New National Alliance Web Site Open for Business

NALogo-3xby Malcolm P. Shiel

THE NEW National Alliance Web site, at its traditional address of — which it has used since the 1990s — is one of which every Alliance member can be proud. It will serve as an initial “first impression” and explanation of the Alliance for prospective members, featuring updated editions of our summary doctrinal statement What We Believe; and the comprehensive, in-depth introduction to our program (and history of the Alliance), our booklet What is the National Alliance? For those new readers with an interest in furthering their education, there are feeds and direct links to National Vanguard and our mentoring/discussion forum, White Biocentrism. For those ready to join — or re-join, now that the Alliance is in capable hands again — there are application and supporter forms available for download.

Now that the National Alliance has regained control of its traditional domains, the domain will be consolidated with; likewise, will be consolidated with National Vanguard. As we move forward and rebuild the physical and business infrastructure of the Alliance, expect more additions to our online media in 2015!

In the near future, will add a large collection of William Pierce’s and Kevin Strom’s essays and radio broadcasts, stored on the old natall and natvan sites, as an archive section on the new organizational site. Many of these timeless pieces will also be published on National Vanguard.

A big thank you to Will Williams, Kevin Strom, and Vanessa Neubauer for their work on this project!

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31 December, 2014 6:48 pm

“now that the Alliance is in capable hands again — there are application and supporter forms available for download.” Great news! Please, please, please, EMPHASIZE in your member application form that under no circumstances does the National Alliance condone or encourage in any way, shape, manner or form violent or lawless acts of ANY sort. A lawyer can word it better than I can in legalese to protect and cover your organization from all angles because ZOG (or JOG) never sleeps nor do bona fide “hate groups” like those treacherous Jewish supremacist devils at the ADL and SPLC. If the past is any indicator, these snakes will attempt to infiltrate your organization with government agents, informers and agent provocateurs in order to shut you down. Having said that, I wish… Read more »

The Upward Path
The Upward Path
2 January, 2015 12:14 am

As a former National Alliance member, I’m so pleased to see the resurrection of our beloved organization. With proper leadership and commitment from disciplined members, we will rededicate ourselves to the cause of life and renewal. With joy in our hearts, let us remake the Alliance into an even greater and more influential organization than ever before.