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Hidden Camera Investigation Partially Exposes Ruling Class Domestic Terrorism

One of the Jews recently exposed as plotting violence during the Trump inauguration, Luke Kuhn, is shown here leading an anti-Minuteman, pro-illegal-immigration counter-protest. Kuhn and self-styled “National Socialist” leader Bill White were once partners in the Bethesda, Maryland (a heavily-Jewish DC suburb) area Utopian Anarchist Party (UAP) in the 1990s. The UAP openly advocated school shootings and bombings.

by Andrew Hamilton

TAKE A LOOK at these three short James O’Keefe/Project Veritas undercover videos (below) titled #DisruptJ20 Exposed, about Leftists plotting in secret to disrupt the upcoming Trump inauguration in Washington, D.C. They were posted on January 16 and 17, 2017. The Veritas investigation took its reporters to dozens and dozens of anti-White meetings from coast to coast over the course of a few months. Keep in mind that this plot is being hatched in what is a de facto totalitarian surveillance state, the United States of America.

Let that sink in.

The “autonomous” groups shown here are all coordinated. You can tell from the revolutionaries’ speech that they are not stupid, low IQ, or anything like that. I suspect the majority of them are college educated and have at least middle class incomes derived primarily from jobs in government, university, and tax-free “nonprofit” organizations. A large number of people are required to pull this off. Someone is funding them. Someone coordinates their activities. Someone provides the underlying ideology. Someone provides cover and protection. Illegal Leftist behavior like this is not “spontaneous,” and never has been. And these people will get away with it, even if the crimes are stopped due to this specific exposé, which I would not bet on. They will not be punished, not seriously. That is a given.

Then realize that White people around the world are sent to jail for posting innocuous racial comments or political opinions on the Internet, even in forums; that Whites cannot write anything or meet anywhere without a well-organized system composed of street thugs, police and media, and Jewish and other Left-wing organizations funded by the state and wealthy donors tracking and mobilizing to attack them; that their children are exploited by System pedophiles and organized immigrant gangs alike, raped and even murdered with impunity. Interestingly, one of the meetings here took place in the homosexual, elite-owned Comet Ping Pong restaurant in Washington, D.C., possibly tied to elite pedophile networks itself. Whatever the real extent of the crimes committed there, its upper-class owner is extremely weird.

Remember that Jews and academics, judges and prosecutors, and the media say that “speech equals acts.” That is the theory behind “hate speech” and “hate crime” laws. And it’s true, isn’t it? Only by permitting Communist speech did we end up with tens of millions of victims. Only by permitting Zionist speech did we end up with the mass slaughter, torture, assassinations, and other crimes in the Middle East. Only by permitting Jewish and Left-wing speech have we condoned White genocide and the destruction of Western civilization. What if they had been ruthlessly suppressed long before their crimes, their acts, had been committed? Why wait for the appalling crimes against humanity that are the inevitable result of their unfettered speech and organizational activity to occur? Nip it in the bud. What if they were to experience “zero tolerance” themselves? Would it not save countless lives and create a more safe and humane world?

The people and activities depicted in these videos are not what the Establishment presents them as: utterly harmless little groups of “well-meaning,” hardcore extremists not tied to the System. On the contrary, they are integral parts of the System, essential to the proper functioning of the permanent revolution of dispossession and genocide. They are as much enemies of humanity as Brian Roberts, Hollywood, the ADL and SPLC, Congressmen and Senators, universities and secret police. They are all fed from the same underground spring.

In saying this I am not defending Donald Trump, who these people hope to attack as symbolic of White America and freedom generally. I do not think I am wrong when I say that Trump is part of the totalitarian, anti-White System himself, that this is fundamentally a quarrel between gangsters. Were this not the case Project Veritas’ otherwise inexplicable faith in the morally corrupt FBI, Secret Service, DC Metro Police, and “the law” generally, as expressed here, would not make sense.

Ultimately, “the law” isn’t going to do anything. It is now part of the destructive apparatus.

* * *

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