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National Alliance History: Report on 1978 National Alliance Convention

PierceArlington, VA: The first National Alliance Convention, held here over Labor Day weekend (Sept 2-3), was a real success in building the NA as an organization. Intelligent, serious and dedicated participants came from as far away as California, Texas and Canada.

The Convention program included reports by National Alliance activists, a feature film presentation, a closing banquet dinner, and seven speeches by NA staff members: Mark Weber examined the cultural crisis of our age, and discussed the right of the Alliance to speak for America. Ted O’Keefe analyzed historical lessons for our revolutionary era, and discussed the outlines of the new order the NA is working to build. Nick Camerota’s spirited address on the challenge of recruiting was particularly well received.

Dr. William Pierce, head of the Alliance, was greeted before he began his first speech with a standing ovation. The world view of the NA, he said, sees man as part of an organic whole acting in harmony with Nature by contributing to the development of his race. Only a self-consistent spiritual-philosophical foundation rooted in natural law, he stressed, can insure that social-political changes will be of lasting benefit.

In his “State of the Alliance” address, Dr. Pierce explained why recruiting efforts for the present are aimed at capable and idealistic potential activists and not at “the masses.” The Alliance is not yet large enough to reach and help Majority working class victims of the System seeking relief, he said. Before the Convention ended, many useful suggestions were discussed for recruiting new supporters and improving the monthly newspaper, National Vanguard.

* * *

First, congratulations on the convention! For me it accomplished two important objectives. I came away rededicated to the cause, more certain than ever that our way is The Way and that I have an important personal role, which I will more actively play.

Second, it confirmed, by personal observation, that which I had already decided from the Alliance’s printed materials; the Alliance has the best people, the best attitude, and by far the best message of the many sincere groups trying to help America today.

I heard talk from staff members of’ “rough edges” which detracted from the convention’s impact. Believe me, they must have had more impact upon the staff than upon the gathered membership. The convention was a tremendous success!


N. Royalton, OH

* * *

Source: Instauration magazine and Best of ATTACK! and National Vanguard

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