to it is not being stingy with government handouts to ordinary people, including Blacks.

    Now, unfortunately, the pinheads who have dominated the Republican Party in recent decades would apparently rather cut their own throats than raise taxes on the rich or give assistance to people with below-average incomes, but that is the kind of thing that has to be done, not only to unify the White vote, but also to win Black support for the existing order.

    At least half of the Black population regards Hispanic immigration as a serious problem, and I am sure that this is a big part of why Trump got more Black votes than any Republican candidate in recent decades.

    White people have a chance to maintain dominance even if elected government continues, but only if we jettison the Republican Party’s established plutocratic ideology and do what is practical to unify the White electorate, and to strengthen our position. Some of our worst enemies are not leftists but ideologically rigid Republicans.

    Trying to force balkanization is Tubby Tubbington’s stupid idea. Balkanization could happen someday, but if you try to force it, guaranteed you are acting prematurely and will be crushed.

  7. JM/Iowa
    November 11, 2018 at 2:17 am — Reply

    “If Whites fail to consolidate in a geographic area on racial grounds, they will face ultimate extermination at the hands of the non-White majority, which is rapidly going to plunge the rest of the country into Third World status.”

    If those same Whites fail to develop and implement a creed that is for Whites only, even consolidation in a geographic area will fail. We have that creed now: Cosmotheism. It’s high time you learn and implement it into all our lives. Need help with that?

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